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Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad Review

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of a summer night, too hot and sweaty to go back to sleep?

Is your Mattress temperature fine literally every other time of the year, and you just want a quick fix for the hottest months? Would you like your mattress to feel just a little bit softer, but you don’t have the time or money to find a completely new mattress?

The Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad reduces sweat and cools down those who sleep on it.

best mattress pad

Its patented 37.5 technology active particles interact with the moisture in the air, drying much more quickly than any other fabric, and this works harder to keep you cool the hotter you get.

If you are still wondering whether or not this is the best mattress pad to fit your needs, take a look at the details below, and then decide for yourself!

Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad: the Details


This particular mattress pad is the Queen size.

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.4 pounds

This mattress pad is also available in Twin, Full, King, and California King sizes.

Material Composition

The Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad is made of cotton, with a 20% Cocona and 80% Polyester hypoallergenic blend.

It is made of Brookstone’s patented 37.5 technology – a new material created from naturally derived ingredients, with no harsh chemicals or other allergens.

The active particles created by this 37.5 technology and placed in the fabric of this mattress pad provide 800% more surface area to the fiber.

This results in reduced wet cling after washing by allowing the mattress pad to dry up to five times faster than other fabrics.

It also works to maintain a level of humidity that’s optimal in relation to the humidity in your room, allowing your body to remain at an ideal core temperature – neither too hot nor too cold.

The particles actively respond to body heat, working with greater and greater strength the hotter the user gets.

Best of all, the 37.5 active particles will neither wash out nor degrade; they are permanently embedded into the yarn of the mattress pad, able to work their magic for as long as you need it.

Brookstone: the Brand

Founded in 1965, Brookstone is a big supporter of smart living.

From their start in selling “hard-to-find tools” in Popular Mechanics Magazine to the present, they pride themselves on providing customers with items that are useful, functional, high-quality, and not widely available elsewhere.

Now with a nationwide chain of retail stores in addition to its continual existence as a catalog company, selling everything from toys to furniture, Brookstone continues to provide a consistently unique line of products and makes strides in improved customer service.

They are big on innovation, and the quickly drying, temperature maintaining mattress pad described here is no exception with its patented active particle technology.

And if all that isn’t enough to make you consider giving Brookstone’s products a try, then their code of ethics should boost your trust.

Their core values are front and center, which include inspiring others, embracing growth, and fostering respect and trust with their employees as well as their customers.

Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad Review

Stand Out Features

  • Keeps You Cool: This mattress pad is known to keep sleepers cool throughout the night so you won’t be woken up in a sweaty puddle, or have to rush to the shower to feel fresh again. You can wake up both well rested and dry.
  • Durable: You wouldn’t want to buy a mattress pad that just disintegrates after a few sleeps. Thankfully the Brookstone mattress pad is built to last and is durable enough to handle even the most violent tossers.
  • Machine Washable: No need to lug your mattress pad to your dry cleaner, this mattress pad is both washer and dryer safe so you can toss it in with your regular laundry.

brookstone climasure performance mattress pad review

The Positives

Patented Particles Beat the Heat

Though not explicitly a “cooling pad,” this is a mattress pad that stays cool when you get hot.

While most mattresses simply reflect the heat your body creates back at you, the 37.5 technology active particles in this Brookstone mattress pad work hard to remove moisture, drying out the pad and keeping cool underneath you no matter how much you do sweat.

Reduces Sweat

In addition to cooling you down, some users report that this mattress pad even helps them sweat less!

Not only does it beat the heat and keep itself dry, but it keeps you dry as well, potentially erasing your need for that speedy morning shower.

A Lifesaver for an Older Bed

If you already own a great mattress but struggle with its firmness or its heat generation, then instead of being forced to invest in a new bed altogether, you can take advantage of this added tool.

Simply cover your mattress with the pad and experience an effective, cheaper, and long-lasting solution. As a bonus, mattress pads can help your mattress stay clean and strong for longer!

Strong, Quality Fibers Will Not Tear Easily

To potential customers considering buying this mattress pad for a child’s bedroom: don’t worry about your kids ripping up the pad when jumping on the bed!

