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2022-07-27 18:28
As most of you know I have been a blogger for over a decade. I enjoy sharing my words and thoughts with the world. What you may not know is that I am aspiring author and working on a few boo… Read More
2022-07-21 09:36
I know, I know. I said it before that I was going to update this website more often and it doesn’t look like it has been touched in months. But I promise you that I’ll be back ve… Read More
2021-12-01 15:55
January: This month I got back into my meditation and self-care practices. This mostly happened towards the end of the month so I went into February feeling extra happy and positive about th… Read More
2020: A Year In Review
2021-01-01 15:55
This year sure went by quickly. Quicker than many other years in the past. I’m sure most of you can agree that there was a lot going on. I was able to jot a few things down about what… Read More
2020-12-20 15:55
This was a fun box! I really loved everything that I got in this box. Totally worth the price (and more!) BOMSHBEE Sloane Champagne Flutes – Set of 4 (Retail $51); These flutes are… Read More
2020-12-13 15:55
Happy Holidays! Even though this holiday season is going to be a bit different than usual I thought it would be fun to recap some of my family holiday traditions. Gift giving: Our morning… Read More
2020-12-09 15:55
Ahhhh, the weekend. My favorite couple of days. In the past I would spend them with family and/or friends – shopping, relaxing, going to the movies, checking out the latest on Netflix… Read More
2020-12-04 20:51
So this post is going to be a bit different than the ones that I usually post. If you are triggered by death please skip over this as I wouldn’t want to cause you any sorrow. Over t… Read More
2020-11-29 15:55
Being in the house means more time to read, watch and listen to things (for me anyways) so here is what I have been up to lately Reading: I have been reading Joy’s Way A Map for the… Read More
2020-11-27 15:55
It’s time for holiday shopping again. Here are some ideas for the women (and girls) in your life. Subscription boxes: There are so many different subscription boxes available that y… Read More
2020-11-25 15:55
With holiday shopping in full force and online shopping being even more popular right now I thought I would share how I make cash back while I shop during the holidays as well as throughout… Read More
2020-11-23 19:34
Since we are stuck inside for the most part here are some gifts that people can use while they are inside. For the family: Puzzles, board games and playing cards. Whether it is something… Read More
10 Of My Favorite Karaoke Songs
2020-11-18 15:55
Do you enjoy singing? Even if you don’t necessarily like your singing voice? Well welcome to the club! Some of us were not born with a naturally beautiful singing voice but that doesn… Read More
2020-11-15 15:55
If you are anything like me Todoist My brain is like chrome with 20+ tabs open at any given time. @todoist helps- I add things to it and work on it later.July 16, 2016 In the post How to bui… Read More
FabFitFun Beauty Box Subscription Review
2020-11-11 15:55
As I mentioned in a previous post I have started ordering a couple of subscription boxes and FabFitFun was one of them. I have seen unboxing videos as well as read reviews on them and it see… Read More
2020-11-08 15:55
Children’s laughter: It is something about a child’s laughter that just makes me warm inside. No matter what is happening in my life a little giggle from a kid will make me smile… Read More
Product Empties And Reviews
2020-11-04 15:55
If you’re like me you have a supply of beauty products to use up. I seem to have collected face washes, moisturizers and other products in the recent past and I tend to use random ones… Read More
2020-11-01 15:55
I know – most of us continue to clean out our email subscriptions in order to get to inbox zero. I recently went on an unsubscribe spree myself. However, there are some subscriptions… Read More
2020-10-25 15:55
You have a blog. You enjoy writing about a topic or several topics. Now some of you may just be happy writing posts but there are also some of you that may want to take your blog to the next… Read More
2020-10-18 15:55
Since the holidays are right around the corner I decided it would be fun to share some products I would love to get my hands on. Augustinus Bader Face Cream: This cream sounds like magic in… Read More
Product Review: Haus Of Gloi Part 2
2020-10-11 15:55
