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A 100% Guaranteed Musical Shot Of Joy.
2022-08-08 22:15
Today marks a number of important anniversaries in my life, and that made me think of the songs I always turn to when I need a dependable boost. One of those, I Was A King's "Norman Bleik,"… Read More
Post-staycation Check In!
2022-07-13 22:57
When exactly did I turn into such a nature boy?As mentioned last week, I didn't "go" anywhere for my vacation, but I still packed a lot into it. And yes, I did manage to blow up my routine e… Read More
Emergency Sloan Post!
2022-07-13 18:17
Stop the presses!* There have been rumblings for a while now that Sloan might be nearing completion of their 13th album, and this morning it was confirmed finished and we got our first taste… Read More
Mid-staycation Check In!
2022-07-05 23:40
It's just a 15 minute walk from the front door of my apartment to here!Hey there! Been quiet around here, huh? There is a reason for that—I am on vacation! Well, technically it's a sta… Read More
Woodsy Walks Are Good For The Soul.
2022-05-23 21:51
15 minutes from my house? Yes!Some days you get outside and forget about all the problems and are just overtaken. I was never a nature boy before; despite being an Eagle Scout, and even livi… Read More
Sephoria! You Know, Like 'Euphoria!'
2022-05-18 23:15
While I've never been particularly squeamish about running errands for significant others, this short had me in stitches because I have definitely called Sephora "Sephoria" in the past.&nbsp&hell…Read More
On The Edge Of A New World.
2022-04-26 16:58
I can feel it in the air. FINALLY. A change is coming. Spring is actually near. I'm cautiously optimistic major waves of the COVID epidemic may have finally subsided (even if there is absolu… Read More
The Nerdy One.
2022-03-29 15:31
After many, many years, the Chicago 2-piece Tuff Tamale has debuted their very first video ever for the first single from their upcoming full-length LP, Kitten Trapper Keeper! More late… Read More
Marveling At Märvel!
2022-03-25 18:06
I am certain there are longtime fans of Märvel, but the band was entirely new to me, and I confess when I fired this album up my expectation were low. A trio of Swedish musicians who pe… Read More
2022-03-19 18:02
I had no idea Kevin made this, so thanks to the latest (and rather excellent) LIFERS podcast episode for cluing me in.Now, let's dance! Read More
This Is Not A Review Of 'The Batman.'
2022-03-07 19:41
So I did not go opening night, or evening day, but I couldn't wait until next weekend so I did end up getting a ticket to see The Batman early Sunday morning based on the number of empty sea… Read More
2022-02-24 16:10
I am heartbroken over the events surrounding Ukraine. I spent some time there when Photogal's sister worked in the capitol, and my visit happened to coincide with Putin's first election. At… Read More
2022-02-22 15:31
It's a dreary morning in Chicago, and while the sun is slow to share its light from behind the grey blanket wetly hanging above, I find myself turning inward for warmth. Today's interio… Read More
It's No Snow And All Summer With Hembree.
2022-02-17 12:06
Photo by Jonny MarlowChicago went to bed with dreams expecting sheets of ice and piles of snow this morning. A look out my window tells me that prediction didn't come to pass and all the wea… Read More
Thank You For Being A (3rd) Friend.
2022-02-15 21:24
I finally joined Blank Check with Griffin & David’s Patreon this weekend. I’d been meaning to do so for a long time, but on the regular Sunday podcast they mentioned they had… Read More
2022-02-14 22:41
Photo by Sam Jamsen As I mentioned a little while ago, despite most genres hitting a bit of a lull over the last two years, from what I can tell the metal scene has just kept chugg… Read More
Checking In From Chicago...
2022-02-07 17:29
It was a good weekend. I took Friday off work and spent most of the day spring cleaning in the dead of winter. My place isn't really messy or overly cluttered, per se, but it was in dire nee… Read More
Stick Around Until The End Of The Credits.
