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Read This And You Will Never “Struggle with Motivation” Again

If you think you Struggle with Motivation, how do you know if it’s the actual motivation you struggle with? What if it’s something deeper? What most people think they struggle with is not necessarily what they truly struggle with, and motivation (or the lack of it). It’s something much deeper. In most cases, it’s your self-talk and self-image. The way you perceive yourself, emotions, thoughts, people around you, and even the words you use, have a very powerful impact on your motivation (or the lack of it). In this post, I want to share my 3 biggest “I struggle with motivation” discoveries to make your journey easier.

Do You Really Struggle with Motivation? Or Is It Something Else?

Many readers and followers reach out to me asking for guidance. And they very often ask about motivation, as if it was something they can get from outside of themselves. And yes, it may work (short-term). You can motivate yourself to lose weight so that you can post a skinny/ shredded or whatever your goal is pic on Instagram and have everyone else love you for it.

The question is- are you creating from a place of lack? Or from a place of wholeness? And, is the motivation that is driving you truly yours?

What is it that you actually want?

To dive deeper, these are my 3 best tips so that you never struggle with motivation again.

Instead, you can start working on your self-image, embrace self-love and get rid of all the layers that are holding you back. With this process, you will be able to unleash your true, inner, deep motivation that truly connects with your vision. And it will feel good to be shifting your awareness, emotions, and actions to help you create the new, more empowered version of yourself.

3 Natural Motivation Tips You Deserve to Know

#1 Be careful with your words

Think about it…words like “try”, “hope”, “struggle”, “I want to …but….”.

There are many ways you can re-frame those words into something much, much more powerful and positive.

For example, the moment I hear someone say:

“I will see, or I will try this healthy diet”, it’s very sad to admit…but I know the person is already giving up. When you say “try”, you give your power away.

Instead, you can say: “I am very passionate about learning more about this healthy diet, and I am really looking forward to making it my lifestyle”, or “I am very excited about this diet, and every day, I intend to choose something healthy”.

This is conscious, positive re-framing…I am not talking about some fake positivity. You can still fully express yourself, but you no longer “struggle with motivation”.

For example, instead of saying “I struggle with going to bed early, I always promise myself to be in bed at 10PM but then I get caught up online, or watching TV..”, you can say:

“Even though, my old-self, my lower self still wants me to stay up late, I have a new intention. I know that my Higher self wants me to be in bed early for a reason, and so I choose to listen to my higher self”.

See? You no longer struggle. You simply admit and acknowledge. It is what it is.

Recently, I really felt inspired to make my meditation sessions longer because I was feeling a bit anxious (lots of things to do). At first, I caught myself saying “First, I need to find a new accountant to help me with this and that, and then, I will focus more on meditation”.

But then, I decided to re-frame what I was saying into something more powerful…

“My higher self wants me to meditate more. There must be a reason for it. Yes, my lower self, my old self is against it. It may take some time. But I choose my higher self”.

In alignment with that, I decided to wake up earlier to meditate early in the morning, before getting caught up in work. At first, it was a bit challenging. And once again, I caught myself saying “I struggle with motivation!”.

But then, I changed it to: “My higher self wants me to be up early, it’s who I am. I am ready to let go of my lower self”.

It took me a few days to finally stick to my new schedule. It felt natural and amazing. I had many great, spiritual experiences in my recent meditations. And I even got an idea to find a new accountant and the issue I have been trying to solve is almost solved now, with much less effort, stress, and resources. I also got many useful insights to help me grow my products and services in a very exciting and meaningful way.

A stressful mind cannot think straight or find good solutions.

Also, careful with “hoping”. Yes, you can say “I hope you had a good weekend”. But, be careful about using the word “hope” in anything related to your goals and intentions.

“I hope to lose weight”- can become “I intend to lose weight”, or even better “I intend to release weight”, or “I intend to create vibrant health”, or “I intend to create my best, healthy, ideal weight and have fun”!

Changing your self-talk takes some time. But it’s so much fun! Especially when you start working on your self-image and making a clear distinction between your higher and lower self. It also removes self-guilt. I no longer blame myself about some wrong decisions I made in the past. It was an old Marta. Yes, I take responsibility for the old Marta. But I am now the new Marta, and my self-image is always shifting, always moving forward.

I stay in motion. Motivation is created in motion.

#2 Don’t overcomplicate your action plan

Your action plan should be simple.

First of all, you do it now, today. Not tomorrow.

You start today. Whatever it is. You meditate for 5 minutes. You make a quick, on the go smoothie. You go for a short walk.