I wrote about this brand before and was pleasantly surprised by the products. Not only were they extremely affordable (mine were gifted to me by my sister but they really are affordable) but… Read More
2020-10-04 15:55
Sometimes you don’t want to just read an article, sometimes you want to give something a listen. Whether you sit down and take notes or just listen to them in the background here are s… Read More
New Products And Weekend Sales
2020-10-02 16:59
New Products and Weekends Sales. Links in this post are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase something from the companies listed below I will receive compensation at no additional… Read More
Online Shopping Deals
2020-09-25 15:55
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Shop Stella & Dot and get free earrings with purchase. Shop at Soc… Read More
2020-09-20 15:55
Reading: I am currently reading Pulse by Lydia Kwa. It is a novel about a woman that finds out her ex lovers son has suddenly died. I how detailed the author is. She is a great storyteller a… Read More
2020-09-13 15:55
If you’re anything like me there you frequent a lot of websites and blogs around the globe – there really is a blog/website available for nearly everything. I read a lot of blogs… Read More
2020-09-06 15:55
Hello my plus size women. If you’re like me you wear plus size clothes as well as plus size bras and for whatever reason it is often difficult to find plus size bras (that are actually… Read More
2020-08-23 15:55
Ever look back on a tumultuous relationship and think “how did I not see that train wreck coming?” Or perhaps one of your close friends or family members are in a relationship an… Read More
2020-08-16 15:55
Hey techies. I’m always wondering what apps and extensions people use to get their day running smoothly. From to do lists to social media scheduling as a blogger it is important for me… Read More
2020-08-10 03:55
Awhile back I wrote about Job Hunting Like A Boss and I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on what to do once you land an interview. I am not a career advice professional, ho… Read More
2020-08-02 15:55
I have an abundance of hair products as I am always trying new things. I always try to use up old products before I start using new products but that is not always the case. I recently used… Read More
2020-07-29 15:55
Due to internet access I tend to read a lot more articles online (like most people I know). Whether it is on my laptop or on my phone you can usually find me reading something online at any… Read More
2020-07-26 15:55
Hi readers! Thank you for stopping in and reading. I hope you were able to take a look around and read some of my posts that are available. I appreciate your love and support. I just wanted… Read More
2020-07-23 03:55
Sure – most of us have things that we do daily. Things that take up our day but there are also times in which you are bored and want something to do. Here are 7 things to do when you&r&hell…Read More
2020-07-19 15:55
As they continue to get launched I keep getting introduced to new indie brands on social media. Sometimes on Twitter but a lot of time there is buzz around them on YouTube and Instagram &nda&hell…Read More
2020-07-10 15:55
Hi there! If you have noticed I have been posting more lately. One of my promises to myself was that I would post on a regular basis so that this blog is not just sitting here waiting for so… Read More
2020-07-05 21:19
This post started in June but it wasn’t completed until the beginning of July since I was still in the trying new things phase and wanted to be able to share the most information about… Read More
2020-07-05 12:45
As some of you know I was raised (and currently live) in Hawaii. It has been my home for most of my life and it really is paradise when I think about it. One thing that I often feel guilty o… Read More
2020-07-03 00:34
Though I love writing and blogging I often get stuck on what exactly to write about. I’m thinking that I am not alone in this and I hope that this post will be helpful to someone out t… Read More
2020-06-27 01:05
It has been awhile since I wrote about Avon products. In this post I will sharing some of my favorites along with some new products from the Avon line. Magix Prime Face Perfector This is one… Read More
Flashback Friday’s: Random Update
2020-06-26 21:11
It has been awhile since I posted and a very long while since I posted a Flashback Friday post. I don’t plan on making this a long post, however, we shall see where this takes me. Unl… Read More
2020-05-07 03:55
Since I use WordPress for all of my websites I thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite WordPress Plugins. Jetpack If you want to protect your site from malware and other threat… Read More
