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Dromma Eco-Friendly Bio Foam Mattress Review

Regardless of whether you like a soft or a firm night’s sleep, the 12 inch Dromma Eco-friendly Bio Foam Mattress should be on your wishlist.

This hybrid baby is a wonderful combination of cool comfort and robust support.

hybrid mattress

Got a bad back? Get yourself a Dromma mattress.

A 100% American founded, designed, and manufactured mattress, Dromma offers something quite unique to the current market: the choice between a soft or a firm surface. Sounds simple, but is in truth quite innovative.

There’s no ‘universal comfort’ gimmick here: it’s much more personalized to your individual tastes.

But beyond a choice in surface firmness, what else does the Dromma do? Let’s have a look…

Dromma Eco-Friendly Bio Foam Mattress: The Details


The following dimensions have taken for the Firm Queen size:

  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 16
  • Hardness: Firm or Soft
  • Item Weight: 89 lbs
  • Mattress Composition: The Dromma is made up of 3 layers: 1.5” latex foam, 2.5” gel-infused Visco Elastic memory foam, and 8” of poly memory foam core (this layer is available in either soft or firm).
  • Warranty: 12-Year warranty

Both configurations – so, medium soft and medium firm – are available in Twin, Full, Queen, California King, regular King, and Twin XL.

Material Composition

So, yes, the Dromma Bio Foam Mattress has a unique quality in the choice it offers. But if you take a closer look at its material composition, you’ll see there’s really more to what this beauty can do than provide us with a soft or firm option.

The Dromma Mattress cools, it ensures pressure-point relief, and it’s all done using sustainable, renewable resources.

Hence the Bio in the Bio Foam! Though what does this mean, practically?

Well, we’re looking at a three-layer mattress: an 8” base core layer made of poly memory foam (this is the layer that’s available in ‘soft’ or ‘firm’), followed by a 2.5” Preserve Bio Based VG Visco Elastic Gel memory foam.

Those are a lot of words and they all mean to say: it’s a layer of foam made from flexible polyurethane, a reactive and sustainable material to replace in part the petrochemical-based ingredients usually found in non Bio-foams.

The gel is a cooling gel, infused into the foam, to make sure the mattress doesn’t store heat and that you can sleep through the night cool as a cucumber.

The final layer is 1.5” of natural latex foam, giving you that bouncy-to-the-touch feel as well as encouraging hair flow.

All of this the Dromma Bio Foam mattress does without compromising on comfort or support.

Which is great news, of course, because what else promotes a worry-free deep sleep, besides a cool and supportive mattress? Knowing that the planet is happy about it too, is what.

Oh, and another tidbit of good news: as of April 24, 2017, the company’s mattresses have been officially CertiPUR-US certified. No ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCCP of TCEP flame-retardants, no heavy metals, and barely any off gassing.

Tell your cousin to add it to his cart, your friend to go get the champagne: this mattress is ready to be shared.

Dromma: The Brand

Like many of the top-performing mattress brands out there at the moment, Dromma is a young one: founded in late 2015, which gives it less than two years in the game.

But besides considering them as a ‘young’ company, there’s also a different way of looking at it: a local company, dedicated to its region and excited to share its product with the rest of us.

DROMMA was founded in North Carolina, and since then every single design, product and mattress has come from that same place of origin.

They source locally, eco-friendly, US-made materials.

According to the company, the idea for the Dromma Mattress came from a certain frustration in experience while online shopping for mattresses: yes, there’s a lot of brands, a lot of great qualities, but very little variety in offering within what each brand was doing.

And what can we say? They were right.

Dromma Bio Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel Review 

Stand-Out Features

  • 200 Night Trial Guarantee: Now if that’s not an endorsement then we don’t know what is. Just for comparison’s sake: Casper, Tuft & Needle and Zotto all peak at a 100 days of the trial guarantee. DROMMA doubles that.
  • Choice of Soft or Firm: No ‘universal comfort’ here: you get exactly what you want with the choice of a Medium Soft or a Medium Firm bed.
  • Triple Layer: The Dromma’s material composition is a real work of art, managing to hit the mark on comfort, support and coolness.

