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2018-01-25 15:32
These two (Angela and Art) will always be my idol when it comes to losing weight and fitness goals. I used to watch them on TV when they participated the Biggest Loser Philippine Editi… Read More
Christmas Wish
2017-12-26 14:38
Hubby’s immediate boss sent this card thanking him for his services. (Sana maging maganda na ang katayuan ng company next year para maging maayos na rin ang pasweldo sa mga empleyado… Read More
Mom-son Convo After UPCAT 2017
2017-10-26 00:51
Our version of #kwentongUPCAT. My son took the UPCAT last Sunday and right after the exam he texted me. Here’s our brief yet “hilarious” conversation Read More
Give Me My Mojo Back!
2017-09-04 04:30
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at I’m not so in the mood to update this site and all my other sites lately maybe because of the lack of blog opportunity. I wish t… Read More
Graduation Accessories
2017-07-21 07:30
I’m planning to have these pearl necklace and bracelet repaired so my daughter could used them on graduation day next month. I have no other pieces of jewelry to lend her and I though… Read More
Excited For My Daughter’s Graduation Day
2017-06-22 09:17
I’m excited for my daughter who is about to graduate from college in August. It was her last day in school yesterday (June 21) but will have their final exams next week. After that sh… Read More
2017-06-06 22:24
This is the shortest haircut I’ve had in like decades. I never really planned to have it this short, I just wanted something different. It isn’t bad after all. Update: My hair… Read More
Missing Grimm Series
2017-05-27 11:30
I just finished watching Grimm tv series (via Netflix) and I’m already missing the cast – Nick, Juliette/Eve, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, Wu, Adalind, Sean, and Truble. #grimm About… Read More
Acoustic Song For Me Please
2017-05-01 13:34
It’s my birthday and it would be fun to have someone sing a song for me using acoustic guitar at One of my favorite acoustic songs is More than Words by the rock ban… Read More
Happy Work Anniversary!
2017-04-03 15:39
Image courtesy of stockimages at Happy work anniversary to me, yay! This online paying site has been my favorite since 2010. I couldn’t believe I’ve been re… Read More
2017-03-25 16:05
I’ve been listening to this cute lady Mary Gidget Dela Llana since I stumble her video where she’s singing Araw-Gabi  on YouTube. The song written by Ryan Cayabyab was orig… Read More
Tips In Traveling To Bali, Indonesia
2017-03-10 13:49
It is highly likely that you have heard about the beauty of Bali, Indonesia from travelers who have gone to this place but as they always say, you cannot truly appreciate the beauty of the… Read More
SSS Pension Hike
2017-03-03 02:00
Editorial cartoon credit: N and People’s Tonight I’m relieved and happy with the news that President Duterte has finally approved the release of the P1,000 SSS pension hike… Read More
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
2017-02-14 12:07
The list is endless when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas. The romantic and the practical one would find writing poems, letters, or songs as the best gift they can give to their… Read More
I’ve Lost Another Pound
2017-02-03 03:09
Image courtesy of stockimages at This could mean nothing to anyone but losing one pound is a good thing for me especially that I’m not exerting effort to los… Read More
2017-02-03 02:30
I’ve been complaining about so many things at home – the unfinished online and offline tasks, money matters, and failing health. It’s just overwhelming to bear. I’m… Read More
Goodbye Endo Pain!
2017-01-25 03:02
Image credit: I’m finally free from the bondage of pain at last! After my Dec. 13 operation, I no longer experience the debilitating pain caused by e… Read More
Missing The Teacher Carolers
2016-11-29 01:33
Image courtesy of africa at Every year, the teachers in my son’s school would send a letter of request to selected families of students to conduct a caroling for… Read More
Drawing Comfort From God
2016-11-13 00:01
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at “One way to get comfort is to plead the promise of God in prayer, show Him His handwriting; God is tender of His Word.” Th… Read More
Can’t Get Enough
2016-10-25 01:41
We stayed up until 12 midnight last Sunday just so we could catch up the televised program of the CMMA which actually happened on Oct. 12. We were excited to get a glimpsed of our daughter… Read More
Happy Birthday Hubby!
