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kitty catI Continue To Be Targeted by misslatoya

Nancy said 19 hours ago

Hello LaToya I know the company very well. They are one of my providers for the insurance company That I work for. Please don’t take my post the wrong way but you have to work behind the scene with people like them. Build your case by staying incognito and keep a folder for each time they log or post on your blog. Don’t let them know that your watching them. Now we all know you know what phone, computer and location we are posting from lol. If you keep posting comments about them it would look like you are upset because you got fired. Becarful what you say about the company because you don’t want everything you say in writing to be held against you. If you keep posting negative comments about them you would only look bitter in their eyes. And you are actually walking into their door because they are looking and wondering what you are saying about them. Don’t entertain them online just sit back and watch behind the scene. Vent at your laptop lol but when you post on your blog talk about everything except Sunrise assisting living on F street. Lol

blue eyes

Miss LaToya Says:

I feel that your comment is bullshit and that you are in affiliation with these people somehow and are just trying to set me up because this is all just a part of the conspiracy that has extended because I have won.

And you can take that anyway that you want because you type of people are unable to comprehend my high caliber of knowledge anyhow as you are not on my level.

You want particular information out of me but you are not going to get it and there is nothing for me to incriminate myself with so that it can be used against me inaccurately or falsely out of spite because I haven’t done anything wrong.

It is known among others what is really behind everything. There are people out there who know what is going on I’ve been going through this garbage for years with assholes.

Number one, I can write about anything that I darn well please and I do not keep writing about that senior living facility they are preoccupied with me out of fear within their corruption and the truth that be told about them just as the rest of my enemies who are envious and jealous of me are. For years sick people have been coming after me for nothing and I am tired of this shit.

I do not give a fuck what anyone at Sunrise thinks and anyone who would believe that I would ever be angry or bitter over them firing me is ludicrous.

It absolutely makes no sense. This is not about getting fired per say, especially when I am a highly qualified and multi talented individual and have other jobs to attended to (so get your facts straight) and anyone who is on the level with an intelligent mind can comprehend that.

That place where I worked is nothing and who would be angry or bitter over separating from a place where a bunch of low life people-including uneducated foreigners that have worked for over five and ten years there doing nothing but wiping the shit from other people’s asses?! That is pretty sad.

I didn’t need that job and I didn’t have to do the slave labor that the rest of them during the day shift did.

This is about them there at the place already knowing who I am and rising up against me along with others under false pretenses in an attempt to sabotage me because I wasn’t able to be manipulated, I speak the truth, and because I am a good person who happens to be exceptionally gifted and I did not stand for it.

All of this bullshit that is going on with them right now with the other false accusations of me harassing and threatening them is just them trying to camouflage their tactics of trying to silence me and to get me into trouble because I have a clean slate and a great continuing future ahead, and because they are angry and bitter because I told the truth, stood up for myself and fought back.

They are just making asses out of themselves and I am not worried in the least.

Yes I have a gift and what I wish and conjure upon them or anyone else is not a crime it is an advantage. What, I’m gonna get arrested for the power of spirituality? A privilege bestowed upon me by birth?

Anybody who goes up against me is going up against the powers that be.

The real deal is that they are ignorant and intimidated in regards to my caul birth as they have constantly been inquiring through out reading my sites before I even started working for them and the foreigners who are against me and who were able to persuade them within their weak minds are just mad because their voodoo does not work on me and they cannot control and destroy me like they did a lot of the rest of the other stupid american blacks.

And a lot of these white people think that they are using these Haitians and Jamaicans to do the type of work that nobody else would ordinarily continue to do because they are not qualified to do much else ( so of course, they’ll take their side with perpetual lies and innuendo) but it is the foreigners who are actually using and controlling them in order to keep their jobs. So in a sense they’re all and both just fucking over one another.

They are all stupid pieces of trash if you ask me!

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Truth Consistantly Prevails!


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