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The Endless List Of 1001 Things To Do Blog
Supermom and superwife wannabe who strives and seeks way to improve her personal and family life. Talks about my daily endeavors in facing the challenges of constant need to rise up to the occasions.
2020-05-23 17:05
This post was saved as draft since year 2011. Don't know why I didn't manage to post it earlier. Anyway, posting it now... 9 years later. :)Yes, the much awaited time finally arrived! My sec… Read More
2010-10-28 18:46
When I relax...He stretches more inside me...I can feel him almost every minute of the time...Hmmm...Just wonder what he's doing now...Sucking his thumb?Strectching his arms?Adjusting his re… Read More
2010-09-20 05:38
I'm letting go of my Brezza unit. Any interested buyers?1250 sq ft in Block A, 12th floor, full seaview with 1 carpark and 2 air-conds. 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms.My asking price is RM580K. It… Read More
2010-05-18 03:29
My aunt broke the news to me on last Friday when I picked up Leia from her house. My dear cousin sister (who used to babysit me when I was just an infant) is missing in Mauritius! I felt my… Read More
2009-08-23 08:17
It's only 4.00pm on Sunday but seems like I've been sitting here in the living hall for hours.... Time certainly crawls at this moment.Rainy day... It's been raining non-stop since yesterday… Read More
2009-08-17 01:12
We have verbally booked a unit last Thursday. Pretty excited and yet concerned. After all, it's our first property investment initiative. Quite nervous actually... Have been eyeing and follo… Read More
2009-08-14 09:21
Just got a call from headhunter for Shipping Manager position. Should I or should I not? Read More
2009-07-24 05:35
Phew...! Just came back to my office from a 2-day workshop. Tiring... but am happy that we achieved the objectives.Hmmm, not too sure how many times I'm going to say this...but I'm surprised… Read More
2009-07-24 05:35
This must be the best year ever in my life! I'm able to focus on my family-building, particularly. Also, I'm enjoying my new working life, qetting acquainted once more with my old school bud… Read More
2009-07-24 05:35
Okay, here I am trying to juggle a few tasks at one go. Well, not the first time, though...Priorities, priorities! Set my priorities right, that's it! I think I have a serious problem with t… Read More
2009-07-24 05:30
Last Saturday, I finally managed to persuade hubby to take us all to the beach. I read in several websites like this and this that toddlers at Leia's age are interested in playing with sand… Read More
2009-05-01 16:09
With so much news on swine flu in the media lately, who would have thought that it's Coxsackie virus which managed to be the center of attention in our family?Just got a call from mom about… Read More
2009-03-04 10:16
Leia had a rather terrible fall this morning. As both hubby and I were busy getting ready for work, Leia ran across the dining hall and tripped. Her head knocked the edge of the fridge and i… Read More
2009-03-02 08:51
Yes, finally made it to the clinic! Well, guess I had overly-rated my expectations prior to the visit coz it was nothing exciting nor eye-opening! I have no one to be blamed but myself!"What… Read More
2009-02-24 16:15
Hehehe.... I see something in there....!Yup! I'm seeing sign of teething! Leia's first tooth is struggling to pierce through her toughen gum. Counted. 1/4 tooth is out. Meaning, the first on… Read More
2009-02-24 15:01
Though I'm loving it..!, but I'm also looking forward to a beauty sleep - desperately. It feels like my whole body system is going to give up on me anytime soon unless I give it a deserving… Read More
2009-02-11 09:10
I have not shared this concern before in my blog. But I think I'll share now. Anxiety has been the key feeling of mine for the last few days. Not surprising especially when it concerns this… Read More
2009-02-11 08:41
Ok, ok, ok...there I go again... getting all paranoid with Leia's teething issue. Just great! I just got a weekly baby update from one of the baby's website that I subscribed to - Babycenter… Read More
2009-02-09 16:25
Physical developmentYay!! She could walk on her own d! She took her first successful independant step just right a day before Chinese New Year (that is 25th Jan, right?). Hooray! You bet, sh… Read More
2009-02-05 00:58
Yes, I'm finally back online... Wow, it's been a month since I last put up a post. How time flies!Oh, by the way, Happy New Year all!No, I was not in hiatus. In fact, I was drowned with many… Read More
2008-12-30 06:39
Since Leia has been refusing her "moi" (rice porridge) lately, I stopped giving it to her for the last 2 days. Instead I fed her something else like oats porridge, papayas, biscuits, rice gr… Read More
2008-12-28 17:36
Our beauty sleep last Saturday was interrupted by a phone call from hubby's office. His boss needed him to be in office around 11am to review one assignment. Since it was coming to 10 when h… Read More
2008-12-28 16:07
One person asked me in one of the Christmas parties, "Is this her first Christmas?" Well, technically "no" as she was born on Nov 30 2007. Rightfully, it should be her 2nd Christmas this yea… Read More

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The endless list of 1001 things to do


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