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The Night Before Black Friday

The Night Before Black Friday

The Night Before Black Friday
Note: The kids I write about are not real. I mean I am sure they are kids like this exist, but these are not my actual kids. Even the parents and grandparents in this store are made up. However, Black Friday is a real event which is very, very, very serious to a lot of people.

As the day of Thanksgiving arrives in less than two weeks. It is a day of family, memories, great tasting turkey, crowded bedrooms and a few arguments. But, just as the cranberry decomposes on the dinner table, another Holliday, barely twenty-four hours away. You know what I'm talking about. Stores open at midnight, letting value-conscious shoppers, with the best deals of the year. Oh yeah, it's Back Friday!

In my family, my wife and daughter have mastered Black Friday. Tips, Techniques, and Strategic plans passed down from generation to generation of family members. Let me put this in perspective. Some people like to watch football games. They can watch the movement of the players, scoring, throwing the ball, and scoring. Others try to anticipate the plays before they happen. Trying to figure out the best position of the players to score. That is my family. In the living rooms, online meetings, emails, chat sessions, and IMs: my family diligently plans for the right stores, with the right sales, with the least amount of time to get them. The planning happens throughout the year. But, it is right after Thanksgiving, as the dinner is digesting and myself and (my son are cleaning dishes) when the planning is intense.

My Wife's Mom yells out, "Now. We're gonna have a little review to make sure you're mind is right."

My Daughter replies, "No! Not another quiz! This is just like school!"

My Wife's Mom is holding a foot long ruler, walking around the dinner table, and cracks the ruler on the table.

She says, "GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! Christmas is at stake if you mess this s$+t up! Have you ever seen a kid who doesn't get their right toy at Christmas?"

My Wife chimes in and say, "It is horrific!"

My Wife's Mom replies," You Damn right it is! That is why this year we stick to the program."

My Daughter asks, "The program?"

My Wife's Mom slams the ruler on the dining room table, "OPEN YOUR EARS!"

My Daughter replies, "Sorry Grandmom!"

Grandmom continues, "We start at Target!"

My Wife chimes in, "The one at ..."

Grandma cracks the ruler again against the table.

Grandma responds, "No! The one over on Chestnut! Let's go over the plan! We start at Target's midnight madness sale for the TV, Video game system, and Tupperware."

My Wife asks, "Why?"

My Daughter yells, "First hundred people will get a twenty dollar gift card."

Grandma responds, "Good! I will be across the street at Best Buy for the computer, Office software and the soundbar. First, fifty get a hundred dollar gift card. Granddaughter, what's your role?"

My Daughter says, "Go between you and Mom and ensure you have coffee, help with purchases, and ensure the car doesn't get towed!"

My Wife says, "I don't know about that part I'd like the plan. She doesn't even have a license."

Grandma replies, "That never stopped you."

My Wife says, "Times are different now. If she gets caught?"

Grandma yells. "She's not getting caught! Besides, she's a minor, nothing is going to happen."

My Wife replies, "She can run the supply line, but she can't drive a car."

Grandma replies, "Ok. ok"

Grandma looks at a clock hanging on the wall and says, "It's seven pm now. We'll head out at eight thirty to our locations, then it's showtime at midnight. Ladies! Set your watches! It's Black Friday."

My Daughter chimes in, "I don't have a watch! This is 2018, we all use cell phones now."

Grandma smiles and says, "Let me add getting you a watch to the Christmas list! Everyone is excused!"

Everyone splits from the table and tries to get some rest ... Showtime is as n hour away!

Thank you for reading the blog! If you have any questions, Let me know.

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The Night Before Black Friday


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