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Tackling Failure

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We start, we stand up, we move on, we reach closer, we don’t find success, we get tired, we give up and fail
We start, we stand up, we speak about it, we face cynicism, we get discouraged and we fail.
We start, we think a lot and therefore we never stand up, we fail but we don’t even realize it.

I can go on and describe various cases of Failure. Many have told me that the chances of success and failure are same but they aren’t and they never will be. We all have tasted success and failure in some form or the other. There will be times when you will succeed but there will be many more times that you will fail. The frequency of failure beats success easily.

Failure is not always an end point but many a times the end point is a failure. Failure however is omnipresent.  It is present in the eyes of the clerk who had big dreams someday but couldn’t make it, it is present in the monotonous life of your colleague who is super smart but he stopped chasing his dreams by mastering the art of contentment, it is present in the eyes of the shopkeeper who didn’t have the guts to break the family business tradition and do something he wanted to, its present in the criticism of your close friend who failed and advices you to stop taking further steps towards your dreams, in the safety net of your parents who get scared and block you, when you plan to take any big risk. The presence of failure can be felt in various forms in our day to day life.

Every dream has its surface surrounded by various forms of failure. Failure is the strongest at the start of your journey. Its strength is determined by your past experiences. It never wants you to take the first step, it dominates your thoughts. It questions your actions; it haunts you and reminds you of all the failures around you, it uses them to block you. It tries its best to stop you, sometimes by itself and sometimes by the use of some of its slaves. It never wants you to take any step closer to success.

The strength of failure reduces once you take the first step and it starts to panic a bit but it doesn’t give up. It continues to use its forces harshly. From centuries, it has blocked many and killed their dreams. It acquired them and increased its power. Today it uses these powerful forces against you. It wants to acquire you too, it wants you to fail, and it wants to own you, increase it power and use you in the future to kill more dreams.

The path for success is a single thin line which is surrounded by big clouds of failure. When failure sees that all its harsh efforts are not having any impact, it tries an alternative. As you move closer to success, it builds a smooth parallel road towards its brother ‘mediocrity’. It welcomes you to this road and tries to fool you. It preaches you that mediocrity is not as painful as failure and it is good to settle for. This is the final test of your energy. Mediocrity is always worse than a failure but many don’t realize it. They fall in this trap and end their journey when success was just a few steps away. You join hands with a failure, you accept its proposal, and you get slowly acquired and become its slave without even realising it.

Failure is not what you settle for, it is not the end result, it is present at every step trying to acquire you, so that it uses you to increase cynicism around and become more and more powerful. Failure has its only enemy ‘success’, it’s a very weak enemy. Success had very few forces here and there which will encourage you. Sometimes you hear them while sometimes its voice is lost in the strong chants of failure. The longer the journey, the stronger are the failure chants. Failure never wants you to follow that path to reach success. It plants its elements to block you and sometimes change your path and catches you unaware at the final step. At every step, it tests you and the moment it finds you short of determination, it pounces on you and captures you unaware, and it breaks your will so that you never chase success again. You get dissolved, you become its slave.

Although failure makes you stronger, it only increases your endurance but it destroys your inner will. Once you fail, you get used to failures and don’t realize the deep hole you fell into. The only way to beat failure is but ignoring it completely at each and every step. Ignore those thoughts, ignore the people around, ignore everything and everyone which is a source of failure and just follow your dream. Don’t tell anyone about your dreams and journey to cease the power of failure. Once you do that, failure will have no impact throughout the journey. As the impact of failure reduces, the path of success becomes easier and you will reach it faster. The moment you hug success, failure gives up and starts repelling you. The more you expertise this art of reaching success, failure becomes more and more weak and eventually leaves you forever.


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Tackling Failure


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