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How To Prepare For The Holiday Season as a Blogger

How To Prepare For The Holiday Season as a Blogger


So you guys we all know how busy it can be around the holidays, and being a blogger doesn’t make it much easier does it? Heck to the no! So I wanted to Write this post just to kind of give you guys some of my tips and tricks to prepare for the holiday season as a blogger. Truth be told, I know exactly how busy and stressful it can get to try to keep up with all of the holiday things you have to do such as buying gifts, decorating, setting budgets so you don’t go completely broke, getting ingredients for recipes for the holidays to make those family traditional recipes. Then on top of all of that, you already have on you, you have a blog you have to keep up with and write for and your audience is expecting some holiday posts am I right? Yes? Exactly. So you have this list of posts to write for the holidays on recipes, gift ideas, how to budget for the holidays, traditions, stocking stuffer ideas, and all kind of things you have to write, edit, add images to, and get ready to post all whilst dealing with 20+ other things on your plate. That’s why I’m here to help you with this post. So, here are my tips on how to prepare for the holiday season as a blogger to help you get rid of all the stress and just enjoy your holiday season with your family and friends!

  1. Write Ahead.
This might seem silly or complicated and your thinking there’s no way I can write all of those posts ahead of time, let me tell you it is possible I promise you! This is a trick I’ve used even before and after holidays because it helps me so much. All I do is set aside a day that I know I don’t have a ton to do and I just grab a coffee, my planner, just sit back relax and write my posts. Usually, I try to write at LEAST 4 or 5 but lately I’ve had a lot of stuff going on and have been slacking off way bad. The thing is about this trick if you write ahead, you don’t have to worry about writing again until you run out of posts or get close to it! Then all you’ll have to do is literally just edit, add images and links, and post! It’s that simple. That’s why I’ve always used this trick and absolutely loved it. Honestly, it saves so much more time than you think and it will really be handy on all of those holiday posts you have coming up to write about.
 2.   Plan and organize like crazy.
Productivity can go a longgg way, you guys. When you actually pull out that planner and bullet journal and use it I promise you it will help you so much. Set aside a day that you aren’t going to be busy grab all your papers, planners, journals, and computer and just plan ahead. On when you want a certain post to go out, when you want to get gift shopping and wrapping done, when you want to have all of your food bought, etc. The more you plan ahead and get organized the easier it’s going to be on you especially at this time of year. So, grab your planner and get to planning everything!

3.   Keep your place as clean as possible.
This might seem impossible especially if you have kids or something running around keeping it messy. BUT, if you keep it as clean as possible then honestly you’ll be able to get so much more done. Like I promise you guys just whenever you use a dish rinse it the second your done and put it in the dishwasher this way they won’t end up piled up. When you're done with something throw it away instead of leaving it lying around for you to pick up. It’ll make it so much easier on you and nothing on this earth feels better than a clean home and it makes you feel so much more productive and like you can get 10x’s the work done!

4. Work at the end of the month.
This might make you ask, “What is she even talking about?” Trust me on this you guys, if you work at the end of the month writing your posts ahead of time, etc. it makes it seem like you have all of next month to just relax and take it easy. Now, sure it probably won’t end up that way because you’ll still have to schedule, work on SEO, etc. BUT it will help a ton. So like say when it’s September, work on October / Halloween posts and when it’s October work on November / Thanksgiving posts and when it’s November work on December / Christmas posts. This gets you way ahead of the game and a ton of stress lifted off your shoulders. If you need to get caught up that’s fine. I’m currently writing this in the midst of December when I should have back in November, but it is OKAY. We will all get caught up and all of this stress will eventually disappear.

5. Brainstorm ideas first.
One thing you should never do is just think of one post to write, brainstorm ahead. Make yourself a list of all of the posts you would like to write for December and the holidays. This way you can just cross them off of your list after you write them and you have options on what you feel you should and shouldn’t write about. It helps a ton on planning ahead too when you know what you want to write that way you can go ahead and put in your planner what day you would like a certain post to go out! You already have all of your post topics right in front of you! Trust me when I say it makes blogging ten times less stressful you guys!

6. Make a bullet journal.
Even if your an adult or whatever you can still do this! Bullet journals help me keep everything I need every little task I need to get done on hand, written down, and ready for me to cross out. You can also add stress relievers such as doodle pages, a mood tracker, habit tracker, bucket list page, etc. It helps me a ton especially on relieving stress and staying organized, who could ask for more?

So that was all of the tips and tricks I have for you today you guys and I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to read more Christmas / holiday posts just comment below and I would love to write more for you guys! Also, don’t forget to follow me on social media which is linked to my blog and I will link it if I can remember! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and check back for more holiday-themed posts coming soon!

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How To Prepare For The Holiday Season as a Blogger


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