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New York City In Food( Day 1 and 2)........

We arrived in NYC on Monday. We took the supper shuttle to Times Square where a friend from High School( she lives in New Jersey) was meeting us. We had originally planned to go for pizza, but she suggested the Junior's Deli across the street from the Marriot Marquis( where we met her). I quickly forgot about the pizza, because like another blogger friend I also own the Junior's Cookbook. I mentioned to Robin " Oh, I have this cookbook". She didnt recognize it at first( I have a lot of cookbooks), but after awhile, she said she remembered it.

The soup you see above is NOT from Juniors. I'll get to that soup in a moment. I didnt pull out my camera for Junior's, but I wish I did. I had half a turkey sandwich and matza ball soup. The matza ball was so fluffy. I much perfer my matza balls fluffy. I know others prefer sinkers!! The turkey was a tad dry, but the bread was fresh. I'm not a huge fan of Cheesecake( 1 bite will do me), so I had a black and white cookie. I absolutely love Black and Whites. Growing up in S. Florida( the 6th bourough) they were commonplace. The black and white from Juniors, was the freshest B&W I've ever had. Robin had a slice of the original cheesecake and she said it was really good.

The soup you see above was from Katz's. We went there on Tuesday. I find a self-led foodie walking tour of the Lower East Side( LES) of NYC. The one thing I most miss about living in S. Florida is the Jewish Community. There is none in my small town and very little in London, ON. Most of the kosher products the grocery store in London carries are brought in from Toronto. Anyway, I digress.

Since there was a lot to taste on this tour, we shared the soup and a turkey sandwich. I forgot to ask for the cold turkey, so it came warm. It was very good, but expensive turkey. This sandwich was $15.00. We also shared an order of fries. I was pretty full after this meal. The weather was so horrible last Tuesday. It was cold and rainy and Robin's umbrella broke so I gave her mine. I was stuck wearing a disposable rain poncho we got from the bus tour. It was not attractive!!

The next stop on the tour was Russ and Daughter's. I love, love, love me some good bagels and this didnt dissapoint. We shared one with Nova and cream cheese. They asked me if I wanted any onion, tomato or caper. I asked for a very teeny slice of onion and that added .25 to the bagel.

I was really, really full at this point.

The next stop was Yonah Schimmels for a knish. I knew Robin would not like these, so I ordered a kasha knish. She refused to even have a bite. LOL. It was good, but I really couldnt appreciate it because I was soooooo full. I took half with me. I later tried to give it to a homeless woman who refused it.

Are you full yet? Wait, cause there is more. The next stop was for an egg cream. The quintisential NYC drink. I grew up with them, so I enjoy them. I had a feeling Robin wouldnt. I ordered a small( 1.25) chocolate. There are tons of other flavors avaible, but chocolate( and maybe vanilla) are really in my opinion the only ones you should get. The other flavors are pretty artificial tasting. In fact, I've never seen other flavors sold at deli's, etc. The place that sells these egg creams also sells belgian fries. I think Robin was pretty full, but she couldnt resist a familar food. The order you see about is 1.00, a variatable bargin for NYC.

We waited awhile before we hit the Doughnut Plant. We shared 2 doughnuts, a chocolate(valhrona) glazed and my personal favorite a coconut filled, coconut glazed. Robin had a small coffee too. She said the coffee was very good. The doughnuts were good, but expensive( 2.50 and 2.75). The shop is so much smaller than I thought it was.

Next door to the doughnut plant is Kossars for bialys. A bialy is like a bagel, except its not boiled first and it has the same topping( onions and poppyseeds). I was way too full, so I took it to go and ate it for breakfast the next day.

Later that night, we ended up back in Times Square. I did NOT want to eat there, but the weather was still horrible and we had to get our bus back to NJ at Port Authority so since I wasnt that hungry, I just said " whatever". We found a pizza place that wasnt so great. Its not even worth mentioning, because we had amazing pizza the next day.

To be continued......

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New York City In Food( Day 1 and 2)........


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