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Gun Confiscation, Sterilized Seeds & More: The Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

For many years, conservatives have been pushing for a Constitutional Convention as a means of implementing the limited government we so desperately need in America now.

Constitutional Conventions are extremely dangerous. We will witness an America under neocon national socialism and unimaginable tyranny, possibly even worse than the hybrid-communism of China.

The original American government, the Articles of Confederation, was extremely limited in nature. Most notably, there was no room for a centralized American currency system. It was for this reason that the wealthy Federalists pushed for the Constitution, which dictated to the states what they could not do (including coining their own money and signing treaties). Many states were reluctant to join our Federalist America, and it was for this reason that these states had to be bribed by adding ten amendments (out of the twelve they requested) to it. As soon as the Constitution was ratified, the national bank was one of the first items on the agenda. Literal interpretation of the document may lead to a much more limited government than the “living Constitution” of today, but the Constitution is loaded with protectionism and is one of the banking industry’s greatest scams.

200+ years later, the wealthy elites have new agendas. New ideologies have developed since the late 1700s, most notably communism and fascism. Technology has improved as well, with stronger armies and stronger weapons. While medieval/royal interests remained during the ratification of the Constitution (represented in America by Hamilton), authorities could not instantly kill Wycliffe, Luther, and Voltaire with the click of a mouse.

If a Constitutional Convention was to take place, here are some of the nightmares we will have under a neocon America:

  1. No guns at all. The United Nations, through their Office for Disarmament Affairs, has long pushed for the elimination of all weapons from citizens, most recently through their “arms treaty” which Obama has signed and frequently attempts to ratify.
  2. Severely weakened American military, or no American military at all. This same UN arms treaty is pushing to equalize all nations’ military resources. Iran will have more military strength, and America will have less. There will also be room for foreign troops and foreign military drones. In the famous Kelo v. City of New London case, the Supreme Court declared eminent domain could be used to transfer property to private corporations – with this type of America, you can count on soldiers being indefinitely quartered in your home without a Third Amendment to stop it.
  3. Extremely crippled and financially inaccessible justice system. In America now, we have situations where industry is completely legally immune from anything they do, most notably natural gas fracking. Government agencies like the EPA, USDA, and FDA allow for preservatives, pesticides, and GMO foods, and restricting or penalizing speaking out against them – this is near-pure legal immunity for Big Pharma and Big Agribusiness as well. Malpractice reform, patent reform – you name it. Leaked drafts from the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty negotiations, carried out by Bush II, Obama, and special interests, is being criticized for its effect on copyright laws. However, it does much more – there will be an international tribunal for all corporations, and if any government attempts to subvert this tribunal, “any” including the United States, it will be hit with trade sanctions.
  4. Centralized education system. The words “education”, “school”, “student”, “learn”, and “teach” are not found anywhere in the US Constitution. After a Constitutional Convention, they will be.
  5. No “hate speech”. This includes anti-federal-government speech, which has already been defined as terrorism. Criticism of Islam, the Koran, or Muhammad will be criminalized.
  6. Sterilized seeds and national seed registries. Only government-approved and sterilized seeds will be allowed in America. This is true of post-Saddam Iraq due to the neocon Paul Bremer, and no doubt will be in a post-Constitutional-Convention neocon national socialist America.

Many are noting that their state is on the side of limited government. During a Constitutional Convention, they will not be. Just look at Occupy Wall Street Republicans like John Boehner, who promised a Tea Party version of the 1994 Republican Revolution, and immediately began firing fiscal conservatives from committees. During the recent government shutdown, Obama, Boehner, and only the Republicans Boehner approved held a secret meeting which led to funding Obamacare. Repeal of Obamacare will now be a recurring unfulfilled campaign promise.

It is no surprise that proven pseudocons like Mark Levin are writing books pushing for a Constitutional Convention.

A Constitutional Convention will destroy American liberty, create a Western China, give written powers to international agencies, and allow for regulation of everything imaginable. Do not fall into the neocon trap because other conservatives and libertarians think they can make America more free. For all you know, they are planning the opposite.

Note: I wrote this column for my previous blog, It was first published on October 19, 2013. The TPP has since been signed, but not yet ratified. Also, I am aware that Mark Levin and others are pushing for an “Article V Convention” (a.k.a. “Convention of States”) which would supposedly keep the existing Constitution and its Amendments intact. This is equally dangerous, and the dangers mentioned in this column are applicable to an Article V Convention as well.

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Gun Confiscation, Sterilized Seeds & More: The Dangers of a Constitutional Convention


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