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Ways to Enjoy a Night In (Even if it Seems Impossible)

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Ways to Enjoy a Night In (Even if it Seems Impossible)

perfect ways to enjoy a night in

Every now and then we don’t have the funds or the energy to go out and eat or have a night out with friends or our Love so sometimes we just have to stay in. Some people think that is the most boring thing on the planet, others make the best of it. Anyone can probably see why staying in can be a very boring thing I mean because it honestly can be. The only reason it has to be boring though is because you make it boring!

So how in the world do you enjoy a night just sitting in the house with what seems like there’s nothing to do at all? Here are some ways you can enjoy you’re night in without being bored to death.
perfect ways to enjoy a night in

1.     Have a pamper night.

One of my absolute favorite things to do on a night in, is a pamper night! I love to grab some bubble bath, candles, music, and my laptop (for my favorite show or movies) and just sit in the tub and soak for about at least 30-45 minutes. Everyone loves to relax and this is a great way to relax and also to enjoy a night in. You can literally lay back in the tub full of bubbles, a bath bomb, and some good smelling candles lit and just sit your laptop either on a shelf for your tub (completely forgot what they are called sorry you guys) or sit it on your toilet or sink if they are close to the tub and just start a Movie or your favorite show going before you get in. You could even watch some YouTube and you can also use your iPad or phone for this too of course I just like to use my laptop a ton so I use it. Just sit back and relax for at least 30 minutes. Another thing I love to do is actually pamper myself, duh it’s a pamper night. So, to pamper myself I just like to throw on a face mask and let that sit during my bath and I also like to exfoliate my arms and legs with just some body scrub and then rinse that off and just shave with my absolute favorite shaving cream. I also moisturize like crazy once I get out. Honestly there is nothing better than pampering yourself and taking care of yourself. It’s the best feeling to be clean and pampered again!

2.     Watch my favorite show or movies.

This might sound lame or boring honestly I can understand why but it is one of my favorite things to do on a night in. I’m a Pretty Little Liars freak so I’m always re-watching seasons on my night in’s and giving myself a refresher of what happened that season. I also love to watch a really great movie because it’s sort of like you’re at the movies, but you can spend the time at home in your PJ’s makeup free and with whatever food and candy you like without spending a ton of money! So grab you some popcorn, candy, drinks, whatever you like turn off all of the lights and pick your favorite show or movie to watch for your night in! Promise you won’t regret it this is one of my favorite things to do on my night in.

3.     Read a book.

This is one of the best things to do on a night in because it’s honestly so relaxing. I’m not much of a book person, I won’t lie to you guys but it is a good thing to do on a night in. Mainly because if you love to read books and you finally have the time to one night then go for it. It’s a great idea and you should always do what you love.

4.     Write.

You might think, “Why would I do this on a night in?” Trust me on this. If you are like me and just love to write then you will understand this part completely. Writing is something that helps me relax and focus on what’s important. It also helps me to just get things off of my mind whenever I need to vent. You can trust a computer or a piece of paper better than you can any human being these days. That’s why no matter what I do I always write about it. It takes it all off of my mind plus it really helps with my anxiety. I love writing on a night in about how my week has gone or how my workout went or even just what I had for dinner.

5.     Make your own bullet journal or write in one!

My bullet journal is my favorite thing to work on every night whether it’s a night in or I’m about to pass completely out I LOVE my journal. Just to set it up, doodle in it, organize it, make cute banners, come up with handwriting ideas, etc. Bullet journaling is my favorite and it keeps me so organized and on task. I have a post coming up on that soon! Just go on Pinterest and put in ‘bullet journal’ a ton of ideas and layouts will come up for you to try out! I am absolutely obsessed also with watching YouTube videos on other’s setting one up because it motivates me to make mine prettier!

6.     Cook yourself a good dinner.

Whether it’s you or you and your love you could always cook a great dinner. Anyone can look up tons of recipes and ideas on Pinterest and one thing I love and a ton of other people obviously love is some good food. If you can’t afford the time or money to go out and eat or just don’t feel like the drive or waiting to get something, this is a great idea.

7.     Plan something special.

If you have something special coming up soon, a birthday, party, holiday, wedding, shower, or anything really, just plan for it! Planning is one of my all-time favorite things to do because I’m very organizational and I love to plan ahead for anything and write down all of the things I need to get done, guest lists, decorations, foods, etc. It’s just so fun to me and I absolutely love doing it and if you do too it’s a great thing to do on a night in.

So that was all for this post you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading! If you liked the post please feel free to share and comment if you have any other tips for a night in or how you spent yours! Check back MWF for new posts and I hope you guys enjoy!  J

perfect ways to enjoy a night in

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Ways to Enjoy a Night In (Even if it Seems Impossible)


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