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Awakening Psychic Abilities

The way you make changes in any part of your life is to practice in your mind and believe that the thing is true.

For instance a person who practices their golf swing over and over in their mind, day dreaming about it, seeing it, feeling it, really getting into the imaginary day dream about their perfect golf swing is likely to be able to execute that same golf swing out on the golf course too. Practice your Spanish? Imagine cooking? Sew a seam? All of those things can take their place in your imaginary day dreaming.

So, how to apply that to awakening your psychic abilities? If you work on the premise that you are already psychic that helps. If you work on the premise that the “signs” are there already and you are just not noticing that works too.

So how are you supposed to notice the “signs” being given to you from the great beyond? Become more aware. How? Think sensory overload. Think radios, internet, television, people at work, telephone calls, clamor, clamor, clamor. Think of how much is going on around you at any given moment that you tune out in favor of concentrating on only the things you feel are worth noticing. You already know how to tune out clamor. Think now of things psychic that you would like to know about. Often those signs are quiet.

Okay, so perhaps you need to get quiet. You seek a quiet mind. Meditate.

What’s meditation going to do? It will help you to settle for a little bit. It will show you in the beginning just how active your mind is. It’s hard to meditate. Get a book about it. There are lots of ways to go about it. I would suggest short periods of meditation. Don’t think you are doing any good by saying you were able to sit for 4 hours mediating. That’s way too much. You would need a meditation coach for that sort of meditation because the first thing that is going to emerge is all the psychological crap you’ve buried for years. So, do it slowly at first and get a book to help you.

Another thing for you to do is start keeping a journal to record your impressions, your dreams, whatever floats your boat. This is a private journal. Meditating however long you do it has a way of getting you to cough up the phlegmy gagging mucous of your own psychological stuff. Getting it out onto paper helps for you to make a start at sorting it out.

All of this is helping you to notice things.

Take up a hobby. Perhaps something that you’ve always wanted to do and just never allowed yourself the time to indulge yourself. Get lost in it. I don’t know why this step works, but it does.

Read stories of other psychic’s lives to see what they experienced. It might happen this is something you can relate to.

Be prepared for the reasons you initially began this journey to change. For instance, you began with the idea that if you were psychic people would stop picking on you. You’d be able to frighten them into a position of awe. What’s going to happen is as you chip away at the barriers between your non-psychic self and your psychic self you’ll also chip away at the insecurity you feel. Once that’s gone your reason to be psychic will need to change because you will no longer care what people think of you.

Being psychic is not going to make you a more powerful or wealthy person. Being psychic is going to put you on the fast track for taking care of your own psychological and emotional growth and, I believe, will enrich your life.

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Awakening Psychic Abilities


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