The Positives

Very Comfortable

Let’s just start off by saying that you’re certainly going to enjoy a good night’s sleep on the Dromma mattress.

We tried both the Medium Firm and the Medium Soft configurations and found both — although markedly different — to be exceptionally comfortable.

Although one of us preferred the firm and the other the soft…

The comfort level is definitely due to the expert 3 layer engineering — a hybrid of natural latex and memory foam.

Keeps Cool

There’s plenty of features built into the Dromma Bio Foam mattress that ensure it stays cool throughout the night, regardless of the temperature outside.

Firstly, the top layer of natural latex is well ventilated thanks to the micro ventilation holes that encourage air circulation on the surface.

The middle layer of memory foam is also infused with a cooling gel to keep the mattress at a cool, even temperature.

Lots of Support for Bad Backs

If you suffer from a bad back, we think you’ll find the Dromma mattress to be a lifesaver — particularly the Medium Firm option.

The top latex layer is supportive in and of itself, but it’s also backed up with the contouring comfort of the middle memory foam layer. This is what helps to distribute your weight evenly about the bed and ease those pressure points.

If You Like ’em Soft

Foam mattresses not being soft enough has been a common complaint for a while now. It seems there’s been two ways to err: too firm, or the kind of soft where it leans more toward the ‘help, I’m sinking’ feel of the spectrum.

The Dromma Eco-Friendly  Bio Memory Foam Mattress aims at a great in-between with their Medium Soft option, great for those who miss the plush give of a spring mattress but need the support of foam.

Here’s a good look at what the Dromma bed looks like straight out of the packaging:

Movement Localization

This one’s down to their 2.5” Preserve VG Visco elastic gel layer. It contours to the body entirely and doesn’t react to adjacent movement.

In other words, this means that you can have your deep sleep and plush support (whether you’re a belly, side, or back sleeper) even as your partner goes for (and returns from) their midnight snack adventure.

Pain Relief

We’ve heard especially positive reactions to the Dromma mattress when it comes to pain relief.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain or are recovering from any form of injury where lying still adds to the pressure or pain you already feel, then the Dromma might be a good option to consider.

Especially keeping in mind its allergen free, breathable approach, this mattress could help in creating a healthier bedroom environment.

Other Things We Love:

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Plenty of bounce
  • Quick and convenient shipping

The Negatives

Weak Edges

This is a tricky one that we’ve seen come by again and again with foam mattresses: weak edges.

There’s only a few — if any — foam mattresses that have managed to solve this issue.

We don’t think this is a big enough issue to be a deal breaker, but it’s worth bearing in mind — especially if you like to roll over a lot in the night or have kids that come in to sit on the edges while they pester you to wake up.

12-Year Warranty?

Now, let’s be clear: a 12-year warranty definitely isn’t that bad.

But it’s not the greatest, especially considering some mattresses out there have offers tending more toward the 25-year mark.

It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that this is a young company, and moreover their loudest endorsement can be found in their 200-day guarantee. But, if you’re looking for more security further into the future, then this one isn’t for you.

Softens Under Pressure

We’ve heard reports that the top layer tends to soften a little over the course of a few years, if it’s bearing the weight of a heavy load — a combined weight of 400 lbs plus.

There’s no loss in support apparently, but more a gradual softening of the upper comfort layers. If you’re heavier but prefer a firmer bed, you may need to look for a more robust mattress.

Overall Verdict

All in all, we think the Dromma Bio Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel is an exciting new contender in our quest for the perfect night’s sleep.

It certainly has a lot to offer for those who know what they want and how they want it. It’s a very high quality mattress that retails at a soft price, whether you like it firm or not.

We’d definitely recommend this one to the hot sleepers out there who are also looking for a cooler option to the memory foam mattresses out there.

It has a few tiny downsides — weak edges, not the longest warranty security — nothing major, but certainly elements to keep in mind when comparing and contrasting the competition.

Where to Buy the Dromma Mattress

You can buy the Dromma mattress in all its configurations straight from the company’s website or, of course, it’s available on Amazon.

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Have you tried the Dromma Eco-Friendly Bio Foam Mattress yet?

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Dromma Eco-Friendly Bio Foam Mattress Review


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