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Like Night and Day

I experienced a profound amount of stress that I hadn’t felt in years last week.  And now?  A week later?  It’s the complete opposite.

I sent out a Mother’s day email last Tuesday, on the 7th, and today, the 11th, my bank account is back to where it needs to be.  I became so over-joyed by this that I finally bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals that I’ve wanted for the last decade.  And a new pair of Pants and a new top from Nordstrom’s.  I love my new pants so much that I can wear them rollerblading, hiking, I can wear them to work and lounging around.  I love my new pants.  They are my summer 2018 everyday pants.

They come with a belt so when I start losing my baby fat again, I can cinch them up.  They’re so loose that they work for fat or skinny.

And my Rollerblades are ready.  After months of waiting, months of hassle, my rollerblades are finally ready.  You want to hear my Rollerblade story?  It’s pretty boring, but if you insist…

K2’s are my definitive choice in Rollerblades.  I ordered the best of the best K2 skate back in February where they got hung up on back-order.  To bide my time since the weather was starting to clear, I bought a pair of Rollerblade brand Skates until the skates I actually wanted came in.  I did not like the Rollerblade brand skate.  I thought maybe if I switch out the wheels for something smaller, they would be okay but I looked on Amazon for the best wheels and saw that a $100 pair of K2 rollerblades were only $40 more than if I purchased only the wheels.  So I bought the $100 pair of K2 skates.  They suck by the way.

Then my ultimate skates arrived.  The ones I’ve been waiting all this time for.  They are wonderful, amazing, perfect.  Even with the large 90mm wheels, I feel confident and safe rolling around in them.  But they are fast.  I don’t need to go fast, I need resistance to lose weight, so I switched the 90mm wheels with the 80mm that came with the $100 pair of skates and now they are ready for action.

I haven’t tried them yet with the 80mm wheels.  I was going to ride them today before work but I had trouble falling to sleep last night so I’m pretty shot today.

Rollerblading has always been a joy for me.  It is my ticket to health, so I can’t fuck around with it.  I grew out of my last pair of K2’s, my left big toe started to push against the hard material as I glided.

Anyway, I have my new favorite pair of pants, sandals that will literally last me a decade, a magic pair of rollerblades, money in the bank, my new business on the brink of completion – just waiting for the onslaught of Groupon clients……as for my pool league, get this – Last week we all played so shitty.  It really affected me emotionally to lose like that.  But last Tuesday?  Something amazing happened.  All of us won!

Even after our hard loss last week, we are now only one point shy of first place.  This Tuesday coming up is play-off’s.  We’re pumped for it.  It’s actually pretty rare for teams to end up in Vegas.  They have to jump through a lot of hoops to get there.  But for us, it’s not only possible, but probable.

I was at the end of my audiobook last night.  That’s why I couldn’t sleep.  The book started getting good at the end and I couldn’t stop listening to it.  I need to stop listening to books like that before bed and stick with meditation or Eckhart Tolle, something along those lines.  Maybe listening to the bible would be next to impossible to stay awake.

I need to get up and get dressed.

I just can’t get over the contrast between last week and this week.  Last week I was stuck wearing my boots with the heel falling off because I didn’t own a pair of sandals and hated putting on my one pair of jeans that still fit because the hole in the knee became so large that I needed to pin it closed with a safety pin.  Last Tuesday playing pool, I had to play barefoot in my hobo jeans as I slugged down beer after beer.  But I still won – we still won.

Little changes make for the biggest impact.  What a difference a new pair of pants and a decent pair of sandals make.

My next mission will be to clean my room.  The problem with that is, I have nowhere to put anything.  My Dad taught me how to throw shit away, I have no qualms about that, but I don’t throw things away if I love or need them.  A lot of it is paperwork for the businesses, borrowed books I never read, facial supplies when we offered facials at work, it’s tough being constricted to only one room with having 38 years of stuff.  I should actually have more stuff.  Where the hell does all my money go anyway?

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Like Night and Day


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