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Thursday 27th March 2008

Tags: song band rock
What the hell are those two doing here! Its normally a welcoming huge pair of norks or something suitable silly to open up with! Well I go to the bottom of out stairs. I suppose it’s a welcome change from the usual filth we see here, not to worry though, the filth will be back later! As if I would ever let you down folks. We have set ourselves a very high benchmark to keep up with here at Captain Jacks, and we are not about to let our standards drop, with bigger norks guaranteed in future weeks!
Enough norks for now. As you can tell the stars from the classic children’s T.V. show Rainbow are here to say hello, after all we all remember them don’t we! And for those who ventured to the Hotel on Thursday, for some unknown fact, it turned into a very funny half hour as I proceeded to do my long lost George And Zippy impressions, much to everyone’s enjoyment, and causing much aching of the stomach, caused by excessive laughter of course! Captain Jack thinks there may be a regular feature coming out of this one soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

No more news on the Save Planet Rock front this week, apart from the stay of execution until the end of April I suppose no news is good news, as negotiations are still taking place about new owners of the station. With all the support still coming in from the big guns such as Thunder, Whitesnake, Dave Gilmour and Fish, then I’m sure that the station will stay on air and keep Britain Rocking, but of course they still want the support on the website, so if you have still not signed to show your support, then please do click on the link and follow the instructions, every signature will count in keeping this great radio station on air, and also keep Rick Wakeman off the streets!

Anyway onto the blog. All the usual great features are here again for you to enjoy this week with Classic Tracks, Hot Chicks, Karaoke Classics, Bull Plop, Jokes, More Crew, Celebrity Star Wars, a drink in my Cocktail Lounge, another Film That Should Be Made and of course more great pics to feast your eyes upon. So lets get on with it then with this weeks…………

Well its time to get the old brainbox working with this weeks Every Picture. Now last weeks was the easiest one so far, and I know that a few of you got it even before the clues, so this week be prepared to have to think a little bit more before you jump to your guess. As usual the picture shown is an image describing a very famous Song, all you have to do is look at the picture, read the clues and then guess the song title. Easy peasey lemon squeezy. That is unless you guess after fifteen pints of Stella, in which case your on your own! Right here is the picture then.

1. The song was written in by amongst others Gerry Rafferty and was a top ten hit in the UK and the USA.
2. It was famously used for the ‘ear scene’ in Quinten Tarantinos Reservoir Dogs.
3. Its been covered by a host of other artists, but most recently by a famous footballers wife!

There you go another three clues which I’m sure have given you the answer with no problems whatsoever! Now you know the drill, your not allowed to know the answer until you have read the rest of this weeks blog, so eyes down look in and get on with the rest of this weeks blog, though I’m sure you don’t just read this bit and skip the rest to get to the answer, I mean what would be the point of the Hot Chicks if no one was going to spend hours looking at the pictures!

So now your all itching to get to this weeks classic track here is folks, and yet again I've a little gem for your to listen to agaim this week. Enjoy!

Classic Track # 10

Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet 2003

Not so much of a classic, more of a iconic tune this week, although as its only 5 years old its not had much of a chance to earn classic status yet! Non the less this is a rip roaring track from a Band who have almost made it big, but never quite have yet. The track was released by Australian rockers Jet in 2003 from their first album Get Born.

The song got the band into the top twenty in the Uk, reaching number 16, and also got to number 29 on the US charts. But the main success of the single, and the best exposure a new band could of ever hoped for, was when the track was used in the advertising campaign for the launch of the Apple iPod, and for the Vodaphone Live! Range of mobile phones in the same year, prompting worldwide recognition of the song. The music video is shot in black and white, and shows Jet performing in a blank studio. As they play, black ink starts pouring out of their equipment and forms a landscape resembling the cover art on their album Get Born.
On first listen you will hear the bass line from Lust For Life and this will slowly gather some of a Keith Richard type guitar feel to the song. Nic Cester's, the bands lead singer, voice is strong, well-crafted and very familiar.

