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What 18 Things Can I Do Now To Have A Happier Life.

a happier life

Whats Missing From My List?

What Can You Add?

Whats Your Story To A Happier Life?

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. -Marcus Aurelius.

We all have an idea of what makes a happy life, it could be something as a loving partner or a great job, whatever it is we all could change a few things to add to the quality of our lives. Life is about change and learning, making new friends, every day is a new page so how can we fill it? 

Make Books Your Friend.

Research at the University of Liverpool found that readers are 21 percent less likely to report feelings of depression and 10 percent more likely to report good self-esteem than non-readers. Researchers at the University of Sussex found that after six minutes of reading, subjects’ stress was reduced by up to 68 percent. A 2013 survey by the Book Trust said, ‘People who read books regularly are on average more satisfied with life, a Happier life, and more likely to feel the things they do in life are worthwhile.’

Reading is like exercise: once you get into the daily groove, however, no effort seems to be exerted in getting up and doing it.  Knowledge is truly power. Read as much as you can – especially about topics and issues that inherently interest you, at least to begin with. Empower yourself with information and different points of view. This will only help you cultivate unbiased and balanced opinions that you can later bank on in conversations – social or professional

Start A Daily Journal.

The benefits of journaling cannot be understated. It may feel strange at first, to write about your life and not really know how to do it. Journaling is a life-benchmarking activity.

When you journal you have the opportunity to tap into who you are in that moment and what you are working on. You then put it on paper and create a “checkpoint.” Over time, your checkpoints will increase in number and you can then go back and see where you were at a specific time, how far you have come since and how far you still need to go.

Say “no” More Often.

This one is a bit tricky. No one likes to say no. It can hurt others’ feelings. It halts us from desires of our own. When we say “no” to things we establish our freedom to the rest of the world. We are illustrating the importance of our time and focusing inward on our priorities.

The only two true things we have on this Earth is time and our word. If we give up our word to people, we lose time to do the things we want in life. When we lose the time to do the things we want in life, we end up with little to no achievements. Without achievement, what have we built during our borrowed time called life?

a happier life

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

Don’t change for the sake of trends, or what your friends or others think is cool. Own your tastes. Own your personality. Being someone other than yourself will never lead to happiness.

Just enjoy the life! Your current biggest problem is no bigger than your future problem, this will stop you having a happier life.

As the life moves on, problems get bigger and bigger. Even unforeseen problems team up with your current problems and create a huge mess. So just calm down and start making strategies to fight against your prevailing challenges and don’t forget to enjoy.

Read or listen to inspirational stories.

Humans are empathetic beings. If you learn something uplifting and happy, it will be contagious.

Positive thinking does not work if you don’t take positive actions. So, start to do some baby steps of positive actions but do the good work regularly. As a result, it will turn to become a habit.

Practice Mindfulness.

We are all human beings. We want to do the right things, but it’s not always that we are successful in doing so. So, if you promised yourself that you are not going to go for that ice-cream, but still find yourself licking the cold blob on a cone, realize the oops moment and be prepared to be more mentally resilient the next time, rather than cursing yourself. We can be mindful of what went wrong so that we can rectify that and reduce the frequency of future occurrences rather than just brooding over the Mistake. Learning mindfulness can change your life, and it’s not difficult to do and it only takes 15 minutes a day to learn, and you will a happier life if you practice.

Keep learning.

Knowledge is infinite. Learning helps keep your brain active and healthy, we learn we grow, we learn we are inspired to change our mindset from closed to open. We learn to become a better person, we want to acquire knowledge, we learn from life experiences every day if we want to have a happier life learning underpins everything.

Grow A Growth Mindset

I want you to forget about talent and where you are now. Know what where you are now or what you can do isn’t what matters, what matters is how much effort and struggle you are willing to invest to get what you want. This theory, developed by positive psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, holds that for every one negative experience you have, you should have three positive ones in order to achieve happiness.

Let go of the emotional baggage that you carry with you wherever you go(or it clings on to you). Donʻt is a person of the past recollecting the incidents that went wrong in your life. Past is past, it just happened and let it go.

a happier life

Develop A New Hobby.

After your long day at work/college, imagine yourself back to home, eat, sleep, get up and back to work again. Isn’t it vexing you? Life sucks when you just spend your day just like any another day in your life. “Don’t live the same day 365 times and call it a life.”. Life is short and amazing.

