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Just Shake it Off

I`m sure we all have heard a catchy song by Taylor Swift that tells you to Shake it off, because the haters just simply gonna hate and the players gonna play. And you know, what, it`s all true. I`m sure we all have received bad commets and awful stuff. It`s crazy how we can remember one bad comment that blurs away 100 of good ones. Actually, it`s our choice how we react to hate, online or othervise we have no control what someone might choose to say or write about us. Last few years have defnitely been the years of learning to shake the negativity off in all aspects of my life, and you know what, in 2019 I have given my best and will give to continue to focus on all of the love instead of hate and negativity.  Here are some reasons why you should also just shake it off and be happy with who you are, where you are and what are you doing.
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1. It Makes You  Confident
Acting Confident might be hard at first, no doubt, but you should remember that you`ll be the bigger person in the end. Fake it till you make it. Act being confident, and there will come time when you actually are. The more comfortable you`ll get with everything in your life for example career personal life etc., the more confident you`ll become as a person too. Bringing confidence and assurance of who you are to the table, helps you to let go of anything that might have hurt you before in the past. 

2. It`s Good for Your Health
Don`t waste your time on something that actually doesen`t matter anything. When someone upsets you, just be the bigger person and let them go, just remember to consider their feelings to and end this in a mature way. It´s always better for your state of mind and anxiety levels to shake it off and not let negative situations and comments make youout of control. Don`t waste your time and energy on something that minor. 

3. It Won`t Matter in 5 Years
Don`t let something so small influence your life. I know that there are situations in life that are life changing, but when it comes to the small things, does it relly matter? Of course not! Just picture yourself in 5 years and see if it really matter then. If it doesen`t, then just Shake It Off. 

4. You`ll Be Happier in The End
It`s true, you will be! Me myself for inctanse can`t explain how much happier and relaxed I have become as a person when I have learned to let others opinions bother me. I have found more time to concentrate on building strong relationships with good communiction and trust. And if people don`t like who I am, then I`ll just shake it off. That`s how easy life actually is. 

I would also love to know if you have had any experience where you just needed to shake it off over the years and how it affected your life. Please let me know in the comments below! :)

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Just Shake it Off


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