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Pitying Humans

We are not humans anymore. We have turned into animals, except we work, to earn money, seek happiness, enjoy our interests or whatever. Sure, we seek Love too. But there is no stability anyway. We can no longer boast about the fact that we are the highest form of life on earth, despite possessing the ability to think and discriminate between right and wrong, ameliorate and make the planet a better place. We cannot boast about anything at all. I feel so sorry. I am a human being too. And I feel how most of us do. I belong to the present generation, the dirtiest period of all time. Our ancestors struggled day in and day out to get us where we are now. It took millions and millions of years of birth and death, of striving, of evolution, to be who/what we are today—a well-formed human being, a thinker and the only species ever to have the extraordinary ability to meet the Almighty. But we have forgotten everything now. We have forgotten that we are the only beings who put on clothes to hide our private parts, apart from protecting ourselves from the fluctuations of Mother Nature. We have forgotten our dignity. We have forgotten that we, as humans, have certain rules to abide by, standards to maintain and norms to follow. We have even forgotten that we are human beings. A man kills another man to head forward in the race of life, to protect his wealth which he considers his only reason of existence on this planet and to survive. You know, that’s what animals do. A lion kills another lion when it feels its prey will be snatched by the other enemy. A lion cannot bear another lion entering its territory, so it kills. And it is not guilty; it does not have the ability to be. A man cannot control himself on seeing the curves of a woman, or even a 12-year-old girl. He forcibly touches her body or bites her or even rapes her. He forgets, entirely, that he is a father of a daughter too, that he is born from a mother too, and that he has a wife too. He cannot resist being an animal to quench his sexual thirst. He thinks women are a luxury and not a necessity. So he loves for the sole reason of flaunting. He befools her and the world. He likes trapping other men’s women. He leads them astray. He uses his money and charm and face to catch other’s women and make a fool out of their men. And these women unthinkably let all of this happen. He knows all the spiritual dogmas and Gospels. He believes in God. He believes in Karma, too. When a borrower does not return his money, he says God will teach him a lesson. He knows one pays off for what one does or has done. But he does it anyway. He experiences the never-ceasing pain of instability deep within, but he does it, because he has no control over himself. He becomes a victim of his intense sexual, material urge. He proves that a man, despite being the ‘Supreme Creation of God’, can be a victim of such animal urges. 

Love frightens me now. Human love. Man loving a woman. We desperately need love—to love and to be loved. The hunt for The One never ends, because the needs never end. We have maligned the very concept of it. Animals are better lovers than we are. They find a mate, not a lover. The only mutual need is to reproduce. At least they do not destroy each other emotionally. That must be a relief for them. And I am pretty sure they hate us, humans, for creating chaos in this very world. We cannot trust each other anymore. For we love either to mitigate our pain or to have a successor. Love is not unconditional. There is always a motive behind, selfish motive. And once that motive is fulfilled, the other person becomes as common and unwanted as anyone else. We no longer settle down to one thing, let alone a person. The intensity of love is counted by the number of years couples spend together. So you and I become shallow if we are together for a few months only. We will be on to something pure if it extends to a year or two somehow. And if by the grace of God, we finally manage to stretch it to 3 or 4 years then mind you, we are the purest lovers in the whole damned universe. “They are together for 4 years? May God bless them! My best wishes.” But they don’t realize that it often takes longer than usual to fulfill a greater need. Nobody asks what happens to them after 4 years, whether they get betrayed, or if they survive or commit suicide. Nobody asks; because nobody cares. 

They meet new lovers every 8 months. They go on to love, love and love until they come. And the true love they keep preaching slowly fades away with orgasm. The hunt for The One never ends, 

and so does true love.

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Pitying Humans


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