Develop a nature to pursue a new hobby. It can add make your day amazing and exciting. There are many hobbies/habits you can pursue Music, Dance, Outdoor sports, Physical fitness, Playing instruments (guitar, piano, tabla etc..,), Reading and Writing. You don’t know what it makes you in life until you try.

Who knows, after a certain point of time, it could turn to be your passion.

If you are already having a hobby, take up a new one. You can trade off your current hobby to early morning. This can let you wake up early and it helps you pursuing a new hobby as well.

Set Priorities

No one is busy in this world.Time is precious and your valuable asset. Once time is lost, you can get it back.

Utilize your valuable time by knowing and setting your priorities. Know your important things, goals. Don’t waste your time on smartphone, unwanted mobile apps and scrolling through stupid trolls, feeds and updates. If you really want some social life through those, you can scroll or check updates during your breakfast/dinner time. In that way, you can intake food slowly which helps digest and you will be socially active as well.

Be Productive. Plan And Schedule Your Day.

Learn the skill of decision making. Yet hardly anyone talks about this but it is something indispensable to have a good life. Look this skill requires time to develop but if you can develop a crisp decision-making ideology you will transform your character. Try to learn to take accurate, timely, crisp and precise decisions.

We are nothing but a creation of our habits. Yes! develop a habit of giving your absolute all in things which you do. Absolute 100%. For example, follow this concept, say if you are brushing your teeth do it with absolute dedication. Try to do one thing at a time. Try to give it you’re all. This way you will silently develop a habit of never giving up & striving till the last inch.


If you hate going to the gym or cardio, you can choose a sport that you can play with your friends and have fun simultaneously. Having sports activity will break laziness, make you more healthy person, will boost your confidence and feel better about yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your own health.

  • The air you breathe.
  • The food you eat.
  • What you drink.
  • The way you rest.
  • The way you move.
  • What you think.

Are you watching daily each of these components and taking responsibility for your health?

Surround Yourself With Good Friends.

Nobody’s got time for negative people, complainers, energy vampires. Surround yourself with people who will believe in you, who have a positive view, and accept you the way you are.  As men grow older, they tend to let their friendships lapse. But there’s still time to do something about it.

Reflect Often.

It is important to reflect on your day. If you do not reflect, then you do not have the self-awareness to make educated decisions. You know more than you think you do, you just need to reflect in order to learn from your experiences. If not, then you will keep moving aimlessly through life. Think about what went well and what went poorly. Think about how you can recreate your greatness and avoid repeating mistakes for a happier life.

Never Give Up.

Be Optimistic. It’s okay to lose. but it’s not okay to give up. Ever! If you fall 99 times, just get up 100 times. Over time you would develop that resilient mentality that you will not waver even in those harsh times of your life. Because in the end, we are who we are when life just slams us against the wall! Determine and grit will bring its rewards and a happier life.

Learn By Taking Risks.

So, why don’t people take more risks? Usually, one thing stops most people: fear.

We learn from our mistakes, we make mistakes by taking risks, not everything in life goes according to plan. Fear of failure – Stopping a person from pursuing his dreams because the path to success is tough, If after have taken a risk and it’s not worked out, contemplate first that the failure didn’t kill you. Second, ask what you can learn from that failure. Third, you may not have even really failed! A happier life comes from personal growth.

Have a Mentor.

If you want to be successful, have a mentor. Mentors might guide through your obstacles and will give solutions to overcome problems. If you are looking for an investment mentor you can look for Warren Buffet or Ray Dalio, if you are looking for a motivational mentor you can look for Tony Robbins or James Clear. It’s up to you what sort of things you want to learn or accomplish in life which will help you to identify your respective mentor, learn by their example.

Become A Better Listener.

How much do you really pay attention to your conversations? Researchers theorize the more we listen, the happier and more meaningful our lives are — particularly in our relationships. As Epictetus once said, “We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

Quit Making Excuses

This is perhaps one of the hardest changes to make. But, always remember – you are the sole master of your own destiny – for the most part at least. Take personal responsibility for what happens in your life – good, bad or ugly. Once you understand that the buck mostly stops with you, you will be able to better channelise your energies towards accomplishing your personal and professional goals. You are your biggest strength and your biggest weakness. It is up to you to decide what would benefit you more to having a happier life.


“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

Aristotle said this more than 2,000 years ago. And it still holds true today

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