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When the Minutes Run Out on the Cell Phone - Part 2

When the Minutes Run Out on  the Cell Phone - Part 2

When the minutes run out on the Cell Phone - PT2

My daughter is storming, literally as dark clouds have developed over her shoulders, as she approaches my wife.

Apparently, the minutes on her cell phone plan are used up for the month. Also, she is blocked from sending texts in the morning. She thinks talking to my wife will change things. OK. You're all caught up, let's continue the story.

Since it is seven in the morning, my wife is picking herself together, slowly, carefully, until the first mug of coffee kicks in. Now, before I continue, I want to say a few beautiful things about my wife. The first, my wife needs to have at least one cup of coffee before you walk up to her with any substantial news. Second, my wife is not a morning person, so if there is news you want to tell her, just wait until the afternoon. Third, especially Monday through Friday, sometimes she will say things that she does not mean before: 1) not having any coffee, and 2) she isn't ready to listen to any critical news before two in the afternoon. Get it? Got it. Good! Let's continue.

My daughter runs upstairs to "talk" to my wife. A the time, my wife hasn't had her coffee and (since it was Monday) wasn't ready to tackle the oncoming train that was about to arrive. Also, when I put the quotes around "talk," I really meant that there wouldn't be a lot of talking going on. It would be my teenage daughter on one side, who will speak at a volume "11" towards my wife and my wife responding that talking to her at voice volume set to "11" won't yield the results that she is looking for.

"Mom" daughter says as she storms into the master bedroom, "Do you know what Dad did?

Casually, my wife replies, "No. Not really. What did he do?"

The words escaped her mouth at the loudest volume possible, "He turned off my cell service!"

Curious, she questioned, "Did he?"

Yeah. I got this text (the text my daughter showed me, showing that there are no more minutes for the month).

My wife takes the daughter's phone, looks over the message, carefully thinks about how cell plans work and why she is getting the message.

"It sounds like there are two different issues at play. The first is the ability to text people in the morning when you are currently restricted. The second is the fact that you have already used your minutes for the month.

"Dad took them from me!"

My wife looked my daughter straight in her eyes. She made sure that my daughter was paying attention when she spoke these words, "You can stomp your feet, get really mad, or do whatever you need to blow off steam. At the end of the day, if you have a legitimate concern, and act like an adult. Then, I can listen to you. But if you think to shout, stomping your feet, and making inconsistent statements is going to win the arguments, then nothing is going to happen."

She walks over to the bed where her blazer was on the hanger. My wife takes the hook out of the blazer and lays in on the couch. My wife puts on the blazer and walks towards my daughter.

"Let's start with the texting issue first, then we'll get into the monthly allotment issue for minutes."

My daughter replies, "Then, I know that he is restricting me from sending texts in the morning."

"Why do you need to send texts in the morning?"

"To let my friends know that I am not going to school."

"Can't they tell that by looking at your empty chair in the middle of the classroom or does everyone in all of your classes switch seats at the beginning of every class?"

"No. They don't. That's just strange."

"So was that statement that your friends won't know you are in school."

"I need them to get my homework."

"Really? You mean that small computer that you have in your hand can't connect to the school portal, the class page, and you download your homework?"

"That's if the teacher remembers."

"So, if you didn't have your homework and the teacher doesn't remember to post it. Can't they just give you the homework to do for the next day."

Knowing that she isn't going to win the argument with this line of questioning, she switches tracks.

"I should be allowed to text people in the morning!"



"You heard me. If you were given the opportunity to text people at", my wife stops for a second and asks, "What time is it?"

My daughter replies by looking at an alarm clock on the dresser, "seven fifteen."

"Yes. Seven-fifteen in the morning. What would say to your friends?

"Like, Hello.", my daughter takes her left hand, extends her pointer finger and pinky as the shape of a telephone and puts it next to her left ear, "I'm not coming to school."

"Right. You would plan to skip school. That's why you are restricted from texting in the morning!"

Daughter rolls her eyes to the sky, "That's what Dad said!"

My wife replies, "I know, that's why I asked him to do it. Now, let's work on the next issue."

My daughter looks at her watch, "I have to make it to the bus.", she storms out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and otu the door without even a "goodbye".

A few seconds later, my wife comes down the stairs. I give her a cup of coffee.

She looks at me, smiles and takes the first sip of coffee and say, "I could have used this a few minutes ago."

I reply, "Bad meeting with the daughter?"

"The worst. She is really getting on my last nerve about her cellphone."

My wife takes another sip of coffee.

I say, "No kidding. My ... I mean our daughter ... accused me today of taking her minutes away and stopping her ability to text."

"Ah yes. We took care of the first topic, not texting in school."

"She's restricted so I think that one is already taken care of."

My wife asks, "True, but what about the minutes?"

I reply, "Already checked into it. All she has is wait until six o'clock tonight, then she is back at zero."

My wife asks, "Do you think this house will continue to stand on its foundation until then?"

I look out the window and reply, "We'll find out when she gets home from school!"

"Why are you looking out the window? I'm right here."

I look out the window again and say, "For dramatic effect dear. Dramatic effect."

My wife replies, "That just looks stupid. Go to work and I'll see you later tonight!"

The third part is around the corner, so stay tuned. Thank you for reading the blog! If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the area below!

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When the Minutes Run Out on the Cell Phone - Part 2


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