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Self-Improvement: Are You An Information Junkie?

Information Junkie

How many of you have been on a course on self-improvement? Or read a Book, watched a video on self-improvement and then did completely nothing with the information? – Then you are an information junkie.

What’s one of those you may ask?

An “information junkie” is someone who spends a lot of time collecting information on self-improvement buts spends very little time putting what they learn into action.

Whats the point learning something if don’t put it into practice?

Self-improvement has been sold as the “wonder product.” Follow these instructions or habits and you will become a different person overnight. The problem with this is that you become an information junkie by default!

We cram our brains with information, we get told to see the bigger picture, to refocus, to meditate, positive thinking, reframing and so on.

We find ourselves not knowing what to do with all of it. This is especially true in our current “information age.”

We are constantly consuming stuff on the internet and social media you naturally think more you read the better you can become. True, but unless you take action, you will still become an information junkie.

Of course, it’s a very positive thing to want to learn as much as possible and to do your own research on various topics.

Overall — reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts is a very healthy and beneficial thing to do.

Even the occasional surfing on Google and Wikipedia can be fun and informative. But don’t become an information junkie.

But there comes a point in time when your procrastination takes over, you find reasons or excuses for not acting on all this information. If you’re not willing to apply this information to your everyday life. What’s the point?

Endlessly seeking new information can ultimately become an excuse. We feel we’re not ready to make a change yet, so we think “Well, I should really read more articles or books before I decide what the best course of action is!”

But this can often become an impossible and never-ending task. We will always find something new to read, we will talk about self-improvement but at the end of the day very rarely do you put it into practice.

There Are Two Crucial Lessons You Need To Know About Personal Development:
Psychological Studies Reveal That Everything We Read, We Believe To Be True. How Dangerous Is That!

We all have a profound belief that everything we read on self-development is true. This can be in written formate, podcasts or searching Google.

This phenomenon, referred to as Truth Bias, allows society and commerce to run efficiently. Absent Truth Bias, people would spend an inordinate amount of time checking information provided by others

We have the tendency to automatically assume that others are telling the truth, even when they may be stretching the truth. This tendency is called truthfulness bias.

The simple fact is that we all tend to believe everything we read [Read more]. The danger being, if a theory is not working we don’t challenge the ideas that Fail to work, rather we challenge ourselves and our self-worth.

With becomes a negative on our self-esteem.

In Today’s Society, We Tend To Have A Short-Term Focus Approach To Life.

All of us will look for immediate gratification and instant results.

The emotional part of your brain that wants immediate pleasure or the immediate removal of fear is the driver of all buying decisions.

Consider this for a moment? Which TV program would you watch — “How to become a more positive person in 90 days or How to become a more positive person in 2 years”? 

Combine The ideas of Belief and Short Term Focus You Have Powerful Message.

The tendency to believe everything we read combined with the messages that go directly to our emotional brain that demands an instant gratification is a powerful tool.

Unfortunately, if results fail to show up, everything backfires against us because instead of challenging what we read in books, we challenge ourselves, our self-esteem, capabilities and self-confidence.

We buy into these dreams because we want instant success, dramatic weight loss, fulfilling our dreams in 30 days, etc.

We don’t overrule the steps of personal growth when we buy into these delusional ideas, we just throw our money out the window. [Read more

In reality, there is no such thing as a “free lunch.” Self-development and building success takes a lot of time, smart work, continuous and progressive effort.

We CAN do what our heart calls us to do, but we need to assume full accountability for the results.

Moreover, whatever you do, whatever you accomplish or fail to accomplish, you need to remember that you are perfect just the way you are.

Focus On The Big Picture.

Your success depends on many external factors, but inner peace depends only on ourselves! The question is never “Am I worthy enough or good enough“ because the answer is always yes. The question is: “Am I willing to invest my time, energy and effort until I find the way to make my dreams a reality“.

If we answer yes to this question, nothing will stand in our way because we will discover the way to transform what now seems impossible into reality.

There is no such thing as a perfect, always happy life. Sure, there are some great habits and actions that are healthier than others.

It’s fine to indulge in self-improvement material as long as you recognize your relationship to it. And you make sure that it’s a relationship where you control it, not the other way around.

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Self-Improvement: Are You An Information Junkie?


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