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2018-11-22 21:39
The cold gray outside is the perfect backdrop to the warm family inside. We laugh and play and tell stories this Thanksgiving morning as the radio plays softly in the background. A lull in t… Read More
Stuft On Stuft Pizza
2018-11-20 04:36
My first real job was at Stuft Pizza, in Campbell, CA (is that place still open?). I was 15-1/2 at the time. My best friend Richie had seen a help wanted sign in the window while he was out… Read More
2018-10-08 03:20
At the constant urging of the Ladybird, I am posting the following excerpt from “The Misremembered Life of Myko”. Enjoy! Pop and the “F” word Pop is the smartest per… Read More
2017-10-14 13:51
Gliding along the glistening skyline of our fine city, the cranes glow blue and green against the night’s sky. They’re building britches too big for our bridges to handle the tra… Read More
2017-09-24 14:15
This is a letter I’m writing to myself to fold into my pocket in case my body is found somewhere in a ditch. I don’t want to slow down because I don’t know when this is gon… Read More
A Tease From Chapter One…
2017-08-26 05:40
To the people who have followed this blog since the beginning, I appreciate your patience and constant encouragement to finish the work on my book. To those visiting for the first time, welc… Read More
Meanwhile, On The Other Side Of The Blog…
2017-05-09 02:53
Some time around October of last year I began planning for the book I am writing in earnest. Since that time I have realized just how massive an undertaking this process is. It has given me… Read More
Hurry Up And Slow Down
2017-01-02 02:08
Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about how I spend my time. I have developed a keen sense of urgency to experience every moment as fully as possible without trying to hold on to it too… Read More
Big Easy Birthday
2016-12-12 02:09
This is my 3rd trip to New Orleans and it was, by far, the best. NOLA (that’s how the people from New Orleans call it) is one of my favorite places on earth. Birdy arranged a surprise… Read More
Everything They Make Now Is Fake
2016-12-01 06:23
Visiting cities on the east coast offers an opportunity to see architecture and craftsmanship that has endured for centuries. Coming from the west coast, where the oldest buildings still st… Read More
2016-11-30 03:07
I write this both as a cautionary tale to my two teenaged kids and as a life-raft to anyone stuck going down the wrong path… We spend the years of our childhood dreaming of what we wi… Read More
How Do You Find Yourself?
2016-11-21 19:41
A friend of mine called me last night and asked, “How do you find yourself?”. He is struggling through a personal crisis and sought my advice. My advice was as much for me as it… Read More
It Starts Today…
2016-11-18 15:56
What’s so special about today? You woke up, that’s what. No matter what day today is, today is the day. There is no better day than today because you may not get another today to… Read More
I’ve Been In Such A Big Damned Hurry
2016-10-30 14:55
I’ve been in such a big damned hurry to fit everything in. So often I have said that I can sleep when I am dead because now is the time for living. But living with this ever present ur… Read More
I Used To Be Someone…and I Still Am
2016-10-29 05:37
I wrote the section below a few weeks ago. I wrote it in a moment of despair. I was, no doubt, suffering from the abusive self-talk that can creep in when I am not actively working on someth… Read More
When’s The Last Time You…
2016-09-10 05:10
Writing a blog telling the story of my life has been therapeutic. By retelling the highlights (and lowlights) of my story, I can relinquish those memories and allow them to exist in the past… Read More
21-Day What?
2016-08-30 04:38
I realized today that we have gone beyond the initial 21-day goal we set for trying our new meal and exercise plan. Getting into this new lifestyle feels so natural that we both forgot that… Read More
21-Day Challenge: Day 2
2016-08-10 03:43
Day two of our 21-day challenge and things are going well. I woke up ready for coffee and not especially hungry. Another day begins with a green smoothie about an hour after my morning coffe… Read More
Have You Ever Wanted To Do Something?
