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As many of you know, a function of the most used web pages; Facebook or Instagram; is the News feed section. But what does that mean? It is a section where Facebook shows you the posts that you may like. "The stories that show in your News Feed are influenced by your connections and activity on social media" as Facebook says.
Its objective is to select the most relevant and engaging stories, and let people waste less time looking up things.
This function doesn't work with telepathic powers:actions you do; for example, liking, commenting or sharing; are things that Facebook/Instagram takes into account to show you the stories you'll probably like. Also the more you engage with atype of post(link, image, status, video...) the more likely you'll find these kind of posts in the News feed section.When it is shared, is one of the factor too. The newer it is, the likelier it is you'll see it. Facebook even goes into your contacts!Who it sharesis one of the most important factors; if you have interacted with someone a lot in the past, you will probably see more of his stories. And what is even more awkward is that it isn't just Facebook or Instagram; but by searching something on Google, you'll probably see posts about that on your Facebook/instagram account.
But wait; don't you think this is a bit too much? In a way it is practical to just have the things you like in front of you; but isn't it a bit awkward knowing that Facebook is controlling each and every move you make? I mean, even slowing down while you're scrolling, is one of the factors!
Maybe you don't think it's so relevant, but everything together,it can be powerful, right?
Imagine: your best friend wants to buy you a perfect gift for your birthday; but he doesn't know what to get. He decides to set cameras everywhere; in your car, in your room, in your house at your work... so he knows what you're doing every exact moment of the day, and discover what things you like.
Wouldn't that be intimidating? I think your answer is yes.Facebook does exactly the same, only instead of doing it in real life, it does that on your phone. What do you think about it?

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