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5 Ways To Beat Stress + Ways To Relax & Remain Calm


We all know how terrible it feels to be stressed out. Honestly, it’s one of the worst feelings and most annoying ways to deal with things in life. From bills to pets to kids to relationships to school to whatever it is that might be stressing you out, it’s stressing you out to the point where it led you to my post. That’s okay too! Everyone stresses out and worries about tons of things from time to time. Stress is a part of growing up and being an adult. Bills are probably #1 on the list too honestly. Anyways, here are some tips and tricks to beat stress and a few ways to just relax and remain calm because I know how bad it can get at times to just sit back and chill after you’ve stressed for so long.

So, if you’re tired of worrying and stressing and just completely freaking out, here are a ton of ways to beat stress and remain calm. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

  1. Stop thinking about it!

This might seem impossible and you probably thought when you read that, well how on Earth am I just going to stop thinking about it? Just stop! Focus on good things and positive things. Things such as flowers and pets and babies or kids and music and art and things that you love to do or think about that make you happy will help you stop thinking about it all. What I’m really saying here is distract yourself from stress. Don’t completely forget about your bills or anything those do have to be paid and taken care of but also don’t worry so much about them. Honestly, I catch myself sometimes constantly non stop worrying about it and then I find that I can’t stop at all and it bothers me so much to the point I’m about to pull my hair out. Don’t think about it and I promise you’ll feel ten times better!

  1. Take a break!

Honestly, you might be like, “Hold on why would I take a break when I have so much to do???” Let me tell you, you guys, okay so when you have way too much going on at one time and feel like you will never get it all done, TAKE A BREAK. It doesn’t have to be a long break you can even make it a small one. Go for a walk in the park, a walk around the block, go watch a movie or something simple even listen to a song or two, go for a drive. There are tons of things you can do to take your mind off of things for a minute to just relax yourself and then you can get on with your business with a calm and relaxed mind. Calm and relaxed = more capable of getting it all done quicker. You got this!

3. Take a bubble bath!

One of my absolute favorite things to do when I’m stressed out or I’ve had a stressful day is to end the day with a good hot bubble bath. This might seem dumb or silly but really it’s a great idea. Bubble baths are so calming and soothing and they also help relax not only your mind but your body too. They can also help relieve sore muscles, aches and pains, a severe backache which I tend to get a lot, and more! Get either some sort of relaxing scent in a bubble bath and you could even add in a bath bomb if you would like, my favs are bath and body works especially bubble baths they smell SO good. Also, light up some candles, add some relaxing music, turn off the lights and just sit back and relax. If you tend to get bored in the tub set up a stand or something for your phone, tablet, or laptop and watch some youtube or netflix, I promise you guys will not regret doing this!

4. Read a book or listen to music!

Two of the most calming things you can do is read a book or listen to music. Honestly, you could also write it’s all up to you but writing even relaxes me sometimes. Drinking tea could also help relax you after a stressful day or if you’re having a stressful time. Honestly, it’s up to you which you would rather do or do all of them, but they are all helpful as long as you like to do them most of the time!

5. Clean up / decorate!

You might think, “Now how is this going to help me?” TRUST ME, you guys this is one of the very main things that help me when I’m stressed out. If I’m stressed out about something and I get up and clean up my house and maybe decorate for the holidays or something it helps me so much. Honestly it just takes your mind off of everything and anything because your up and doing something and your mind is completely off of it. If you're not a fan of cleaning, jam out while you clean up and I promise it’ll make it worth your while.

So you guys, that was all for my post but I hope you enjoyed reading and these tips help keep you stress free and remained calm. Remember, always either bathe, read, write, or do something that you love to do and I promise you’ll be stress free in the snap of a finger. Hope you loved this post and check back for more soon! :)

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5 Ways To Beat Stress + Ways To Relax & Remain Calm


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