2016-08-09 05:44
Birdy and I are wont to try new and interesting things. We are especially keen on health and nutrition at the moment. Being a wonderful cook, Birdy has acquired a profound understanding of t… Read More
It’s Been Too Long…
2016-07-09 03:20
 This is my first entry after many months away. These last few months have seen several monumental changes to my routine; I have adopted a new “day job” and taken on quite a… Read More
2016-03-14 12:39
Being underground is cool – at first. It means you are onto something fresh, a new way of playing/writing/doing/whatever. But at some point, you have to bring your gifts to the world… Read More
2016-03-10 14:28
Following your dreams implies leaving the comfort of where you are  – and what you know – for a place that is unfamiliar. This new place will be home to a new version of you… Read More
2016-03-05 16:15
You have to make time every day to be creative. If you schedule it – and stick to it – it becomes a habit. We often squander our most creative time checking email, looking at Fac… Read More
2016-03-04 14:36
Being motivated is a force of habit that does not change with success or failure. As with all other habits: You strengthen it with daily practice. You reinforce it with repetition. You maint… Read More
2016-02-29 05:21
Major progress can only occur when you get out of your own way. It’s only when you trust yourself that you will take great risks. When you believe in yourself, and in your own resilien… Read More
2016-02-28 21:54
“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn Choosing your friends is one of the most important decisions you make. If you are not surroun… Read More
2016-02-26 15:52
If something is worth doing, it must be worth doing All The Way. If it is not worth seeing all the way to the end, it is not worth starting.   Your time is far too precious to waste on… Read More
2016-02-25 15:20
That moment when you reach for your alarm clock to hit the snooze button again, remember that your competition is already pulling out of their driveway on their way to the office. What you d… Read More
2016-02-25 15:20
That moment when you reach for your alarm clock to hit the snooze button again, remember that your competition is already pulling out of their driveway on their way to the office. What you d… Read More
2016-02-24 03:00
One of the most difficult things to do in life is to admit that you are wrong. The only thing more difficult than admitting it to yourself, is admitting it to everyone else. At the point tha… Read More
2016-02-23 14:25
A very important lesson I learned early on in my life: Hire for attitude; You can teach anyone a new skill or a special technique, but you cannot teach a positive attitude. This applies to p… Read More
2016-02-23 14:25
A very important lesson I learned early on in my life: Hire for attitude; You can teach anyone a new skill or a special technique, but you cannot teach a positive attitude. This applies to p… Read More
2016-02-22 15:41
You cannot step twice into the same river. – Heraclitus Achieving success can have the terrible effect of causing you to think that you can reproduce it. But just as soon as you find a… Read More
2016-02-14 05:52
 I am pretty proud of myself for buying a gift that Birdy has been hinting about for some time now. Unfortunately, she is spending this Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas with her best… Read More
2016-02-07 22:34
The latest in my VLOG series. You never know who you’ll meet.   BTW, no kitties were harmed during the making of this video!               &nb&helli…Read More
2016-02-05 04:03
When I was a child, I was terrified of the idea of deciding what I wanted to be. There was a world of possibilities! I didn’t want to limit myself to being defined by the one professio… Read More
2016-01-12 07:29
Writing this blog has pushed me beyond the limitations of my own self-doubt. But, while it feels natural to write about my life and experiences, it limits my range of expression. My per… Read More
2016-01-10 19:00
When I was young, my sisters cruelly convinced me that I was adopted. They tormented me saying that, if I didn’t behave, mom and dad would return me. Under the threat of… Read More
2016-01-06 02:06
Having your father as a coach is both a blessing and a curse. Mine was my mentor, my protector, and my harshest critic. There are lessons that he taught me that are only now beginning to sin… Read More
2016-01-01 20:10
On this, the last day of what was the most pivotal year of my life, I give pause to reflect on my incredibly good fortune. Little did I know what lay before me only just a few short months a… Read More
2015-12-30 04:33
Shortly after my 40th birthday, I began something I had secretly dreamed of doing my whole life: I began writing seriously and sharing it with the world. Despite having written professionall… Read More
2015-12-15 21:55
The most difficult lesson I’ve had to learn in life was that some people don’t like me. Sometimes, without taking the time to meet me or learn anything about me, many people have… Read More

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