This product is made of strong elastic fibers that are not easily torn and therefore are suitable for rambunctious children as well as tossing and turning teens.

Easy Washing

The mattress pad is also machine washable and dryer safe, making it a smart edition if you’re concerned about the longevity of your kiddos’ beds.

You won’t have to live with a dirty mattress pad, or have to add the task of lugging it to your local cleaners on laundry day.

You also won’t need to use any harmful chemicals to get your mattress pad looking as clean as day one.

Simply load it into your washing machine, and once it has completed the cycle, its safe to toss into your dryer.

Very Good For Bad Backs and Sensitive Spines

Some people have a difficult time sleeping on both too tough mattresses and too soft water beds.

The Brookstone Climasure Performance mattress pad is a great compromise between these clashing surfaces, turning the hard composition of a cheap mattress into a comfortable surface on par with the highest quality without going too far in the direction of squishiness.

Users report having a much better time sleeping with the mattress pad than without it, and waking up without the stiff back they’ve had for years.

It’s so comfortable, you might even be tempted to exclude a sheet.

The Perfect Fit

This Brookstone Climasure Performance mattress pad is exactly the size that it’s advertised, and holds on snugly to the size of mattress that it’s made for.

This is thanks to its four-way stretch fitted skirt, so be it Queen, King, Twin, Full, or California King, you won’t have to custom fit it.

Its sure grip keeps the mattress pad in place on your bed even under the most active nighttime tossing and turning conditions.

best mattress pad

No Instant Commitment 

When you purchase your Brookstone mattress pad you don’t have to be stuck with it if it doesn’t work for you.

If you find that your Climasure Performance Mattress Pad isn’t performing how you expected, you have 60 days to return your pad – no questions asked.

Afterwards, you’ll still be backed by a 1-year limited warranty through Brookstone. This warranty promises to repair or replace your mattress topper should you find any manufacturing or craftsmanship errors.

Simply contact Brookstone customer service and they’ll be able to take it from there.

No Harsh Chemicals 

You won’t have to worry about you or your loved ones when it comes to the Brookstone Mattress Pad.

The mattress pad is made with natural materials so your skin won’t be irritated by any harsh chemicals.

This is great for those with sensitive skin and those who plan to have their children sleeping on the mattress pad.

The Negatives

Not Springy Enough for Some Tastes

This mattress pad completely changes the feeling of the mattress it’s placed on top of, and for some people, this isn’t a good thing.

Though soft, the pad turns formerly springy and squishy mattresses into a much firmer surface.

If you already like the softness level of your mattress, then a less intrusive mattress pad might be a better choice for you.

If You Don’t Sweat, It Might Not Cool

Some users report not noticing any temperature changes when they use this Brookstone mattress pad.

This might be because the 37.5 technology active particles work with moisture and humidity levels.

If you aren’t sweating, the particles might not have anything to work with and keep cool, making it not as effective a temperature control than it might be in more humid climes.

Wash with Care

While we say this mattress pad is durable and built to last, some customers have reported that their mattress pad seemed flimsier after washing.

To prevent this, be sure to wash your mattress on lower cycles as not to cause any long term damage. 

While this mattress pad is definitely durable, it still needs some tender loving care from its owner.

Overall Verdict

We would recommend this product to anyone looking for both a way to make their too-firm mattress a bit softer and a way to reduce their sweat levels on hot summer nights.

The Brookstone Climasure Performance mattress pad is kind to your back and does away with sweat.

The hotter your room and the more sweat you generate, the more we recommend this mattress pad to you.

Where to Buy the Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad

Brookstone’s dedication to quality is evident, seen through the popularity of their products across the United States and beyond.

Getting a good night’s sleep, especially a dry one, is an issue a lot of people are trying to overcome. With the Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad, it just might be possible.

Not only is this a solid solution, but this mattress pad can be found in both retail stores and online.

To start, take a look at the following online retailers.

  • Wayfair (from $108)
  • Target (from $84)
  • Brookstone (from $109)

And of course, it’s available on Amazon.

brookstone mattress pad

That’s it for our review on the Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad. Tempted to give it a go?

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Brookstone Climasure Performance Mattress Pad Review


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