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From Ballet, Through Boxing to oga

I've never been a "sport type". While other girls were training for their Latino dancing or aerobics competitions, I was lying in my bed reading books or watching movies. Well, I admit I'm pretty lazy. But my parents didn't want me to just roll around and they wanted me to find a sport that I'll enjoy. But that was pretty tough. I fall in love with anything very easily but I don't often stick to it for long.

When I was in kindergarten, I started doing ballet - and I stopped about a half a year later. My another attempt were free dance classes - after few lessons I missed, I wasn't able to handle the dance assembly and I gave up. I also tried fit-boxing which I really enjoyed but it were cancelled after two lessons because there were not enough people. Then there was an era of belly dancing and then, when I finally gave up on zumba, I stopped visiting group fitness lessons at all.

When I was about 15 years old, I started spending more time on social media, tumblr, instagram ... and I suddenly wanted to look like all the "fitness girls" on the Internet. So I started to workout on my own. According to the videos on youtube, according to myslef ... Sometimes I went for a run, sometimes I went to the gym, sometimes I did pilates. In that time I also re-discovered Yoga.
I started doing yoga because of my back aches. I've been suffering from scoliosis for few years now, I can't stand or sit straight for long. In the beginning, yoga was just nice kind of exercise, which didn't force me to rush or overestimate my powers. I could exercise anytime and anywhere. But then after some time I realized that yoga is not only about the body. It's an exercise for your mind as well. When I do yoga, I don't think about anything else, about things which happened that day and about things I have to do the other day. It's just me, my body and my breath.

When you say that something "changed your life", it usually sounds like a cliché. But when I think about it, yoga actually really turned my life upside down. Since I was a kid I've been interested in the world around me. I've never understood why is life so unfair, why are people so mean sometimes, why people lie and how the hell can a person rob or even kill another person. Every time I heard a thing like this in the TV or from my parents, I used to feel really bad. Also since I remember I've been fascinated by the life on its own, the questions like how we got here and what happend after death. Why people have to die and why we don't live forever. What is the Universe and is there a God, and if so, why is world such a mess?

On the other hand I was so affected by all the american romantic movies that my biggest dream used to be to moving to USA, marrying a millionaire, going to fashion shows, shopping in the most expensive boutiques, living in a glass apartment on Manhattan, organize giant parties for celebrities ... And then I started doing yoga, meditation, drawing mandalas, I stopped eating meat, I started dreaming about living somewhere in the nature ... and my dream world became just ridiculous. I realized that I don't really want any of these things and even If I had a luxury apartment on the highest floor of some skyscraper, if I had a Starbucks frapuccino for a breakfast every morning and if I had a special VIP seat on Louis Vuitton fashion shows ... my life would be pretty empty. I need more. I need people who love me for who I am, I need nature and I need to do something I enjoy and something that provides something to the other people and to the world at the same time.

Yoga was one of the things that helped me to get back to what I believed in when I was a child. Thanks to that, I was able to take a step out of my little materialistic world and I realized what's really important for me in life :)

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    From Ballet, Through Boxing to oga


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