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I haven't been updating my blog lately. Been so extremely busy at work. And I never want to look at my laptop when I'm at home. Nine hours staring at the screen for five days is more than enough for me.

I haven't had much time to think lately because of all the work that I have to do. At home, it's been nice, rekindling the romance with LOML... yes, I gave it another go. So haven't been left with my own thoughts... until today...

I'm waiting for feedback from my boss before proceeding with the work. So had a bit of time... and my mind went straight to work...

What did it produce? Depression... I'm there again... all my worldly problems come rushing in... I am not in the mood to deal with any of them. I think about my relocation that's coming up probably in a month's time. About how I'll be alone in a place that I couldn't last for 10 days (refer to a previous post - )... oh god... life sucks...

Somebody once told me that humans are naturally depressed... life afterall is depressing... you wake up in the morning, go to work, become a slave to the almighty dollar, go home, have dinner, go to bed... then repeat. Sounds like instructions for shampoo... 'wash, rinse, repeat'... there's actually no instructions on how to get out of the cycle... how do you know when to stop?

Is my life really like shampoo?

Maybe I just like the drama... like S always says, I'm the drama king... I need a break from the mundane life I sometimes lead...

I create problems... I want to be depressed about the relocation... if you really look at it, a relocation would mean new scenery, new friends, new collegues, new places to go and party my brains out!! But instead, I see myself being bored and lonely... I see myself missing the people I leave behind... I see myself starting arguments with LOML just to get attention...

I really have to change my mindset. I used to be a very optimistic person. I wonder what happened?

I need to go shopping... it's my anti-depressant...

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