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Secrets Of a Pissed Off Barista

People seem to think being a Barista is easy, but those people are wrong. There is no easy job, you will always have to deal with weird, angry people, you will always have to put in effort, and you will always have someone who is upset with you. So in reality being a barista, working at McDonalds, working at a library, or being a successful president of a company, are all hard jobs. All are equally shitty, and all will pay you less than you deserve. Adulthood sucks.

Being a Barista is mentally and physically demanding. Most people wouldn’t think being a barista is a very mental job, but in reality it is, and it’s hard. Every week I have to go through orders and figure out how much we are going to sell, I have to lead people into doing their best. Someone is always mad at me, or wants me to lead others a certain way and I have to figure out what is best for each individual person. I have to remain insanely calm even when there is pressure. The only people who can work with the public have extremely tough skin, and won’t let anything effect their job performance. People eventually take a toll on you.

My job is also super physical, which explains why my feet are always killing me at the end of the night. I walk at least six miles at work every day. I lift heavy boxes, and I run back and forth as fast as I can, all while keeping a smile on my face and giving the best service I can.

So after explaining my job, here are the not so Secret, secrets, of a pissy barista:

  1. Every time you order a Frappuccino my soul dies a little.
  2. Your iced Cappuccino is a waste of my milk.
  3. I will charge you for the extra caramel sauce because the tube is more than my checks.
  4. I will never split up drinks for you, and I will give you the cheapest, smallest cup.
  5. I will secretly always side with my coworkers, because they are usually right, and you’re wrong.
  6. When I got home, I get drunk, and reenact the rude customers I had that day.
  7. We all laugh about the horrible customers in the back.
  8. If you don’t know your own drink order, I make what I think you will like.
  9. That one penny you left me as a tip, is probably long gone on the floor,
  10. If you repeat something more than twice, you may or may not be getting the opposite of what you asked for.
  11. I really don’t care if you’re entire day is “ruined” because of my actions. I just pretend like I care.
  12. It is my job to be super happy, and upsell you on everything. So don’t you dare be mean to me if I am doing my job.
  13. My bosses make more fun of the bad customers than I do. So you probably won’t want to talk to my managers.

All this being said, next time you go get coffee at your local shop keep these things in mind. Don’t be rude when the baristas upsell you, and don’t pity them because of their job. Being a barista in a busy coffee shop has taught me more skills, and life lessons than any other job I have ever had. It is by far the hardest and most rewarding job.

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Secrets Of a Pissed Off Barista


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