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An open letter to God

Dear God. We know you created men and Women, but you seemed to have intentionally created women as the weaker and forever the suffering ones. Just look at India. How the women are being treated, or mistreated; raped, beaten, tortured. For those who were lucky to escape the demeanors they still got to be careful, careful and careful. Careful of how they talk, act, smile and laugh.

Recently I was made aware by a good and considerate TV Channel that not only in India that women are looked down but also in other parts of the world. As for India, yes we know; their ancient stupid traditions and customs required the parents of women to pay dowries to the men’s side for taking the women as their wives. Don’t misunderstand. One man one wife! Mind you, dowries didn’t come cheap then. Acres of land, cattle to plough the field, currency notes, gold…help me, my brain is going mayhem! No wonder the men, no not only the men; whole families in India were afraid to have girls to be born in the families.  

If the dowries given were not satisfactory, the poor wives would wretchedly bear the painful outcome from the in-laws. In-laws, my foot! Outlaws they were! Come on you people; pick someone your own size!

In various Countries of the world where Indians live, that senseless dowry giving system is still being continued by many brainless, lazy bumpkins, shamelessly trying to live on women. Nowadays, it is cars, motorcycles, houses and of course money, gold, etc. Must give them honey to drink, and deeply poisoned ones at that. Then, maybe others will learn. Sorry, God.

Well. That was India. Well, as I said that TV channel enlightened me that Columbia, a country in Latin America also has the prevalence of violence on women. No, dowry is not the problem here.  They do not positively pinpoint the reason. The most likelihood reason is deduced as this; the men over there seem to think they are all machos and the women are weaklings and should do everything as bidden by them. Should the women refuse, then they had it. Poor earthlings of the weaker kind! And what a cowardly and spineless way for a man to show he is macho. He is not macho. He is plain stupid and gutless.

I was very sure not only women from these two countries are downtrodden. I checked. Yes, in Wikipedia it was mentioned that there were several nations in the world with untold violence on women, even in this modern age. Percentages were given against the countries, like Turkey 42%, Barbados 30%, Canada 29%, Egypt 34%, New Zealand 35%, Switzerland 35%, United States 33% and India 70%. It was stated that South Africa had the highest. Devastating, is it not? But of course, as we know, Wikipedia did not do the survey directly and is not responsible for it. It was done by persons who had their own actions and techniques of analysis and surveys. To me, almost all the countries have their own percentages.

Anyway, to the men of those countries, what a shame! You came from a woman. A woman bears your burden right from the start when you are a fetus in her stomach and right to when you are a grown up man and you, you scoundrel, demean her unashamedly, ungratefully! Have a heart. Oh, even that was given by her! Repay back, man. Repay. And repent. Thank you, God, for allowing me that advice. I request you, earnestly, to look into this matter and put an end to the violence on the world’s mothers daughters and sisters.  Human beings are not doing much to attempt a complete stop to this. That is why I am appealing to you.

You may be wondering why with all the other atrocities and turmoil in the world, like people killing each other, bombing themselves and others to pieces under the names of battles and wars and even with the presence of covid -19 pandemic, I particularly brought the matter of sufferings of women up to you. Well, for the other carnages and massacres, thousands and thousands of people are praying to you every day. I have a feeling that women are not praying for themselves, for their own well beings.

This post first appeared on Malaysian Layman, please read the originial post: here

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An open letter to God


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