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Are we that different?

I relocated to another state... it's the same Country... same laws... same government... same currency... but the people are different. They have a different accent than I have. It's common for most countries... heck, in some countries you'll get a totally different dialect in the neighboring village.

When I talk to the locals here, mostly at stores, restaurants, etc, some of them give me a weird look. Like I've come from a strange faraway land. I've heard stories from my friends that they also get treated differently when going to different states. Especially if the accent totally gives away the fact that your an 'outsider'...

I grew up in a different country... spent the majority of my childhood as an 'outsider'... because I was young, I picked up the local accent very easily... you couldn't tell the difference if you were talking to me on the phone... but what gave me away was the colour of my skin...

I had to endure racism when I was growing up... so when I came home, I thought I would never have to deal with it ever again... WRONG!!

Racism exists in every country... even when it's your own... because the world has become small, and every place has become multiracial...

Not only is there racism, but also 'statism'... ok, i made that word up... but it's still an 'ism'... And we still have not touched sexism, capitalism, communism, nationalism, extremism, etc... Is there a good 'ism' out there?

Fact remains that we are all the same... same basic genetic makeup... so what the hell is the problem?

We fear all that we do not understand... just because a person is different, doesn't make that person evil and ready to do you harm...

When we were babies, new things... things which we did not understand fascinated us... you see babies happily exploring the world... enjoying the diversity in life... We have all forgotten that...

So let's try to make a difference... you can't change the whole world, but you can change yourself... don't make a negative generalization of other groups... be it racial, nationality, gender, etc... get to know 'the person'... your attitude towards one person will start a chain reaction... and hopefully will make this world a better place.

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Are we that different?


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