2022-02-02 20:34
As this site enters it 20th year I've been looking through old entries and realized I've grown paralyzed by procrastination, to a certain extent, in recent years. At some point I adopted the… Read More
Digging Deep With The Dollyrots
2022-01-21 17:15
Photo by Jen RosensteinI was looking and the first time I wrote about the Dollyrots seems to be right around 2007, and I made a pretty obvious-to-me Josie and the Pussycats reference about t… Read More
Movin' Right Along!
2022-01-19 21:32
Some days ya just need to check in, say hi, and let everyone know everything is O.K. Well, as O.K. as things can be, these days.So, hi!Lessee, where do we go from there? New year's resolutio… Read More
2022-01-04 17:29
This was the first time in far too long that I felt I ended the year in a better place than I was when it began. While 2021 was pretty terrible overall on a global scale, my own life started… Read More
The Times Are Right For A 'Slow Xmas.'
2021-12-20 16:16
This time of year the air is filled with holiday music. For just under one month—for those of us in the more rational camp of thinking—sleigh bells and warm fires rule the musica… Read More
Oh, How I Miss Travel.
2021-12-13 23:55
Stunningly accurate, yet I still miss hotels like this after almost two years of being stuck within a few miles of Chicago. Also, I too would have a very difficult time keeping a straight fa… Read More
Chase Away Any Winter Blahs With Pip Blom.
2021-11-24 15:35
Photo by Erik SmitsWhen I first listened to the new Pip Blom album Welcome Break, I was like, "Oh cool, another band that seems to have grown up on Matador '90s records!"Seriously, I don't t… Read More
Gal Gun Delivers A 'Critical Hit!'
2021-11-17 20:25
Oh, hey there! I did a little write-up about Chicago band Gal Gun's latest album Critical Hit over at Third Coast Review ahead of their show at Liar's Club tonight (a show you you shoul… Read More
The Kickback Returns, One Song At A Time.
2021-10-22 11:15
After a long hiatus for the band, The Kickback has started to make noise publicly again. Currently, the group is releasing a single track of new music at a time, and as I hear more music fro… Read More
You Won't Be Stuck In Neutral Forever.
2021-10-16 11:05
Let's start with the positive. A thing that has really helped me stay afloat mentally over the last 18 months.I'm grateful I've been employed throughout the pandemic, since it's given me som… Read More
The 21st Of September!
2021-09-21 22:26
Almost missed this one this year! And it's reportedly the last time he's doing this, so if that's true, he's going out in epic style. Enjoy! Read More
Rockin' My Turntable In 2020.
2021-09-13 10:00
I know it's a break from tradition to use album covers instead of my yearly turntable image, but...Hey, at least this one isn't as late as my 2018 list, right? I honestly debated even doing… Read More
2021-09-11 13:23
There are three flashes of memory with images so clear and feelings so overwhelming that they haven't faded in 20 years. Groggily picking up the phone after its ringing woke me up to he… Read More
2021-07-23 20:20
How's everyone doing? Everyone's life back to normal yet? Everyone feeling good? Back into a regular schedule and seeing all your friends?Yeah, me neither.As part of an attempt to "get back… Read More
Hold Onto Your Hats!
2021-06-09 16:39
While it might seem odd I'm only just now seeing a video from 2016, that's the glory on the internet, right? Discovering old news that feels surprising and new! Well, sometimes. In this inst… Read More
It's Been A Good Week!
2021-06-03 12:41
I've spent more time in my company's physical office in the last week than I did in the previous fourteen months. I don't know what the future holds, though I am not a fan of the notion we w… Read More
LØLØ's Killer Jamz.
2021-06-02 12:50
Some days you just need a really big, crunchy guitar, straightforward pop tune that doesn't have any real deeper meaning beyond creating an aggressive head-nodding vibe and the potential to… Read More
Debris Slide!
2021-06-01 23:31
So Saturday I was minding my business when I suddenly had to hear a particular song! This was unusual, since it has been years since my entire system demanded such specific immediate aural a… Read More

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