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My Middle-aged Keto Life – Keto Fail

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Boy, have I had a hiatus from blogging!   Well, not really. I just had a break from this one.  The truth of the matter is I have several blogs and my personality type is invigorated when I follow my passion for any given moment. So, I’ve been spending time and Married to a I even wrote a book. It’ s on Amazon. Yeah, it’s been a busy time.

In any event, let me update you on what I’ve been doing during the last few months on my middle-aged weight loss journey . It includes my personal experience with the popular Keto diet and an update on my current state of affairs as it pertains to my 40 something life.

It all begins with a familiar ailment. It was a cold December in Missouri and a very familiar visitor appeared at my doorstep – the bronchitis visitor. I seem to get this stupid illness often and I’m so tired of it. Every cold turns to bronchitis. Ugh!

Well, during this bout, I opted to watch a few documentaries while doing time in bed. I happened upon “The Magic Pill”.  If you haven’t heard of it, you can find it on Netflix.  It details how low carb eating impacts people’s health and wellness.

It also introduced me to the Keto diet. No, I take that back. My god-brother, Alex,  had started it long before and was adapting it into his lifestyle.  So, when I saw the documentary, it was familiar and reinforced everything he’d told me about it.

It’s easy.

It works.

The food is good.

Baaaacon! I love bacon.

Keto and my reason for doing it

Granted weight loss was part of my motivation for starting the diet, but  it wasn’t the only reason.

I was really intrigued by a pretty woman featured in a particular segment. She, like me, had struggled with asthma and bronchitis. I loved her part because I so related to it. She even looked a little like me physically.

Long story short, she embarked on the low carb, Keto way of life. In one of her segments, she was converting a Weight Watchers friend to accepting that fat is not a bad thing. I actually agree with that. In moderation, fat is safer than all the processed foods from which it was removed.

At any rate, the asthmatic woman proudly and exuberantly declared she hadn’t had bronchitis in a while and she was off many of her meds.

I was sold.

I was consumed with Keto!

Like a dog on a bone, I began researching, reading, buying books and learning about this lifestyle! I was invigorated. I peppered social media with post after post about my new lifestyle choice and I  even started a Keto Facebook group for my friends.

As I type this, I chuckle and shake my head.

Honey, I was all in. I was a Keto maniac.  My family saw me as a woman consumed and I was.  Keto had taken over my lifestyle completely. I even converted my oldest son to it.

The wild part is I was actually enjoying it.

I ABSOLUTLEY loved the food and the belonging and membership I got from the Facebook groups.  I even could be in a grocery store and see someone buying pork rinds and instantaneously know they were on Keto.  We would bond it instantly and chat about bacon, eggs, recipes, etc.  It was wild.  There’s quite a fabulous community focused and centered on Keto.

What my doctor said about Keto…

I continued on this lifestyle for several weeks.  About the second week I was in ketosis.  Yes, I purchased the little strips.  Ketosis is when you become fat-adapted and your body begins burning it’s own body fat. This is not a new concept.  Ketosis was/is part of the Atkins Diet too.

Back to me.

Remember, I was in bed with bronchitis for the first two weeks of Keto, right?  After which, I was operating at 50 to 60% as I continued to recover.

During this time I had seen several doctors’ appointments because of the bronchitis.  With each appointment, I would ask their opinions about Keto.

Honestly, I don’t think many of them knew much about it.  Actually, one doctor said something that rather encouraged to me in my new journey.  He said “any diet that gets you off of processed foods and eating whole foods can’t be all bad.”

Ding Ding! Winner!

My general practitioner was a bit more reserved in her opinion. She admonished me not to get carried away with the fat and to maintain some balance in my eating. Whateverrrr.

Still, since I’d heard nothing absolutely horrible about this diet I continued to forge ahead.  After all, it would reduce my sugar cravings and possibly diminish inflammation.  It was worth pursuing.

Yup, the weight was coming off.

My body became my enemy.

About the third week in, I noticed very strange things happening to me.  Let me start with the positive. I was losing weight.  That was a definate positive.

However, I did have several negative experiences as well.

The first was a rapid heartbeat.  I sort of excused that one as my body adjusting to fat adaption/ketosis.

As a middle-aged woman on keto, I was still a bit concerned though. Yet, I ignored it. In retrospect, that wasn’t very smart.  No one knows your body like you do. One  should always listen to it with things like this.

Then, there were the hot flashes.  I know what you’re thinking.  I am middle-aged…OF COURSE I’LL HAVE HOT FLASHES!

No. These were different. 

These episodes were SEVERE!  They were disruptive. They were tormenting hot flashes and they began when I started Keto.  I even got to the point where I would have to rush home in the middle of the day to shower.   No good.

Beyond rapid heartbeat, the most frightening was lying down. When I would, my heart would pound! I mean like BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!  I could hardly hear the television for the pounding in my ears.

I knew this wasn’t normal or tolerable.  I didn’t even mention the insomnia, thinning of my hair, Keto odor and metal taste in my mouth. No, this was not good for me (emphasis on ‘FOR ME’). I chose the pic above because my hair is thinning in several spots SINCE Keto. It will grow back, but it did happen and is a common occurrence among Keto dieters.It’s the hormonal changes. Oh well. I always wear fashion wigs when my mood changes, so it’s OK.

Back to the doctor I went.

All of these symptoms prompted me to return to my doctor.  Specifically because of these symptoms.

“Had I had a heart attack?”

“Is this diet hurting my health?

My doctor conducted several tests on my heart, thyroid and more.

The results proved and confirmed Keto wasn’t for me. I’d need to direct my healthy lifestyle in a completely different direction.

The left was carb face me and the right was Keto face me.

This post is getting pretty long so I’m going to stop it for now.  I’ll continue the story later in my next post.

In the meantime, it’s important for you to know I’m a very intelligent, educated woman.

I do have several doctors in my life, some of which are friends.  I don’t need medical advice from anyone who simply loves the Keto diet and it works for them.  I’m glad it worked for you and others.

It did not work for me.  As a result, please keep your advice to yourself unless you have a full mock-up of my medical history and have treated me for years as a physician.

Hey, I may not be an expert at everything, but I am an expert at one thing: ME!

On the other hand, if you’re interested in my middle- age experience with Keto, come back.  I will post part two in a few days.

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My Middle-aged Keto Life – Keto Fail


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