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A little effort to improve your health, that’s all I can say!

We are progressing but the impact on our lifestyle is falling apart. Of course, we are developing but not Health-wise. There are many surveys around which claims that we are not so-progressive in term of health issues.

To stay Healthy and fit has become a tough task. We are restricted to busy schedules and shielded ourselves in the jinx of technology. The so-called development has made our lives inflexible and pushed ourselves to be more sick and unhealthy as we age. Inculcating a better lifestyle and healthy habits are not so difficult if you want yourself to be balanced.

If I need to look back the era of 80’s and 90’s, before the development then people were more healthy and happy. Their limitations to luxury and connectivity never hampered them. We are thankful that we were born in that era. We enjoyed those times when we had only fresh, air and water. That was the era of bigger lawns, greenery, gadget-free life, relaxed routine and a peaceful Sleep. Overall, a normal routine which all I can say and how this has taken a back seat. As far as I am concerned then I believe and follow the same golden-era as a lifestyle hack.

Everyone has its own reset button through which you can revive your mind and body. It does need a little effort and a will-power which should be enough to motivate you to live hail and healthy. But within the period of time and the invasion of technology has made it reversed. Ultimately, they are affecting our mental and physical health. Better we start taking care of ourselves as prevention rather than cure!!

I would rather suggest few points by which you can bring a positive change in your lifestyle (tested):

Wake-up early: Until you would not sleep early you can never get up so. Getting up in the morning is always refreshing. Say, 5-7am after 6-8 hours of interrupted sleep. As we all aware of sleep is very important factor to keep you fit and healthy. Even our brain cells need a break to function again. How much busy you are or how much work you have, you need to give your body a complete rest to revive and rejuvenate.

Limiting technology: Technology is developing and so our health issues. We cannot completely cut on technology which has become in our daily lives. But can control the usage till it doesn’t harm you. With so many researches done in the past and still, the only conclusion we have to limit the usage. And especially the time during the deep sleep hours. Please make sure you switch off the internet connection and mobile data to avoid unnecessary disturbances for a sound sleep. This way you can save yourself from terrible radiations which are effervescent & detrimental to your health. Also, never keep the gadget close to you or beneath your pillow.

Never skip the breakfast: I am not convinced with the logic behind one bowl of oats and slogging the whole day. We Indians do have a variety of breakfast available which is healthy and balanced. Never skip a breakfast. As we say, Breakfast is like a king to keep you active the whole day. A good breakfast in the morning will keep your hunger pangs at bay and surely maintaining a peace of mind.

Limit junk food: You can gorge on so many varieties of food available in every nook and corner. Also, you can never count the harm done to your health just by this choice. It’s surely a difficult choice to fight between your mind and body but this sacrifice is justified to make a healthy choice for yourself. But as I say, you are the first influence to yourself. Keep your snacks with you like some nuts or energy bars which can give you healthy break without affecting your health.

Few minutes of workout: It’s not necessary that you need to break those heavy machines in the gym even you don’t want to. You can always do few stretching exercises at home/Yoga as advised or just a brisk walk at any time of the day. Also, make sure you step out of your office to bask in the sun for few minutes. Vitamin-D deficiency is on rising and this could be helpful to maintain the levels.

Weekly Detox: Well, weekends are to relax and chill out! You must do that surely. Go for a walk, spend some time amidst of nature, read some good books, Massage your head with oil and take a break from routine life. If shopping and a movie give you a pleasure then please go ahead!!

Mental health: We often ignore our mental health which is interdependent on physical health. You cannot improve one, ignoring the other one. Please be happy to make your own choices, don’t judge others and never let others judge you! Speak your heart out without the fear and live the life fearlessly!!

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I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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A little effort to improve your health, that’s all I can say!


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