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#6 - Three

I'm not the type to keep track and up-to-date with dates , literally any date in particular. Heck , I tend to forget when my mum and dads birthdays are , so it gets pretty awkward when I finally find out that it's today , and totally forget to wish them. Terrible son ......

Anyways , I'm early. A week and a half early I believe. It basically marks three years since I've had this Blog . I actually started Blogging around early 2011 , but I deleted that Blog and everything that was written in that Blog altogether. But , since that Blog doesn't exist , I'm counting from this one instead. And , many things have happened ever since this Blog started. So , I'm going back down memory lane to all the activities that happened during these three years. 

When you start a story , obviously it has to begin at the beginning of it all. So , it's going to start from my very first Blog post here , all the way to the present. I will not link any of the posts here , so just treat this as a small story that I'm reflecting upon.

In 2013 , that was when I got my first smartphone , the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. What does a Mini look like ? Here's the Mini beside the iPhone 4S for comparison .

I chose the Mini over the original one due to a strict budget , but the Mini was a pretty sweet phone to start off with. The downside of the Mini was that it had a very small storage space , and I couldn't find any nice custom made protective covers for the back. So , I pretty much had to use to stock cover for a very long time , which kinda sucked - until I went to Singapore for the first time in the same year.

Singapore was the first time I ever got out of Malaysia . Yes , I've never been to a different country until Singapore. Although Singapore is right next to Malaysia , but it does still count as a different country and I had a fun week there. I went to Universal Studios , which was pretty much the highlight of the entire year , went to the Night Safari , and walked around Singapore. It was a great time !

This was also the time when I first confessed to the girl that I really liked and got into a relationship. I was a terrible boyfriend though so I will not elaborate further in order to avoid any cringe attacks that I don't want to have right now.

In 2014 , I was invited by my god-brother to visit him in Jakarta , which is in Indonesia for those who aren't sure. I stayed there for a week , and throughout that week I met his close friends , walked around , and watched a movie. 

2014 was also my final year of high school , and there was tons of drama for my final year. My friends back stabbed me , a lot of family stuff came along , and of course - SPM , which was not fun at all. At the end of 2014 though , was when I went to Melbourne for Christmas . That week was amazing.

For the Melbourne trip , I did make a Blog post for each day that I was there , and you can read them below. I also received a Nintendo 3DS XL as a Christmas present , which I only use to play Pokemon . I should get more games for the DS.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6 - Final

2015 came along and that was the start of my new chapter in life , college. I didn't have much expectations at first , and it was all mostly just me being the lone wolf walking the path by myself. Of course , it never works out and I made some friends . 

In 2015 , I starred in a Youtube Video which received a lot of buzz , and earned my friend the first place in a competition - and that's pretty sick. All the credit definitely has to go to my granduncle for sharing the video to each and every staff member of my college , because he's the CEO .

FUN FACT : I am related to the CEO of the university. I'm not related by blood , but by family name. 

2015 could possibly be the most important year for me , as I figured out what I wanted to become in the future , and I managed to pave myself a road to my own dreams and desires that I hope to achieve. Being in the YouTube video was my very first experience in front of the camera , and it was scary as I was the main actor , in a debut. 

I like to call the whole thing my "debut" on YouTube , which to be fair - I will get to it soon.  

For Christmas , my dad got me a MacBook Pro , for video editing and work , which I should get started on. The only roadblock I have now is my crazy college schedule and all the assignments that I have to complete. 2016 should be fun , as I'm looking forward for what the year has in store for me !

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#6 - Three


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