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Solbot Energy Rush Review – Game Review and Tutorial

I am always on the hunt for the next mobile game to play. It gets to the point where I am spending too much time playing games. In fact, I have made a deal with myself to only have two games installed on my phone at any given time. I have been on a big Hearthstone kick lately, especially with the Halloween event going on. However, today I wanted to tell you about the other game on my phone.

Solbot Energy Rush is created by Freakout Games. It is a casual game that focuses on color-matching and reaction time. Solbot is science fiction-themed, but also has an education aspect built into the game.

How to Play Solbot Energy Rush

At the beginning of each level, the player is painted a specific color. As the player flies through outer space, they travel past a variety of orbs. You can only collect the orbs that match the player’s color. Touching an orb of any color will end your run. The object of Solbot is to collect the required number of orbs on each level. There are also minigame levels.

The controls are simple. The screen is broken up into five lanes. Tapping the left side of the screen will move the player one lane to the left. The same goes for the right.

There are also powerups to be gathered. For example, picking up a magnet will attract matching orbs to the player. There are a few different powerups to be discovered over the course of your adventure!


Keys are your saving grace in Solbot Energy Rush. Using a key allows you to overcome death and continue playing. This is a great tool for when you die near the end of the level.

Keys are given to players regularly. They are often paired with facts about energy conservation and renewable energy (more on that later). These facts will often show up on the home screen. They are also available on the “Facts” screen to the right of the home screen.

If you run out of keys, don’t worry! Keys can also be generated by watching an ad at the end of your run.

Environmental Awareness

Gameplay is not Solbot’s sole purpose. The game also advocates for environmentalism. As stated previously, the keys in the game are given alongside a fact about energy conservation and renewable energy. The app also contains links to groups that support protecting the Earth. These organizations include Conserve Energy Future, Energy4me, and Union of Concerned Scientists.

Solbot Energy Rush Review

My Top Five Tips for Playing Solbot Energy Rush

Always Grab the Powerups

Powerups are very strong in this game. Picking up one during the second half of your run will almost always ensure victory.

Don’t Hit the Starting Line

Each level begins with the player crossing a starting line. The color of theline dictates the player’s color for that level. There is a gap in the line forthe player to pass through. Touching the line itself will result in instantdeath!

Keep an Eye on the Orbs

The orbs in Solbot can be of similar shades. It can be difficult to tell dark from light green, or red from pink. A good way around this is to look toward the outer rim of the orbs. Matching orbs are surrounded by a golden outline.

Check Regularly for Keys

Though they will show up on the home screen, make sure you are regularly checking the “Facts” screen for additional keys.

Look Ahead

Sometimes the non-matching orbs are a bit tricky. If you aren’t careful, you will run into a pattern of orbs that is inescapable. Try to stay ahead of the game as much as possible. A good way to do this is keep mental track of where your player is and keep your eyes toward the top of the screen.

Solbot Energy Rush Review

Solbot Energy Rush Review

Solbot Energy Rush is a fun game to play. The rules may be simple, but don’t let that fool you. The game is very challenging at times. You get the best of both worlds with Solbot. Even though it is a casual game, it is still frustrating enough to keep you addicted. It will test your reflexes, trick your eyes, and teach you something along the way.

I love that this game is informative. One of my favorite aspects of indie games is the personal touch each creator puts on their project. It is obvious that Freakout Games is passionate about protecting the planet. Solbot serves as a great example of science fiction meeting reality.

The mechanics of Solbot work together to create an enjoyable gameplay experience. Players must be aware of their positioning while also matching colors. This only gets more intense as the game goes on. I found the game’s mechanics to be similar to rhythm games. It can seem chaotic at first, but as time goes on you learn to read the screen and make better decisions.

My favorite mechanic of the game has to be the keys. It is best to use the keys when you are far along in the level. However, sometimes your pride gets the best of you and you keep going after an early mistake. I thought the delivery of environmental facts with the keys was a brilliant design choice. Your lifeline in the game is tied to learning about efficient energy use.

The game’s art has a minimal, yet effective design. The bright colors really pop against the outer space background. The game’s protagonist is nothing short of heroic.

I can’t wait to see what comes next from Freakout Games. I have been playing for a little over a week now. I’m currently on level 29 with 8827 points.  Hopefully I will be on the high score board soon! I also had the chance to chat with founder of Freakout Games. I really enjoyed learning more about the game-making process.

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Solbot Energy Rush Review

Where to Find Solbot Energy Rush

Freakout Games’ Official Website

Freakout Games on Twitter

Solbot Energy Rush for IOS

SolbotEnergy Rush on Google Play

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Solbot Energy Rush Review – Game Review and Tutorial


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