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Hello friends! I hope you have all been well and YES, I am alive! I have been silent the past few weeks because my email broke! Usually, I take my pictures on my phone and then send them to my email on my computer. But my email has totally crashed and is unfixable. Good news is, I found a way around it and I am back! I was supposed to do my New Year Winter Recap blog post earlier this month, but since my email crashed I couldn't do it and now I feel like it is way too late into January to write that post. >.< I may go ahead and post it because I did SO much fun stuff during my winter break including going to Disney twice! If you guys want me to post it, I totally will despite the fact that is way after New Year.

But that's not what I wanted to write about today. I have talked about Lush a few times before in some of my earlier posts. But since then, I have become even more obsessed with the place! Literally every single lotion I use is from there. If you have not heard of Lush, it is a FANTASTIC cosmetic shop. Everything from lotions to bath bombs to dried shampoo, Lush has it. I was super excited when my city opened it's first Lush just a few years ago. Since then, I go all the time, stocking up on all my favorite cosmetics. The cool thing about Lush is that everything is handmade and natural! I can't even tell you how sick of Bath and Body Works I am. Too many chemicals and it smells like an artificial fairy garden. On the other hand, when I use Lush products, it doesn't smell like chemicals (it smells like a REAL fairy garden), and it doesn't feel like chemicals. Because it's NOT. It's literally like rubbing nature into your skin. So, I would love to share with you some of my favorite Lush products!

1. Rub, Rub, Rub.
scrape your Skin off. It is very light and instantly makes your skin soft and you leave the shower smelling like orange blossoms. This product is a must have for sure.

2. Dream Cream
The title fits the name perfectly. This stuff IS a dream. Lush sells several lotions but this one is #1 on the list of their best-selling products. I have also talked about this products before but… that's okay. It's ingredients include oat milk and rose water. It makes your skin super soft and of course, you smell great. It's the best for after your shower or Bath.

I just recently bought this spray. It is made of tea tree water (obviously), juniper berry water, and grapefruit water. I keep it in my purse with and spray it on my face when I need a little touch-up and it DOESN'T take off makeup! It seeps right into your skin without drying it out leaving that cool feeling on your face that tea tree causes. Perfect for when it's hot outside.

4. Coalface
This "soap" I guess you could call it, is AMAZING. Yes, it is called Coalface and yes, it includes charcoal in it. Charcoal is very good for your face including exfoliating it. I use this to wash my face every night and it works miracles. Soft skin and it really gets all the dirt and oil off. Honestly I can say, it doesn't smell super awesome. But it doesn't smell terrible. I guess you could say it just smells like coal! xD Definitely worth the money.

5. Like ALL the Bath Melts
Lush has a wide variety of luxury bath melts. They are ALL great. This particular one is called "You've Been Mangoed". It smells absolutely beautiful. It took me a google search to figure how to use these things when someone bought me one for the first time. I figured out that, in your bath you break the melt in half OR throw in the entire thing into your bath and let it do it's thing. Which is obviously melt. What it does is, it releases its essential oils into the water, making your skin super soft for the rest of the day. 

For all the Lush fans that were just sitting, waiting for me to talk about Lush's famous Bath Bombs, here you go. Like I said, Lush is famous for their bath bombs. They have a HUGE variety of them online and in-stores. The thing that makes them so awesome, is that they are colorful and fun. Most bath bombs are just ONE color. But most of Lush's bath bombs change color mid way into dissolving in bath water. Some even have flower petals or sparkles inside that make your bath totally majestic

I LOVE THIS STORE! It is literally my all time favorite store and I could spend hours in there, and hours online looking at all their awesome stuff! If you're new to Lush, I hope this blog convinced you to check it out for yourself. It is totally worth it! <3

Thanks for reading you guys! Have an awesome day! ~MADDIE~

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