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feliz navidad!

Tags: christmas

oh, Christmas. my heart frolics as i listen to the first christmas song of this very young season: winter wonderland.
i wanted to find me a new desktop background on better homes and gardens, and then was shown to a 'winter wonder' category, so of course, i had to click on those words over any other. contemplated fall images, but nothing beats winter/christmas. and once the words winter+wonder had entered my brain, my grey matter -conditioned as it is- started singing .. walking in a winter wonderland. so, i give in, open iTunes, and here we have it, and jose feliciano, too. and 135 days left until christmas.
i recommend: any bing crosby christmas movie and 'christmas in connecticut'.
christmas flakes start falling on my sun-drenched-and-tired heart in september. tenderly, i admit. christmas is my favorite season. not for a religious reason, but for the lights. the winter, the cozy inside and cold outside. did i mention the lights? the mulled wine. the decoration. make that decorationS.
starting my personal christmas celebratory behavior in due time [i.e. september] is harder here than in germany. in germany, christmas items start showing up in stores around october, i'd say. early enough to work with me, too soon for others in my family - such as my lieblingstante. hallo uschi! :-D
here, however, in california, in the US, halloween and thanksgiving happen before christmas. it pains me to see halloween stuff at stores because i find halloween to be absolutely unnecessary. not only that, it actively fights christmas by sucking attention that should [in october!] be turned to christmas, solely, absolutely.
i can take thanksgiving. it's almost christmas, there is food and coziness inside, so thanksgiving may stay. so long as we can please substitute the fall decorations for christmas lights.

ha! please excuse me while i get a christmas scent candle to light.

sniffsniff. aaah, yes. there is not much of the 21 oz candle left, but christmas is right around the corner. and there are more christmastimescented candles in the pantry. oh, the scent. sigh. i wonder what would go well with that? might there still be christmas tea in my stash?

of course there is! i'm a pro, after all. naturally, i have the cup to go with this tea.

you know what that is? just my cup of tea, that's what.
thank you for this cup, judy. it brings me joy throughout the year, did you know that?
the only thing missing are christmas cookies. since this today's episode of the christmas heart crept up on me, i didn't have the opportunity to bake any. but, as luck would have it...

there was still a box in the pantry containing one and a half christmas cookie! thank you, marlies. my aunt marlies baked these last year, and a tin full of them found its way across the ocean. and brings me joy throughout the year. what you see here is half a fruit star and a whole vanilla hörnchen. despite its age i can still taste christmas. and i generally think christmas cookies are good a year later, too. if there are any left. maybe i will bake vanillekipferl this week. i do have my grandma's recipe. 

before my christmas spirit prematurely awoke from its summer slumber, i wanted to start this post with my brother thomas' comment to my last post. freely translated, he said,

"aaaah, do you know how crappy it will look if you just let your hair grow for a year? it won't have any sort of cut, thanks to gravity everything will be hanging. you really DO HAVE TO go to a coiffeur [ok, my word] after half a year and say, "i'd like to have a layer cut, please."

since this comment came from my brother, adhering to my principles i have to disagree. i am well aware that my hairnoncut will pose styling challenges. this experiment will show how much my self image is connected to my haircut. and how i will feel about myself when i, as anticipated, will look roughly like this plant on our patio:

furthermore, come christmas [in a month], my hair will be hidden beneath a santa-style hat most of the time. unless i can dye it white and drape it around my chin. moment, i might not even have to dye it.

i look forward to going to farmer's market later today with deb. more fresh food to be bought, so there can be more delicious dishes like last night's.

it also made a good lunch today. with leftover meat from yesterday, for notme.

in tune with the activity already displayed today by me [i had the dishwasher do the dishes, and i had the washing machine wash two loads of laundry], i have also packaged napkins i sewed a while ago, fumbled unstamped stamps off small envelopes and onto a bigger one for the napkins [i like to trick the post office this way, especially after they told me that no, i cannot take a stamp off one letter and use it for another, even if it was erroneously stuck onto the first envelope]. and i walked those napkins to the mailbox [in our driveway] before the postal service brought our mail and picked up the big letter. with the crafty stamps.
so, these napkins are on their way to a hopefully lucky [delighted] recipient.

and of course, i won't say who the recipient is because the recipient is known to read this my blog. hehe. this should tell everyone: read my blog, good things might come your way. since having people actually read what i write here flatters me. and whoever said flattery gets you nowhere?

thanks to my friend victoria, yesterday i received an in-depth introduction to the american high school locker. and its culture. i learned that bottom lockers suck [again, my word, and: i agree], but that the lockers off the floor are reserved for older students, higher up in social hierarchy. as sanctioned by the locker gods. who knew? i didn't and i am very glad i'm done with high school. hang in there, victoria! at least now you have a very different and happy locker.


with tres chic interior fabric...

... picked by victoria, as all the other design elements you see. i merely helped attach them and listened to the talk between victoria and her friend, and was reminded of two personal highlights of being done with high school:

1. no one can force me to do PE again!
2. i can pick the books I WANT TO READ, MYSELF!

and we had a lot of fun. thank you for letting me help you with your locker!

and for being as excited about my hands-free device as i am.

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feliz navidad!


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