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Ghost Busting 101

My husband, DeeDude, is a fan of the paranormal television shows. He likes to watch, “Ghost Hunters”, with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson who work during the day as Roto-Rooter plumbers and who investigate haunted houses at night. He also likes, “Paranormal State”. This is a group of college students who formed a club called the Penn State Paranormal Research Society. It’s led by Ryan and has a neat Psychic who assists named Chip. I have come to enjoy the shows too and if you click on the links I think you can watch some of their episodes online.

When I became a psychic there wasn’t a school to go to and I didn’t have a whole lot of direction. I read books about psychics and I would occasionally go get readings from psychics. To this day on my birthday I usually spring for a reading for myself from somebody I’ve never met before just to see how they do it. I learn from other psychics.

So, too, could I learn from these television shows.

As a psychic, though, I really haven’t had a whole lot of experience with ghosts. I’m a channel and I talk to guides and spirit teachers and the spirit of folks who have passed on. Looking back over the psychic experiences I’ve had over the years I might have had contact with ghosts, but I’m not totally certain. From what is related on the shows it’s a possibility, but again, I’m not 100% certain.

When a friend of DeeDude’s asked me to come to her house to investigate the ghosts there I was thrilled.

Now, I’m a plain channel. I’m no nonsense. I’m not as flamboyant as I used to be years ago when I drank. Drinking for me really loosened me up and I could give over to the whole experience more than I do now. So, basically, I guess I’m sort of dull.

I also channel anytime during the day. It doesn’t have to wait for night. I realize that night is spookier than day. I also realize that all those ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have other things to do during the day. Don’t we all? I do too. I’m a psychic secretary. But, I figured that talking to a ghost would likely be very similar to talking to dead guys when I am channeling.

I thought about it all as the days led up to our meeting. I knew certain things about the situation. I knew that the house was built over a cemetery. The lady had reported to me that they heard a baby crying during the night and that baby was never their own. They also heard noises during the day.

The day arrives. That morning DeeDude was watching one of his shows. It was funny because I was in the study and I heard him yelling from the living room, “It’s not going to work. You need to get the Catholics.” I thought, “What the hell?” and went out to see what was going on. In this particular show they were doing an exorcism to rid the family of their ghost. It was a Protestant minister conducting the exorcism. I went back into the study and would periodically hear comments from DeeDude as the show continued. Then I hear him say, “I told you. I told you that you had to get the Catholics in.” So, I wandered back out to the living room to come in on the tail end of the exorcism being conducted by a Catholic priest and some assistants. A member of the family was talking to one of the assistants to ask about the roses they smelled. The lady smiled and said that was the sign of a successful exorcism; the smell of roses was a sign of God’s grace. I thought it was interesting. DeeDude was still wound up and hooting around about how only Catholics can do an exorcism right.

On to our meeting that afternoon. I went with a girlfriend because the drive was long and I am not accustomed to driving outside of my own neighborhood. We arrived at the house and spent some time in the front courtyard before we met with the lady who had invited me. The courtyard was absolutely enchanting. I felt very good there. I couldn’t tell that I was having any psychic hits. I was not channeling anybody. There just didn’t seem to be anybody there to talk to. I don’t say things like, “Hello? Is anybody there? Where are you?” I used to in my earlier days, but now as a channel if somebody is there to talk to they are there.

When we went inside the house she gave us a tour. You can walk in a circle around the house. I asked what was upstairs and she told me that they have never been up into the crawl space upstairs. She pointed out that under a piece of decking in the back yard were stairs going down into a root cellar. Nobody had been down there either and from the manner in which she told me this I understood that this was a spooky area and nobody wanted to go down there.

I understood the lady and her husband were somewhat anxious about the things going on in the house.

Her daughter was with a friend and some neighbor hood girls who were babysitting while we did our ghost-buster thing. Everybody appeared to be relaxed and having fun.

I still had not gotten any sort of uneasy feeling or psychic hits about anything.

Then, as we paused in the hallway she told me about the sounds of a baby crying they had heard over and over again during the night. As she told me the sounds had stopped in their frequency after they had gotten a baby monitor I had my first psychic hit. I told her immediately my feeling was the ghosts were interested and protecting her little girl. I said they were testing her to see that she would be a good mother and attend to the well being of her daughter and once she’d gotten the baby monitor things had calmed down a bit in that regard. That had a feel to me of the truth of a direct psychic hit.

The other thing that I’d been thinking about all week was that to my way of thinking ghosts would be as reasonable as anybody else. The business with the television showmanship of provoking a ghost or talking to them in a less than respectful fashion just didn’t seem right. Working on that premise I sent out my psychic feelers and came back with the following information: I felt there were a number of ghosts involved. It was their home as well as the people who lived in the house. My thought was there was no reason why everybody couldn’t live together in peace.

The first thing everybody always wants to know when they are channeling is who they are talking to. Names are sometimes difficult because when you get into a mode of trying too hard nothing works. I have always said to folks that they could just assign a name to their guides and go from there. If there is to be a change in name down the road then that’s fine too, but in the interim you’ve at least gotten over the bump of what your guide’s name is. I figured we could go that route with the ghosts in this cemetery. Right then the name Jack came to me. It really doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, Jack works okay.

So, I told her she could call their ghost spokesperson Jack.

I also tell people who want me to relay messages on to their loved ones who have passed on that they don’t need a psychic to do that. They can talk to their loved ones themselves. It doesn’t matter whether the things they want to say are out loud or just silent thoughts, even snippets of thoughts work. Your loved ones can hear you. I am totally convinced of this. You might not be able to hear them, but they can hear you anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

I figured this was probably the same thing with a ghost so I told her that she could talk reasonably to Jack and in return Jack ought to be reasonable back to her. I just figured it could be that way.

No fuss, no muss. Plain speaking. And the message was, “Thanks for looking out for us. We are interested in living here in peace with you. You were here first, but this is also our home. Please stop with the noises you are making at night to awaken us. Please stop with the crying baby alerts. We’re on top of it, though we do appreciate the time you are taking to make sure we are vigilant parents. Have a nice day.” Something along those lines would work.

What occurs to me now as I write this is that the ghosts might be interested in a little conversation once in awhile. She’s reported to me that the baby crying has continued. Maybe the ghosts just want to talk.

The last neat thing that happened was the day after our ghost-busting her husband smelled roses as they watched television.

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Ghost Busting 101


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