You turn off your phone 2 hours before bedtime.

You add a salad to your meal.

You schedule “water breaks” at work.

Simple stuff. You do it now. And you repeat tomorrow.

Focus on simple, process-oriented goals…not everything at once.

My recommendation would be to focus on 3 daily micro-goals. Something you know you can do today.

3 squats. 2 push-ups. 1 green juice.

Pick something. And do it. I know a very good high-performance coach, he works with people on a corporate level and he also coaches athletes and high-level salespeople and entrepreneurs. His main method is built around the concept of “3 basic moves” performed daily.

There is no need to overcomplicate things. Even a simple daily plan like – daily walk, daily meditation and a big veggie salad for dinner, can help you feel healthier and sleep better.

People always ask me why I am so prolific with my writing. Well, it’s because I show up and write, even if it’s only one page. I show up and I trust my higher self. It forms part of my daily actions. Micro actions.

Then, the rest of my energy goes into connecting with my audience and readers, so that I can use my writing as a tool to help them solve their problems. And so, I don’t struggle with writer’s block. I have no idea what that is. Yes, sometimes, I need to think of a better word or a better writing structure. But they come as I commit to my creative process.

So- be kind for yourself and show up! This works for health and all areas of your life.

I discuss more in the video below:

Take inspired, meaningful action from a place of confidence and wholeness. TRUE, AUTHENTIC motivation is created in MOTION.

Even if you have a bad day. Or maybe you are on your period or have a headache.

There is still something you can do. Oh…and ever since I decided to focus on process-oriented goals, not only to build my natural motivation and confidence but also as a process of mindful, self-discovery, I no longer complain.

Complaining = wasting the precious energy that you can do to do something healthy, meaningful and positive…

There are also many other benefits of “shifting” to re-connect to your higher self and take meaningful action…Which brings us to #3

#3 Your actions inspire other people and they also inspire you to do more

One of my mentors, once told me “People LOVE motivation. But most people can’t really define what motivation is. Motivation is intangible. What people really LOVE is seeing others doing something that they want to do”.

So true! And by embracing the mindset of staying in motion, committing to your daily goals (little micro-goals) and staying consistent, you are inspiring other people on their journeys.

That is why it’s so important to keep learning and investigating. Please note- this is not about looking for motivation and inspiration outside of yourself.

It’s more about feeding your mind with different tips, strategies, and techniques created and tested by other thought leaders so that you can keep unleashing what is already within you.

It helps stay on track!

At the same time, you can be a leader too! Even if you are not officially teaching, coaching or creating content…You can be a leader in your local community, for your family and friends.

A reader recently told me that most of her family and friends laugh at her because she eats very healthy and clean. I told her- don’t worry! Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Motivation is about daring to be different. As a leader, you need to understand that, when you first come out with something different, you may get laughed at, and you may get some criticism.

If you find yourself affected by it, be sure to explore one of my recent posts where I share how to get rid of negative energy from other people (and yourself).

Remember- what others say, it’s their karma, how you react to it is yours. Follow your instincts and be good on yourself.

Follow your vision and be consistent. You can also turn the whole thing into a joke. “Yes, I eat a rabbit diet”, or “Yep, my life is so boring, I know”. I mean who cares?

But eventually, you get results…and when you do, those who once laughed, will feel inspired and start asking you for advice.

A family member would always laugh at me for doing the alkaline diet lifestyle. I advised him many, many times to reduce dairy and processed foods and start adding more veggies. But he would never take me seriously. “veggies are for girls!”. I told him to at least do some juicing or smoothies, especially that he suffered from low energy levels.

Well…now he understands because he got very, very sick. He spent thousands of euros on doctors and is now working with a health coach and dietitian, who, by the way, put him on the alkaline-rich diet.

Luckily, it wasn’t too late to change his lifestyle!

The lesson here is – keep doing what you’re doing. By taking meaningful and positive action, you can truly become a leader in your local community and inspire those around you.

And when you do…you unleash that higher power, the invisible force that feeds your authentic motivation more and more…

and so the question is…can you afford to “struggle with motivation”?

Your higher self wants you to stay in motion. Your higher self wants you to inspire. Your higher self wants you to get healthier and stronger…

If you need more guidance from me, I warmly invite you to dive into my bestselling book (published back in 2015): “Motivation in 7 Simple Steps”. In this book, we will explore your vision while getting rid of the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. We will create your indestructible, super-powerful plan to finish 2019 strong!

Motivation in 7 simple steps.

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Read This And You Will Never “Struggle with Motivation” Again


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