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What In the World Do “Little Boys” Like to DO?

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“Little Boys”

Three little boys frolic and play, Three little boys run and climb

Three little boys bump and fall, Three little boys fight and scratch

Three little boys yell and scream, Three little boys wrestle and crawl

Three little boys oh see how they play,  just having fun being

 Little boys all the day long.

By: Mark Richards

(Dedicated to: Austin, Robert and Cameron

Of Le Voyage Inc. Teddy bears class 2002)

Having been a little boy at one time. And a very long time ago. I think that I can write about what little boys are like. I also have two sons, one a fourteen year old and the other a five year old.

As my oldest son says “back in the dark ages,”  what did you do when you were little? My now five year old is just now getting the concept of time and days and doesn’t bother me with those silly questions about what I did back in the “dark ages” of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.

But it’s of my opinion that things really haven’t changed much since I was kid. Boys still like to play with cars, battle with swords, play cops and robbers, explore the woods, play in mud puddles, swing as high as you can, slide down the slide backwards and whatever else you can imagine that little boys can get into.

Little boys want to get into everything that they can get by with and more.

Unfortunately though little boys can be very destructive when playing and having fun. Just the other day my five yr old bought two Star Wars light sabers and now three days later they are already cracked and broken at the tops where he was constantly hitting together with his friend.

Little boys can be molded into anything that you want them to be. You can mold them to be sweet, loving, kind, thoughtful of others. Or you can mold them to be bitter, hateful, unruly, unkind and down right hateful.

I am molding my five year old to to be kind, thoughtful and loving towards everyone. I have taught him to say hello to everyone who looks his way.

I don’t want him to be shy, I want him to outgoing, outspoken. I want him to be heard in this crazy world.

Why? You ask. Well one because he is the youngest, Second because he’s the youngest.

I just want him to make his thoughts known to all around him. Yes he is just forming his values and opinions on people, places and things.

I have told him to speak up to his brother or sister when they have done something wrong to him. Believe you me he tells them how he feels.

Little boys grow and learn, develop at their own pace. One boy at five years of age can be tall while the other one is short. One boy might be skinny where the other one is junkie. You get the point, little boys can literally grow over night.

Little boys like to play and have fun. Give them balance, help them be the little boy that God and you wants him to be.

Little Boys love to be loved. They love you even when you screw up. Little boys turn into teenagers and grow on into men.

So love them and guide them to make good decisions, morally, physically, and most of all Spiritually. Make sure that they know right from wrong, and what’s a lie. Because this is where little boys and men make bad decisions.

Help them to be humble, have a giving spirit, to live a selfless life and not be selfish. Guide them on how to be romantic with a woman.

Most of all the above comes from how you treat your wife and children. Especially how you treat him.

I am no expert on this topic, but I am highly qualified because I was a little boy who made it through his teen years, and I have taught a couple hundred little boys since I first started teaching Sunday school and working in childcare back in the early 90’s. I now have first hand experience with my own little boy, whom I love very much.

I hope that you have found my post enlightening and inspiring. Last word of encouragement for moms, dads, teachers, whomever comes in contact with a little boy; be patience with me mommy and daddy I am just a little boy finding my way in this crazy world!

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What In the World Do “Little Boys” Like to DO?


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