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Challenge Accepted

So last Friday i accepted a pretty hefty Challenge, let me fill you in on the whole story before we get into the challenge.

In work, all the lads decided to have a weigh in, god know why, all for a laugh i suppose, so i rocked up...slightly nervous because i am basically a shadow of my former younger self but was pleasantly surprised when it come up saying fourteen Stone, i was that chuffed i even rung the other half to tell her...but it was all an anti-climax when every did it again and started to clock higher weight, all because there wasn't a harder surface beneath it so my fourteen stone completely disappeared and turned into fifteen stone two.....FIFTEEN STONE!!!!, as you can imagine i wasn't to chuffed about it. But here are some of the reasons why it stands at that count...

NUMBER 1 - I have pretty big legs, ever since i was younger my legs have been big, doing sport since a young age contributed to it all, doing athletics, rugby and football, it's what made me quick

NUMBER 2 - I stopped playing sport, i basically quit playing football when i was 24 and my fitness and weight suffered

Now these are not excuses, number 2 is my fault but number 1 is out of my control to be honest.

To the challenge, in work i am surrounded by two jokers, Jake and Joe, who very much enjoy winding me up, banter all day with them two and when i mention anything about my life outside of work it is like dropping an ammo crate for them both and they're off. And this challenge was no different, i have been determined to lose weight for ages, always trying but never succeeding, mainly because of my own self power, i struggle to commit to things like this but to be honest having these to idiots around me does push me to do things i have never thought about doing, it's like having the devil and the angel on your shoulders, expect they are both devils, not in the sense of drawing me to do the wrong thing but more to pushing me into things i would never consider doing, like this challenge..

Kind of went off subject then Haha

Anyway, the challenge it to lose 1 stone in 3 weeks and yes the more i read it the more i am convinced it will kill me more than help me haha after doing some googling, i found out that to achieve this goal i have to lose on average 1300 calories a day, which means if i had a bike i would have to do 25 miles averaging 15 mph everyday and that's just the cardio side of it, i am happy to do it that way, not a big fan of running, or there is the drastic way, after 6 hours of no eating the body will start to eat away at the fat in your body and after 12 hours it does it quicker, now i am not saying starvation is the best option but it is stupidly tempting one..maybe...

So the plan is to eat a hell of a lot healthier, do a lot of exercise at home and try to get a bike, and on the occasion, eat less...well a lot less for me. And i will be posting updates on my Instagram about my progress and i will do a halfway update blog as well.

The big question for me is, how do i feel about the challenge and to be honest i am not looking forward to it, mainly because i feel i have bitten off more than i can chew, its like a giant lifestyle change, its going to make me ill, lethargic and irritable which isn't a great thing when you have two kids but i feel it is something i have to do, even if i lose half of it or come close i will be proud of what i have achieved.

So wish me luck haha (he says nervously)

Blogception part 4 will be recorded Thursday, i am off to a little works trip, should be fun and Interestagramers part 3 will be up next week as well.

Thank you all for reading

Much Love

Justyn xx 

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Challenge Accepted


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