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Nuno Flores – Debra Lee Kristian Fader

The West Central Tribune – Reporter Tom Cherveny –
has shared our story, ‘Montevideo Woman Befriends Portuguese Violinist’, with several major newspapers in the State of Minnesota, USA.

Tom Cherveny is a regional and outdoor reporter with the West Central Tribune in Willmar, MN.

Phone number:
(320) 214-4335
Contact Email
[email protected]
For more information on Violinista Nuno Flores and the local Cultural Diversity Council
of the Upper Minnesota River Valley, use the contact information provided at the
conclusion of this page. Nuno Flores’

Check out this article

Nuno Flores has visited Sandy Erickson, living in Southwestern Minnesota, two times in 2014, one time in 2015.

Sandy Erickson is a breast cancer survivor, and a mother of five. After her arm shattered during Black Belt Training, she encountered the diagnosis of brittle bone disease possibly a side effect of cancer treatment. Shortly thereafter,
Sandy Erickson contacted Nuno Flores in March of 2014 to
ask him to teach her how to play the violin.

Here is the story of visual artist, Sandy Erickson, and world renowned violinist Nuno Flores, who in the midst of an agricultural community settled between lakes and prairies, have inspired all ages, from many unique backgrounds
to pick up the violin and try to play it or to simply sit back and listen.

A POSTCARDS Documentary –!noticias/c1xr6

Famous violinist, Minnesota woman forge transAtlantic friendship | Daily Globe – about Montevideo, Minnesota

[Mayor Debra Lee Fader presents the New Montevideo Mural by Shawn McCann]

[Nuno Flores’ Co-Producers – Sandy Erickson and Mayor Debra Lee Kristian Fader]

Debra Lee Kristian Fader is a frequent collaborator with Violinista Nuno Flores’ :

About Debra Lee Kristian Fader:

Mayor of Montevideo, MN
City of Montevideo
January 2010 – Present (6 years)Montevideo, MN
Elected Official. Celebrated Ambassador for the City of Montevideo, MN
Mayor of Montevideo, MN Radio Personality on KDMA-KMGM-KKRC, Owner of Sportsmen City of Montevideo, MN-MAYOR, Owner of Sportsmen Inn, KDMA-KMGM-KKRC-Radio Personality
Opening Act Lionessa Productions Casino Hotel Industry
January 1977 – January 1994 (17 years 1 month)

Production Show Lead Singer/Dancer and ACT
Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas- Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas- Union Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas-Dunes Hotel,-Las Vegas; Bally’s-Reno, Windows on Hollywood-L.A., Harrah’s Del Rio-Laughlin,
Trump Castle, Harrah’s, Resort’s International, Tropicana: Atlantic City, NJ Concorde-Aruba, Sands, El San Juan, DuPont Plaza, WAPA 4TV: Puerto Rico
Sheraton Valley Forge-PA, Radisson Hotels, Las Palmas, Palm Springs, NCL, RCL Disney and CCL

Broadway Spotlight Series National/International Opera Tour:
“A Little Night Music” “Petra” Gordon Crowe Productions 1976
Lionessa Entertainment
January 1977 – January 1994 (17 years 1 month)
Media and Theatrical Producer
[Nuno Flores’ American Co-Performer – Las Vegas Star – Debra Lee Kristian Fader]

A schedule of our events as presented to KDMA 1460 AM Radio of Montevideo, MN:

Nuno Flores -Violinista of Portugal was in Montevideo for three weeks this June offering concerts for several local organizations, He returned to the United States in December to perform a series of concerts and school presentations, and in February and March to take part in The Pioneer Public Television Pledge and Membership Drive.

Nuno Flores appeared to thoroughly enjoy performing at the Dance Haven Recital at the Dawson Memorial Auditorium on May 18. Nuno expressed his gratitude to Tammy and Ed Picht for their hospitality and their eagerness to welcome him into their community.

Nuno Flores also was a guest at the Relay for Life event at Smith Park and performed songs with Pastor Matt Philaya and a vocal performer. Nuno played a song in honor of his mother, his father, and in memory of his grandfather, a cancer patient.

A benefit was organized for Katelyn Pauling of Montevideo, Minnesota. ‘A Concert for Katelyn’ was held at the Hollywood On Main, LCC. Over $1,200 was raised to support the Batten’s Disease Research And Support Association.

