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Every little thing is gonna be alright!!!

Sometimes life gets hard, and we all know this. We get to points in our lives where we can’t move Forward. This is not because we do not want it move forward it’s because we don’t know how. Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction, or we need to walk away from everything and everyone and take a look at life and remember why you are here, and remember what your purpose is. Recently I found myself not knowing how to move forward with life, It’s not that I didn’t want to move forward or that I didn’t want to feel better about my life it was simply that I did not know how to get over the thing’s holding me down and pursue better things.

Sometimes you get stuck in rut’s in life and that’s okay. It is totally okay to be 100% not okay. You just have to accept your feelings and not lie to yourself, What is the point of lying to yourself when you’re the only person that matters? Recently I discovered that I wasn’t actually Healing, I was just forcing myself to believe that I was okay with everything. And when I came to that realization thing’s got hard again, and they really sucked, and it felt like I was back at square one. But only then, when I accepted that I was hurting, and I looked at why I was hurting, and I figured out way’s to help myself, did I begin to actually Heal. This is not to say that I’m 100% okay now, because I’m not. But I’m a work in progress and that’s okay too! Nobody is asking you to be okay, or asking you to heal faster, all they want is for you to believe in yourself as much as they believe in you. Because as much as it doesn’t seem like it, people are rooting for you everywhere. People care so much, and as much as others opinion’s don’t matter it’s a good feeling to know that people are really pulling for you to get through this.

Some morning’s I wake up and It’s extra hard to get out of bed, my body feels extra heavy, and my mind is telling me to just go back to sleep because sleeping is so much easier than facing all of my problems. And some day’s I give in and listen. Those are the bad days. Never let your emotions control you like that. On these day’s I do my best to wake up, have a nice long shower, do my makeup my hair however nice I want to no matter what I have to do that day, even If i don’t have anywhere to be, put on a nice outfit that makes me feel good about myself and I work extra heard to think about all the positives in life and why I am grateful to be where I am. Some people may disagree with this next statement BUT it is okay to be selfish. Selfish season is every season. I have learned that lately. I am here and I am going to look out for the best interest of myself, I am whats most important my in my life. Me, God, Family, Close friends. The four most important things in life.

Remember that you don’t owe anyone an explanation for how you choose to heal yourself, but it is important to remember to hear the people around you out when they’re suggesting different ways, or commenting on how what you’re doing may not only be affecting you. You do not owe them an explanation but it is good to hear them out just the same.

Take time to do you. Do you without everyone else in your life. At the end of the day only you know what you need to help yourself so don’t let outside opinions cloud your decision making. It is time to love yourself again and to see yourself for everything that you are instead of everything that you could or should be. You are the only person that you need, you really don’t need anyone in your life. It is nice to have other people around, but all you need is yourself and a healthy mindset to prosper in life.

Tackle whatever life throws at you today, even if it seems overwhelming, just tackle it head on with an optimistic outlook and leave everything else up to god, or up to the universe. Believe in yourself, and believe that you can do anything you wan’t to do as long as you set your mind to it and put in the right amount of effort. Loving yourself is the best thing that you could ever do, take care of yourself, treat yourself, and make sure that you’re doing okay and you take breaks when you need them. Recognize when its too much for you to do alone, it’s okay to ask for help. There are so many people willing to help you, you just have to ask. Its okay to be broken but it’s not okay to hold yourself back from healing.


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Every little thing is gonna be alright!!!


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