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Fat Tuesdays : Low FODMAP?

In keeping with all my goals posts, this week's Fat Tuesdays is another one! I need to take some time to talk about Diet and changing mine.

^Just typing that^ makes me cringe a little, because most fat people spend a lot of time talking about needing or wanting to Lose Weight when it's unnecessary. Sadly, American culture teaches us that fat=death and even the final realization of ACTUAL science has been given the name obesity paradox, which is pretty fucking crazy. But I'm not here to talk about losing weight. I don't want to lose weight and I'm not trying to lose weight. I love myself and I feel great...sort of.


I've been having problems with digestion for a while. It started a few years ago with Garlic...scented poop. Yes, poop! I noticed after a meal with a lot of garlic that my poop would smell very heavily of garlic for a few days. Then I noticed that the usual gas associated with eating a cup of chili was doubling and then tripling. Then the issues with onions came in. Onions give me the shits, to be completely blunt about it.

But honestly, none of that really concerned me. I figured a little gas after some delicious chili was a perfectly fine compromise and the people around me could just suffer. However, the symptoms grew worse and worse overtime. This past New Year's, despite my knowledge of my food sensitivities, I ate whatever the hell I wanted. And I paid for it, while sitting on the toilet, doubled over in pain, pooping what was basically water. Yep. Gross.


So it is with a sad heart that I must admit defeat. Delicious garlic and onion and tasty legumes are just not working anymore and I am not going to suffer the consequences. Everyone in my household is on board; even for Adam's delicious goulash, NO ONIONS. No garlic. No legumes. And why these? Why this sensitivity?

A friend of mine and I started talking last spring about food things. I'm not sure if I brought up my burgeoning issues or if we were just talking about food stuffs. She mentioned Low Fodmap, which is a diet that excludes fruits with pits (including avocados), honey, garlic, onion, and legumes (excluding peanuts). I started doing research and found that a Low FODMAP diet is often mentioned in conjunction with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This might be why I had never heard of it. It's not a fad diet and it's associated with a pretty unpleasant syndrome that can affect anyone at any age, really. (Though it's most likely to start in teens or early adulthood and twice as likely to affect women.) Low FODMAP is a great place to start if you find you've started having digestive issues and you're not sure why, though sensitivity to garlic and/or onion is a thing...and I've heard that yogis believe those two to be upsetting of your inner energy and therefore not part of an ideal diet.

Luckily, I think garlic, onion, and legumes will be easy to cut out. I had already lowered my legume intake by tons, and only occasionally ate them at restaurants. I'll just cut them out entirely. Onion and garlic will be harder, though. They are just in EVERYTHING. I'm gonna have to look up alternatives to onion and garlic in terms of taste, or just be more creative with what I'm cooking!

This outfit is NOT slow fashion. The skirt, size L comes from Allie M. a local boutique, but the clothes are not made locally. The tee is an L from Versona, land of the fat-friendly, china-made clothes. I bought these after my pledge for $35 and $7 respectively and I would like to pretend I'm sorry, but it would be pretending.

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Fat Tuesdays : Low FODMAP?


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