2016-10-16 02:17
Thanks Google for the greetings! We pray to God Almighty to continue to bless you with good health and sound mind. We may not have the riches this world has to offer but we have each other… Read More
My Kind Of Addiction
2016-10-07 23:41
Yep, I’m a confessed Netflix addict. I spend (more) time watching movies, TV series, and documentaries whenever I have the spare time from all the tiring daily chores. Watching movies… Read More
2016-09-22 12:13
A few more weeks and its Christmas Day, have you finalized you Christmas wish list yet? If you are intending to learn to play a musical instrument particularly a guitar anytime soon and you… Read More
2016-09-09 16:30
I considered our brief stay at Torre Venezia Suites as my me-time as I was able to sleep comfortably in an air-conditioned room beside my loveydoods. I only wish they have this piped-in mus… Read More
2016-08-24 15:32
It’s not at all uncommon for people with tattoos to eventually start investigating tattoo removal. Know that if the issue of tattoo removal comes up for you, you are not, by any means… Read More
How To Handle Finances As A Couple
2016-08-10 03:52
Image credit: stockimages at Co-managing finances can be hard for couples because even if they love each other, there are some things that they will disagree on. For ex… Read More
A New GoT Fan
2016-07-20 21:54
I’ve given it a lot of thought and finally gave in to hubby’s prodding to watch Game of Thrones, the popular television series on HBO. I’ve heard about GoT’s popular… Read More
Something To Be Thankful About
2016-06-23 11:28 Hubby and I were really blessed that our daughter retains her scholarship. She’s been in the list of the P… Read More
2016-06-12 00:00
Kids are excited to go to MSE today for there’s a big big chance that they would be able to buy a skullcandy backpack and shoes to replace their worn out shoes and torn bags. We would… Read More
My Most Comfortable Shoes
2016-05-18 09:36
I bought this comfy pair a few days after I got out of the hospital last January. It’s like a reward or a gift for myself after that bad experience. Unfortunately, I got back at the h… Read More
2016-05-17 22:49
Am I getting the sign that I have to buy a guitar for the kids? We went to the mall for a little celebration of my daughter’s 19th birthday and while we were walking towards the bookst… Read More
Save On Electric Bill This Summer
2016-04-25 22:40
With the sweltering heat of summer, you can’t survive without your electric fan on, or your ainconditioner unit set to the highest temperature. However, frequent use of these applianc… Read More
2016-03-16 22:14
There are several ways of keeping the love alive by couples. This will keep you interested in each other for as long as you are alive. You can list all the things you love about your spouse… Read More
2016-03-16 22:02
Most of the time, people spend a lot of money on the things that they want. Those who are musically inclined would need to have yamaha g1 so that they can play better. There are times when p… Read More
2016-03-15 03:32
Naomi and Khalil when they were babies. My kids love music and books. I realized that reading to them and let them hear classical music at an early age has contributed to their love for mus… Read More
2016-02-27 01:43
Hypertension is known to be a “silent killer” mainly because people are not sure that they are already suffering from the condition. There are times when blood pressure becomes… Read More
2016-01-22 09:16
There’s no turning back. I really need to see an OB-GYNE tomorrow to address my bleeding. Whatever the result of the checkup, I’m leaving it all up to my Maker. I’m not su… Read More
2016-01-14 10:56
(From The Musical “Katy”) Performed by Celeste Legaspi Ano na lang ‘yung ‘sang sandali na makatikim ng pagmamahal Matapos ang luhang ipinagpalit? Ang sandali, ‘… Read More
2015-12-29 22:57
Moms are said to be superheroes. There are times when they are seen doing so much. They are working in order to earn money, taking care of the kids and the house all at the same time. This… Read More
2015-12-09 03:18
Having a rational discussion about race in America has become nearly impossible. It seems as if the country moved backward in its attempts to de-segregate and now the news media paints pictu… Read More
2015-11-30 21:35
Last weekend, hubby and I purchased a few items at the grocery store and active bass at the music store using my second payment from AdSense as ad publisher. I received my first payment… Read More
2015-11-19 19:23
In a struggling economy it is only natural that everyone would be concerned about the way their finances are affecting them. You don’t have to go further than the local news report to… Read More
2015-11-16 18:54
Truly, Christmas is in the air! With just a few more days left, many of us are surely going gaga. I do not know with you but me, I am still not done with my Christmas list. If you are done… Read More
2015-11-07 02:28
It is always a struggle to manage one’s finances, most especially when you are working on quite a tight budget. There is just one too many bills and dues to pay, and groceries to buy… Read More
2015-11-03 01:53
While you never want to make money an issue when dealing with the death of a loved one, you also don’t want to go into debt over the issue. After all, your loved one wouldn’t wan… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
My heart skips a bit whenever this local band that I adore plays my favorite song(s). I’m currently listening to their music selections on YouTube. It’s an hour of continuous Sid… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Gone are the days when being plus sized will not help a lot. There are so many outfits now that are available that can truly help moms dress up their best during the summer. Here are just so… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
I admire a mommy friend who loves to recycle home and kitchen items. I learn a lot from her and would love to follow some of her do-it-yourself projects in the future. One of the recent proj… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
When you celebrate your birthday, it does not have to be grand like inviting a band to play the exciting valve trombone. It does not have to be something extraordinary. You can simply have i… Read More

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