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Beauty doesn’t have to be pain

I’ve always been into fashion, and beauty is something that just kind of came with it, especially with all the free samples I came across at fashion shows and events. While hair and skincare have been a top priority for me, Teeth whitening has only caught my attention the past few years ever since I started drinking coffee on a daily basis. I must admit, it honestly wasn’t even part of my beauty routine until I got braces again later in life. And as I go through my older pictures of me smiling (which are rare), I’m realizing that my teeth were never really that yellow to begin with which is probably why it never bothered me.. BUT as I started zooming in and really looking at my teeth on a micro level, I realized I did have stains here and there though subtle, especially in between teeth. So when I was approached by Smile Brilliant, I was immediately intrigued. And something I learned AFTER I had tried their whitening line is that my teeth had potential- like, it had a future, a future to be whiter than they had ever been!


The friendliest, the most patient person on earth could be found sitting in the offices of Smile Brilliant Headquarters. Seriously guys, I’ve learned a thing or two about patience from Erin, who has been my main contact at Smile Brilliant. She’s the most wonderful person I’ve come across! Despite the shipping mishap, my moving, and my extra, extra sensitive teeth and our zillion email exchanges that go back to some time in February, she’s been amazingly patient with me and still so friendly with every single word we’ve exchanged. And as you can see, they surely know how much packaging matters to consumers these days- I mean, just look how instal-worthy they are! Not only do they look good, they are super easy to use. You just have to be diligent and patient with results because it does take more than a few sessions to see results. Once you get the hang of the process however, it just becomes a part of the daily routine- and the best thing is that you can multitask while you whiten, during which I’ve done everything from cleaning the apartment to yoga to laundry.


Before you start whitening your teeth, you will first have to get your custom trays made. Smile Brilliant will send you a kit complete with three sets of impression material consisting of catalyst paste and base paste. The process is similar to the first visit to the orthodontist’s office when they mix these clay-like material to be put in a tray to make an impression of your top and bottom teeth, except that it’s actually fun because you get to do it yourself this time. You know, there’s just something cathartic about playing with slime.. Anyhow, so when you are done making the impressions (just follow the instructions in the booklet included- it’s extremely descriptive and easy-to-follow), you just ship the dried impressions to the lab in the envelope provided with the trays stuck to the impressions. I just simply dropped off mine in a mailbox nearby- Oh yeah, I made a mistake with my first set and had to have a second set shipped to me which came lightening fast thanks to Erin!

So once you get your custom trays which look shockingly similar to the Invisalign retainers, you can start whitening. There’s an instruction guide for both whitening gel and desensitizing gel- now, I must mention how important it is to use the desensitizing gel properly because I’m sure some of you have sensitive teeth like mine. It’s not as bad now that I’m more mindful with the temperature of food and drinks I consume, along with the toothpaste that I’ve been using per dentist’s recommendation which has literally been a lifesaver (Sensodyne Repair and Protect forever!!), but there were a few instances throughout the whitening process when I did feel the sensitivity and it scared the heck out of me. It only lasted a second and went away- and if that ever happens to you, as recommended by Smile Brilliant, adjust the length of time spent on whitening (if you normally go for 2 hours, make it shorter, I’d say an hour or 45 min), and don’t forget to use the desensitizing gel as soon as you are done brushing your teeth post whitening session. Also, leave the gel on for a few hours preferably which means no eating and drinking so that it has enough time to settle on the teeth and gum.


This is me doing some stretching while whitening- thanks to the clear trays, you can’t even tell! In addition to stretching and doing some yoga poses, I’ve spent the time cleaning the apartment, chatting with friends, showering, blogging (which is what I’m doing at the moment while I whiten), watching Youtube, organizing pictures on my phone to make room for new ones, and when I feel adventurous, doing laundry even. A couple hours may seem long but not when you are able to spend it productively. And if you can get professional results at home, it’s totally worth it.

Speaking of results, here are some before and after images I’d like to share:


Above was before I began using Smile Brilliant. No flash, no editing. I’ve always flossed daily and as mentioned, used whitening products occasionally but never had my teeth whitened professionally. The major difference I see is that the teeth just look a lot whiter and “cleaner” overall.


Above is after I began using Smile Brilliant. The difference is actually more obvious in person. I’d call them “pearly white” if I had to describe the color of my teeth these days.


This is me today after a whitening session. I’ve put on the desensitizing gel now and I’m going to let it settle for a while.

Results are pretty immediate especially once you’ve finished using about two sets of syringes. You just have to be diligent with whitening and really include it in your daily routine to keep the teeth as white as you’d like. Your lifestyle matters as well obviously, so if you regularly drink coffee and/or tea, try to use a straw every time so that there’s less direct contact between the liquid and your teeth. And when you consume anything that stains teeth such as curry, I’d recommend using the kit as soon as you get home to lessen the staining.

Overall, this was an interesting experiment for me who is still a newbie when it comes to teeth whitening. I had used Crest strips occasionally before along with a whitening toothpaste which I used to mix with my Sensodyne every other day which I think brought some results but what I’ve seen with Smile Brilliant was definitely dramatic, and I love that you get to have your own trays along with syringes which are so easy and fun to use.

* This post was created in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. Thank you, Smile Brilliant and Erin for the opportunity!

© 2017, Tomi. All rights reserved.

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Beauty doesn’t have to be pain


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