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Funniest Christmas Moments||Day 7...

This post is extra special as it is written by all of you, on my Instagram I asked you to send me your funniest Christmas moments and every single one I was sent literally was so good 😂 Here are my absolute favourites...

Mia's Christmas Story:
"Once we put my sofa right next to our Christmas tree and  then we found out our dog could get in it😂. This didn't prove to be an issue until Christmas Day. We were getting the presents out of the tree and saw that she had hidden all sorts of her food in the tree - even a pizza slice🍕! And when I say in the tree I mean like halfway up it😂"

Ashie's Christmas Story:
"It was Christmas morning,still dark. My mum came in and she walked straight into the wardrobe😂😂"

Macy's Christmas Story:
"I woke up on Christmas Eve at like 6 thinking it was Christmas Day and I ran into my mum and dads room and my brothers- waking them all up. Ran downstairs to find no gifts under the tree and I started to cry my eyes out. My mum looked at me and said "why are you crying" and I said "I didn't get any presents" my mum laughed and said it wasn't Christmas you douche😂😂I was like 5 😂😂"

Catlin's Christmas Story:
"My funniest Christmas memory is when I was at my grandparents house and it snowed so we went on a sledge. There is a slope next to my garden and we slid down it. When my dad had a go, he went on some particularly slippy ice and couldn't stop. Anyway he managed to break his finger by crashing into something. It might seem a bit mean but it didn't hurt and we all laugh about it now😂😂"

Kitty's Christmas Story:
"Well our Christmas tree fell on top of my brother once 😂"
"Also me and 2 of my brothers snuck downstairs once (to open presents) and 1 of my brothers got some weird green torch thing. He was shining it and we heard my dad coming so we all hid but he forgot to switch off the torch so we all got caught 😂"

Jess' Christmas Story:
"My Christmas memory is when we had a power cut on Christmas lol"

Poppy's Christmas Story:
"My funniest Christmas memory was when I went to my dads house and got a Segway. Of course I had never been on these so I got on and weirdly I was ok at it! Until I got to cocky and drove into the radiator spraining my arm and cutting my leg😂💗👌"

Amelie Christmas Story:
"About 2 years ago we had 2 Christmas trees and one was on our balcony. It was a really big tree and there a little gap underneath just big enough for me to crawl through. So one day my friend came round to my house and I showed her the tree outside and said you can go underneath. So I started to crawl through and then the tree fell on me! My friend ran inside and locked me out so I was stuck under the tree for about 5 minutes!! I was fine! xx"

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Emily xx

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Funniest Christmas Moments||Day 7...


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