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Understand the Understandings of Understanding

Hi there everyone!!

It is my understanding that there is much to understand about understanding.

It’s not binary – it’s not that we either understand or we don’t understand. Rather, there is a whole spectrum of gradients in understanding anything.

And more than that, there’s other dimensions to understanding which may give us more empowerment in our awareness with information, people, and life.

Understanding Something

This may be what most people understand as “understanding”. It is the ability to process information in a structured fashion which produces consistent results.

A basic example is mathematics. You probably understand that 2 + 2 = 4. You understand much more than that. You understand numbers and how to add them. You could do this with “almost” any number.

We’ll keep it simple by not getting philosophical with negatives, fractions, and imaginary numbers. So, realize that even this definition of “understanding something” could be unclear because the scope or depth of the understanding in this realm is not specifically defined.

If you live in a house, then you simply understand that you live in a house, without knowing the exact definition of a house.

Understand that You Understand

Recalling information is the foundation of understanding. Or is it?

Perhaps you haven’t done long division in years. You may not remember how to do it, but given several hours, you’d pick it up pretty quickly, right?

You may not have ridden a bicycle in decades, but it won’t take you long to rediscover balance.

If you’re familiar with your neighborhood, you understand that you can locate any place faster than most people, without knowing where that place is exactly right now.

So, you may not “understand” something in this moment, yet know that you understand it from a larger context.

Understand that Someone Understands

We use many things we may not understand.

For example, we (most of us) use electricity, appliances, and the Internet without understanding how they work. We never knew how they worked, and we may never know how they work. Yet we use them ubiquitously throughout our lives.

We understand that other experts, engineers, and inventors understand how these things work.

Thankfully, there are new babies born who will become the new experts of our society.

Understand that You Will Understand

Sometimes, understanding is a matter of faith.

When I first started as an entrepreneur, I had very little understanding of what entrepreneurship would be like. I had preconceived notions, and I understood that there was much I didn’t know that I didn’t know about entrepreneurship.

We borrow understanding from the future whenever we take on a huge commitment. This is true whether we want to become a doctor, an actor, or a philanthropist.

As a teenager, we may not understand why parents to the things they do. However, we may have heard the adage that when we’re parents, all of that will make sense.

Understand that You Will Never Understand

Isn’t it obvious that there will be things that all of us will never understand?

How many times have we ended an intimate relationship, not understanding what caused the hardships and break-ups?

Some of us have had to deal with so much adversity in our lives that it is overwhelming. We’ve been taught to find meaning in these experiences, and that helps sometimes. Other times, we may come to the conclusion that we will never understand why.

This world is full of horrible things that are unconscionable. Yet this dysfunctional world keeps functioning.

Understand that You Don’t Need to Understand

In the realm of spirituality and religions, there are many things that we’re told to simply accept and not try to understand at all.

This is the paradox that manifests in believers who even get presented with information that contradicts their framework and history.

Their understanding is based on indoctrinated or channeled convictions. Their understanding doesn’t need data, experience, nor any form of validation.

The utility of this form of understanding can be found in some segments of conspiracy theorists, network marketers, global politics, or corporate cultures.

Understand that You Understand Nothing

Every understanding can be negated through a transcended form of new understanding.

Understanding the power of gravity has given us greater awareness about our world, yet kept many people from believing that humans could fly.

But disregarding that understanding, planes were eventually manufactured. And now there are millions of people flying everyday.

Everything we know is just a temporary understanding that helps facilitate a new understanding. To understand something completely new, start from knowing that we understand nothing.

Get it? Got it.

Let’s love the world together…

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

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Understand the Understandings of Understanding


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