Jeremy and Kristy Pauling and family attended this event with Katelyn. The concert was held at the Hollywood On Main, LCC, owned by Ruth Ann Lee and her husband, Jerry. Mike Milbrandt and Christopher Petersen of DJ Systems were instrumental in planning this benefit and contributing to it. Debra Lee Kristian Fader performed several songs that she has also performed on Broadway, for Trump Entertainment and in a variety of well-known Las Vegas establishments.

One of the highlights of this concert was that Nuno Flores practiced with and recruited six local individuals to accompany him in his band. These band members had been practicing weekly at a local establishment Groat’s Bar & Grill for approximately ten years. This is another example of our belief that when there are few words exchanged between two cultures, music is a bridge to communication and cooperation.

Nuno Flores was also a guest at the Anthony Shore Concert at the Hollywood Theatre on Friday, May 30th. It was a huge success and participants took home very meaningful memories. Anthony Shore is an Elvis impersonator. He was joined by Mo Donahue – a Cher Impersonator and The Anthony Shore Band.

Nuno presented a demonstration of the electric violin at the Montevideo Middle School during the weeks of May 19 – May 23 and May 27 – May 30. Nuno Flores made a presentation to several music classes at Ramsey Elementary on May 29. Nuno presented a brief program to the Montevideo High School on May 27. He returned to the Middle School to teach on Monday, June 2.

Students appear to enjoy trying to identify the composers, the styles of music and the names of songs that Nuno played during these presentations. It is not uncommon to sit in on one of Nuno Flores’ lectures during which there is total silence; each student taking in every word, every note played on Nuno’s Electric Yamaha Violin.

Among staff and students, the comment most commonly heard phrase was «I could have listened to Nuno Flores play the violin for the whole class period.»

Students were particularly surprised that Nuno could play ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns and Roses, ‘With or Without You’ by U2 and ‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5. Nuno’s present favorite song is ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams.

Numerous radio interviews highlighted Nuno Flores’ performance schedule. He said that he looks forward to meeting J P Cola of Q102 in person. He appeared to thoroughly enjoy meeting Tom Chevreny of the West Central Tribune. Our radio show with Perry Sachariahson of KDMA radio was extremely enjoyable.

Nuno accepted an invitation to perform for Pioneer Public Television which would be the focus of a Postcards Documentary airing in December of 2014. He was joined by Mayor Debra Lee Fader and Sandy Lynn during the week of June 2 – June 6 along with Emmy Award Winning Executive Director Dana Johnson. Two camera men took part in the recording. [Ben and Chris]. This experience was extremely positive,

Comments about the event can be seen on the Facebook Page of Dana Johnson and Pioneer Public Television []

Nuno Flores enjoyed performing the violin at Luther Haven, a long-term care facility in Montevideo, Minnesota, on May 21, and May 28 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. While at Luther Haven Activity Director Beth Hampton helped to coordinate activities. Her daughter Aimee Hampton accompanied Nuno Flores during worship services.

On Memorial Day, Nuno Flores and Montevideo Mayor Debra Lee Fader performed four selections at the Veteran’s Day Event at the Maynard Event Center. Former Las Vegas Entertainer and Headliner Debra Lee Kristian Fader and Violinista Nuno Flores performed: The Star-Spangled Banner, God Bless America and a beautiful rendition of Let It Be. There was not a dry eye in the audience as Debra Lee sang Wind Beneath My Wings while Nuno Flores improvised on the electric violin.

As a guest at this event, it was such a delight to be able to hear two internationally respected performers on the same stage. Singer Debra Lee Kristian Fader has performed at the Sahara,

Nuno first came to the United States in 1997 with his band, The Crow. He opened for a concert with David Byrne [Talking Heads]and performed at the Walker Art Center.

Nuno’s video with Portugal’s #1 Pop Star David Carriera can be found at

Nuno Flores has performed with Carlinhos Brown of Brazil. Carlinhos Brown’s music can be heard on stage in Brazil and also in the children’s movie favorite, RIO.

Nuno has performed for Alo Portugal and RTP [Radio-Television-Portugal]

Nuno has performed on the main stage in over 10 countries and is regularly featured along with a variety of professional recording artists such as Ivete

Sangalo, DJ David Guetta, and Brazilian Violinist Belle Soures.

Nuno has also performed with Paulo Braganca, Rodrigo Leao, Xutos & Kicks, Moonspell, Carlinhos Brown, and The Titans.

Nuno also performs his violin while being on assignment as a DJ on Cruise Ships and Tropical Beach locations.

