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The Myth of Marriage

An acquaintance texted me today telling me that he had the day off for Presidents Day. He wanted to do something fun and asked me if I had any ideas. I literally couldn’t think of anything more fun than building a house. He didn’t agree. Said I needed a woman. What an ass.

LOL. I’m 50 now. The time for looking for Women was 40 years ago. That kind of thing is for children. I’m over that now and have moved on to higher levels of consciousness.

I would have continued the conversation explaining the error of his ways but I wouldn’t want to damage his theory of his own future by offering facts. I could have told him that he is 51 and past it. Move on and grow up. But regular people need to come to their own conclusions. Facts be damned. You can’t give facts to other people. They are unable to accept unless they obtain them on their own. Few are capable though. It’s really sad. I’ve always had the ability to learn from the mistakes of others. If only everyone else could do the same.

Personally, I appreciate the fact that I didn’t spend my life chasing the Woman thing. I have enough Money for a comfortable early retirement thanks to it. Marriage, Children, and Divorce are for regular people. I’m eternally glad I’m not one of them.

I would have asked him why he hasn’t figured it out yet. The whole Marriage thing is an outdated tradition anyway. Happy marriage died with The Greatest Generation. The first generation to experience today’s style of marriage was the Baby Boomers and perhaps it is their fault. It was the first generation where women were becoming men. Ever watch the old TV shows where women were still women? Wasn’t it wonderful? Women are no longer women psychologically. They expect and adopted all the mannerisms of men. No wonder divorce became so common. Men married to men and neither one of them is gay. How can it work? Apparently, it can’t. How many people do you know who have never been divorced? Not many I’ll bet.

Maybe I’m just jaded or maybe I’m speaking the logical facts. A woman will take your money, your time and your soul then leave your dried up husk on the side of the road. Of course, I don’t speak for all people but can you risk it? I can’t. I can’t afford to even try. A man only lives once and if you work your ass off for 50 years then lose all your money, what do you have left? There are no do-overs unless you believe in reincarnation. I’m personally hoping there is no such thing. Once is enough.

I wish I could say that I learned this only from other people’s mistakes but I have to admit that it took me 45 years of suffering to completely understand. Much of this suffering is written out for the last ten years of this blog. At least I suffered alone and still have all my money. (It’s also a shame that money is so important to living a comfortable life. There must be a better way. Don’t get me started on that.)

So in conclusion, if you are open to advice, don’t fall prey to your dick. There are more important things in life than false women and the impossible ideals of a happily married life. That died back in the 60’s. In a better world, we could just be really good friends and sleep in separate houses.

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The Myth of Marriage


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