2020-05-02 21:27
This month is important to me as it is Mental Health Awareness Month. As many of you know I have been dealing with my own health issues and I wish for everyone to take care of their mental h… Read More
2020-01-01 11:11
January: This felt like the longest month ever. I had some mysterious illness that kept me out of work for a week. February: The month of love. I was feeling fairly lonely. March:… Read More
2019-11-19 16:46
Let me just start this by saying I am NOT nor have I ever considered myself a morning person. I am a night owl. My creative juices and mind works best late at night. However, I have been slo… Read More
2019-11-05 23:18
What you’re thankful for Travel Guides and Tips – Many people travel during the holidays. Road trip, airline travel, packing tips. Write about your city and what to do there Favo… Read More
2019-07-21 19:47
For many people, fighting Depression can be an ongoing thing. It can draw out daily and when it does one can feel helpless and even frustrated. One thing that can help is to create a routine… Read More
2019-07-18 03:06
Once upon a time I was online dating. Now let me begin by saying that me and online dating have a love/hate relationship. I have met some nice men online and even more outrageous, nasty, str… Read More
2019-07-12 18:56
For most of my teens and early adulthood I spent a lot of time worrying about others. How are they doing? What can I do to help them? How can I help them? Do they like me? And a million othe… Read More
2019-07-02 04:07
I quit my job. This was something I planned on doing along the line to pursue other things as well as go back to school. This is not the reason I quit. I quit because my anxiety, stress and… Read More
2019-06-16 00:03
Powered by Brandbacker Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to purchase something fea… Read More
2019-06-15 19:05
Hanna:Thriller. CIA Agent. Girl that was raised in a forest. What else can I say about this drama? Check it out as I don’t want to spoil it for you. Monk: If you haven’t watch… Read More
Health & Beauty Coupon Code
2019-06-14 19:47
Code: JOY2SAVEOffer Details: 15% off select purchases of $25+Starts: 6/13/19 at 6:00am PTEnds: 6/17/19 at 11:59pm P Health and Beauty Some of the links in this post may be affil… Read More
2019-06-11 05:08
Hello. Soooooo… you came here because you either thought this was going to be a funny post or a serious one. Or perhaps you really want to know how to get ready for a dick appoint… Read More
2019-06-05 18:55
TRIGGER WARNING: Mental health disorders, depression, anxiety, panic attacks I recently went through (and am still going through) a rough time with my mental health. I have had anxiety mi… Read More
What To Binge Watch On Netflix: Part 2
2019-06-05 06:58
So you have half a day available to binge watch on Netflix shows? Excellent. In my original post on What to Binge Watch on Netflix I shared mainly Sci-Fi, Murder Mysteries and Comic Book ser… Read More
2019-06-01 21:21
It has been awhile since I last posted something. It is not that I haven’t had ideas. My mind is constantly full of ideas for posts. It is not that I haven’t thought about differ… Read More
2019-03-01 19:19
I thought it would be fun to share what I am currently reading and to get recommendations from readers on what to read next. I tend to read a few different books from different genres at the… Read More
2019-01-01 11:11
January + Did this month even happen? I feel like December of 2017 blended into February of 2018. The only thing I remember is the False Missile Threat we had in Hawaii. It doesn’t hel… Read More
2018-12-30 00:52
I wrote awhile back about Scentbird – it is a perfume subscription in which you receive a new perfume (or cologne for men) every month to try out. The subscription to Scentbird that I… Read More
2018-10-08 19:47
If you knew me a few decades ago you would have known that I was OBSESSED with KISS brand acrylic nail kits. Once I discovered them I ditched all the other press on nails and they were a spe… Read More
2018-04-29 22:29
Olivia Care Rosehip Oil Even though I have an oily T-zone I realized over the past 10 years or so that I must not be afraid to put oils on my skin. When I found a bottle of Olivia Care Roseh… Read More
Link Love: Organizing And Planning Tips
2018-02-18 21:11
Now that things in my personal life have settled down a bit I have been trying to get more organized and making an effort to plan my life in advance. I notice that when I plan things out in… Read More