He has enjoyed performing with DJ David Guetta- world renowned DJ. Recently you may have heard DJ David Guetta perform with Nikki Manaj

Nuno Flores is featured in a variety of television shows in the United States, Hong Kong, Portugal, Brazil, Macau, Australia, Paraguay, Spain, Great Britain, India and throughout Southern Europe. He has made numerous trips to Dubai [in the……..] to perform.

A most recent appearance was published of Nuno playing for a Christian Dior Fashion Show in Portugal, and accompanying the Rita Pesannah Fashion and Modeling Company for a promotional video. For Nuno Flores, a Bright and Shining Star, the sky is the limit.

You can find hundreds of delightful videos on Vimeo or Youtube in which you will observe the delight of wedding guests enjoying the music of Nuno Flores.

An example of a wedding song is printed here: http://————–/hh_Ijy1UvP

On his performance tour to Montevideo, Minnesota in the United States, you would frequently find Nuno teaching violin lessons to young musicians in the Montevideo Schools and/or serenading residents of Luther Haven, and Onward Services, Inc, two of several care facilities that Nuno Flores has performed for in Southwestern Minnesota.

Nuno’s Website at

You may call our Mayor, Debra Lee Kristian Fader [320-226-1195] to inquire about Nuno’s upcoming concerts and activities or to make a special request for Nuno to play at a local venue.

Sandy Erickson-Jeremiason discovered Nuno Flores while in search of the popular Norwegian children’s lullaby about «The Crow»

On this website, Sandy uncovered the story of a young musician run over by a car driven by an off-duty police officer while he, Nuno Flores, was helping his girlfriend change a car tire on the freeway. Nuno was thrown 30 meters from the vehicle in this tragic accident. After the accident, Nuno was in a coma and on life-support for three months. His lung was punctured, his leg was broken, and the hand that held his violin bow was shattered. He spent six months in an Acute Care Unit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Due to the fact that the off-duty police officer was engaging in illegal activities at the time, the police officer fled the scene of the accident to hide evidence that could convict him.

Nuno bounced back from this tragic experience with a positive attitude and a determination to play the violin as well and as often as he could. Photographs of Nuno Flores can often be seen in local, regional and international publications around the world featuring him playing independently or with musicians from a long list of well-known singers and talented instrumentalists.

Within one year of Nuno’s tragic accident you can see Nuno Flores’ courage as he performs at a David Lynch Foundation Event at the University of Portugal- Lisbon on November 18, 2007.

You can read about Nuno Flores in the Monte News or…. watch his videos on – – corvonuno

Nuno Flores plays a black gem-embellished Yamaha electric violin in the many venues and locations around the world. He received this violin from The Yamaha Corporation as a gift.

In Montevideo, Minnesota, students asked Nuno Flores about the appearance of diamonds on the violin he plays. They learned that they were not authentic diamonds as this would make the violin a target for theft, as explained by Nuno Flores.

In the United States, Nuno Flores plays a Pro4 ZETA Violin owned by Sandy Erickson and Nuno Flores. The Pro4 ZETA is the instrument of choice for several famous violinists and fiddlers in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sandy Erickson and Nuno Alexandre Flores have performed at over 20 venues in the United States as well as been in a Pioneer Public Television Documentary and on KDMA 1460 Am Radio with Perry Sachariahson. Nuno Flores performs regularly with Las Vegas Headliner Debra Lee Kristian [Fader] and Radio Acoustic.

When they are not planning an event or performing on stage, they do volunteer work in local communities.

One of their favorite past times is searching for ‘dusty, dirty, scratched up, three-stringed violins’ [eventually having four strings] on auction sites and in vintage/antique ships around Minnesota. They repair the violins and donate them to charity events for silent auctions and fundraisers. Repairing old violins is extremely challenging albeit rewarding.

The styles and venues associated with Violinista Nuno Flores are as varied as all the colors of the rainbow.

Of all these things, it is clear that Nuno loves life and most importantly, his friends and family in it!

Sandy Lynn Erickson is Nuno’s Manager in the United States.


Mayor Debra Lee Fader – Civic Leader, Las Vegas Star – Montevideo- 320-226-1195
Sandy Lynn Erickson-Artist, Teacher, & Graduate Student-Montevideo-320-226-9812
Ruth Ann Lee – Proprietor of The Hollywood on Main – Montevideo – 329-841-0368

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Nuno Flores – Debra Lee Kristian Fader


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