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How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

One of the absolute hardest struggles I think we all have is staying fit during the holidays. From all of the Stress and time we spend worrying about gifts, food, etc. we honestly forget to hit the gym or do a small Workout at home and some of us, i.e. me, end up stress eating from all the worry about the holidays! It’s easy to lose motivation around Christmas and it’s the easiest time to gain all that weight back you worked hard to lose thanks to all that good holiday food that we always love! So if you need some tips for staying fit during the holidays, just keep reading!

  1. Always stay hydrated.
No matter how busy you get or what you are doing, stay hydrated. You definitely don’t need to end up dehydrated but one thing you should always do anyways is drink a ton of water. This is something I’m not the best at either so I should probably take my own advice on this one too. Drinking water will not only just help you stay away from water weight from sodas, coffee, things like that but it’ll also help clear up your skin and I’ve even heard you’ll have a lot more energy than before! So definitely remember to always stay hydrated and keep drinking your water, especially during the holidays and all that running around in town and stores for gifts and things.

2. Try to eat as healthy as you can.
Now I know for Christmas this is literally impossible, but up until Christmas try to eat as healthy as you can. Cook healthy meals and I promise it’s going to help you out a TON. Pinterest has thousands of great ideas that you can try out which I’ve also tried myself and actually a lot of them ended up really good! I know your thinking eating healthy has to be disgusting but it really isn’t as long as you find the right recipes and you know how to cook a decent meal, it can end up great!

3. Don’t abandon the gym or your workout plan.
This is where it gets hard. You get stressed out about the holidays, getting the perfect gifts, getting it all done in time before the 24th and 25th and then boom, you realize you haven’t been to the gym in like 3 weeks! Don’t do this to yourself! The gym or just good workout is the best stress reliever you can possibly get. If I’m ever noticing myself getting stressed out about something I hit the gym with it all on my mind, every little thing, and I walk out that door without a thing in my mind except worrying about looking like a sweaty tomato. The gym will be the best thing to ever happen to you or starting a new workout plan because it will take so much stress and worry off of you it is UNREAL. So don’t let the stress take away from you staying in shape or in good health. Hit the gym or pull out that workout plan and get moving! You’ll feel 100% better, I promise you!

4. Take care of your mental health.
Mental health is everything and more. It’s what motivates you, and gets you through everything. It’s what will keep you fit or make you lose it all. Literally, mental health means everything because it’s the most important. If your mind is constantly saying you can’t do this and that, you won’t end up doing it. That little unmotivating voice in your head is the reason why you end up not getting anything done, don’t let it take over. You are stronger than that voice and you can get up and do whatever in the hell you wanna do with your time and energy. It’s your brain, your thoughts, you control it. Honestly, I used to think that saying was BS. Then one day I woke up and became an optimist all of a sudden told myself I wasn’t going to let negativity take me over anymore and it worked and now I think positively about every little thing possible. Sometimes it is hard, but if you really put your mind to something you can do anything!

5. Track where you're at and where you want to be.
Tracking is something that can help motivate you a ton to stay fit. If you have a journal or a notebook, write down where you are now in your fitness/health. Write down in it your weight, your goal weight, the days you plan on working out, a workout plan (Pinterest is helpful in this), a meal plan, etc. then track everyday that you go, what you done, what you ate, and keep track of everyday how much closer you are to getting to your goal. It’s not only super helpful at staying organized but it will also get you even more motivated to see the progress you’ve made which will keep you wanting to work out more!

So that was all for this post you guys I know that there weren’t many tips but I still hope that they helped you and can keep you fit during the holidays because like I said I know how stressful it can get around this time every year! So I hope you enjoyed my post and check back for more great holiday / seasonal posts soon!

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How To Stay Fit During The Holidays


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