2018-02-07 21:11
What’s that? You want something other than what you see on cable tv to watch? Well you have came to the right place. Since our home is being renovated I haven’t been able to watc… Read More
Flashback Friday’s: California Dreaming
2017-08-25 21:11
Aloha! I hope that this summer is treating you well! I honestly thought that this summer was going to be a big ole bummer for me. I was working so much that I didn’t really get to enjo… Read More
2017-07-21 20:23
If you follow me on social media you probably know a bit more about all the things I have been going through since I have been M.I.A. from this website lately. Long story short: I have been… Read More
I’m Back (SORTA)
2017-06-30 22:43
hello. Where do I even begin? Last year I was starting to pick up on my blogging and attempting to write and publish blog posts more consistently but life happened and all of my great plans… Read More
2017-04-30 17:11
Perfume Candles Scented Oil DiffusersStarbucks Gift Cards Flowers Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to y… Read More
Flashback Friday’s: Mini Update
2017-04-07 21:11
Aloha and thank you for stopping in. Life has really been kicking my ass lately so I’ll make this quick! Just a short little post about what I have been up to lately. Enjoy! I got a… Read More
Flashback Friday’s: Sick & Tired
2017-02-24 21:11
Happy Friday Folks! I hope that you had a wonderful week. As I prepare this post (I usually write and edit Flashback Friday’s posts throughout the week) I am fighting a terrible cold a… Read More
Weekend Sales & Deals
2017-02-19 09:11
I can’t believe there is only a week an a half left in this month! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Even though I have been busy with work and school I’ve come acro… Read More
Be You – #BeFullyYou
2017-01-28 21:11
I really liked this message from Hips & Curves about be appreciating and loving yourself for who YOU are. One of the women in my Sociology Senior Project course is studying social media… Read More
Flashback Friday’s: New Adventures
2017-01-27 21:11
Life, Life Life has been good for me aside from ongoing car issues. But I remain positive and hopeful about what is coming up. I was able to spend time with family members for my sisters bi… Read More
Plus Size Valentine’s Day Lingerie
2017-01-24 21:11
Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Whether you want to get something special for yourself or someone else, Hips & Curves has many options to choose from. From sexy plus size V… Read More
2017-01-11 21:11
Buying, Selling and Renting Books I used chegg for the first time last semester to rent 2 textbooks. I saved hundreds of dollars and would definitely use them again! It was super… Read More
Flashback Friday’s: New Year, New Me?
2017-01-06 22:46
Well look at you – surviving the first week of this year! 2016 was a huge struggle for many people apparently, but it is a NEW year and we can choose to make this a time of new beginni… Read More
2016: A Year In Review
2017-01-01 11:11
Welcome to 2017. If you are familiar with you know that we do Flashback Friday’s most Friday’s and post about what happened during the week. I like the idea of… Read More
Final Flashback Friday Of 2016
2016-12-30 21:41
Hey there! 2016 has been a year… one for the books. AMIRITE?? It has been full of lots of ups and lots of downs for myself (and apparently for others as well). So many things happened… Read More
Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers For Her
2016-12-09 11:11
This post includes affiliate links. mini lotion + nail file travel sizes Before you even start shopping online I recommend that you sign up for ebates. It is free to sign up and you can get… Read More
Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For College Students
2016-12-05 11:11
Hello there! Happy Holidays. Are you still looking for gift ideas for the college student(s) in your life? Well here is a list of gift ideas for college students that I came up with as well… Read More
Staying Healthy During The Holidays
2016-11-26 11:11
Even though the holidays are supposed to be a generally happy time of year it seems like it can often be full of stress. Personally the stress of school, weird weather changes and previously… Read More
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2016
2016-11-25 11:11
**This post includes affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase one of the services listed below. For more information please visit our Disclosure page**… Read More

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