The levels are spot on and the lyrics, like the sound, are born in the '70s music scene, such as "Big black boots/Long brown hair/She's so sweet/With her death black stare."
Jet entered the Sunset Sound Studio in LA with Dave Sardy to produce their debut album Get Born. Sardy had previously produced records for Marilyn Manson and The Dandy Warhols. The band had to leave the recording studios halfway through recording the album to fly back to support The Rolling Stones on their 2003 Australian tour.
The album was criticised for being derivative of many classic rock artists such as The Stones, The Beatles and fellow Aussies, AC/DC. There were also claims that these bands not only influenced the album, but riffs and melodies from individual songs by other artists made their way onto songs from Get Born.

In fact in several of the albums songs you can almost hear the riffs of the songs they were influenced by, such as Iggy Pop as I said earlier on this track, Look What You’ve Done, which is an Imagine by John Lennon clone, Bachman Turner Overdrives riff from Takin’ Care Of Business in Rollover D.J. and All Day And All Of The Night by the Kinks has a riff that can be heard on Get What You Need. Having said that though, the band received great praise as well, in bringing a great 70’s style feel back into rock music, bringing back memories of when rock was worth listening to. The band since went on to record their second album Shine On in 2006, but it failed to gain the status that Get Born had given the band. They are currently recording their third album due for release in 2008.

As a live act, Jet are definitely worth a look. I saw them as a support act to Aerosmith at last years Hyde Park Calling Festival, and they were one of the best acts on the day. They have also played with the Rolling Stones on every Stones tour since they first played with them on the 2003 World Tour, and are reported to be one of Keith Richards favourite bands.

A sailor meets a pirate in a bar, and take turns boasting of their adventures on the high seas. The seaman notes that the pirate has a peg-leg, hook, and an eyepatch.
The sailor asks "So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?"
The pirate replies "We were in a storm at sea, and I was swept overboard into a school of sharks. Just as my men were pulling me out a shark bit my leg off."
"Wow!" said the sailor. "What about your hook"?
"Well...", replied the pirate, "While my men and I were plundering in the middle east, I was caught stealing from a merchant and the punishment for theft in the middle east is the loss of the hand that steals"
"Incredible!" remarked the sailor. "How did you get the eyepatch?"
"A sea gull dropping fell into my eye.", replied the pirate.
"You lost your eye to a sea gull dropping?" the sailor asked incredulously.
"Well...", said the pirate, " was my first day with the hook."

Ha Ha Haaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhghhh arrrrr arrrr ha hah ha ha me old hearties, an welcome ye all again. This we I have another varment to introduce to ye all from my fearsome crew of old bucco’s, and aye this one is a real rabscallion if every a pirate was a rabscallioin. He sails the seven seas in his ship The Lust of the Caribbean, and he goes by the name of Black-eyed Bart the Messy, or as you know him Russell Brand. This fearful pirate has had many a go on the old Jolly Roger, and Roger was none to happy about it I can tell ye. The old scurvy dog is often on the poop deck, showing off his tackle to the wenches he comes across, and has had more slaps than a son of a biscuit eater. Thar she blows! He is known for his pillaging of young maidens, and he often talks with the tongue of a gent, but beware as its only his way of getting into your breaches. Ya Har Jim lad me old cockle picker.

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum me old heartie, I be off now before the old Hornswaggle attempts to make port in my poop deck, savvy! Goodbye all til next time Ya Har ha Ha ha ha haaaaarrrrgggggghhhh

And now its time to dip our toes into the art world, and see wh0 that little scamp Ronnie Wood has been poking his easle at this week. Here we go with another....

So where has Ronnie been up to this week then? Well it seems that Ronnie’s band mate Keef isn’t the only rock star that likes a little drinky! The lead guitarist of Rock Band Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora has been arrested for drink driving in California. Sambora was stopped for appearing to be swerving between lanes on the Laguna Beach highway. He was stopped by officer Sgt Jason Kravetz, who said Sambora smelt of alcohol when he was pulled over. The 48 year old rocker may also be charged with endangerment to children as he had two young girls in the car, reported to be Sambora’s daughter with ex wife Heather Locklear. As you can see in Ronnie’s picture, Richie is being pulled over, with ah em a couple of can’s which appeared at the side of his window. Stupid rock stars, still it gives Ronnie something to do between tours! More from Ronnie next week…

And now its time to take a little break to rest your weary eyes from all this reading before you get onto looking at another sexy installment of my Hot Chicks. While away a few moments and enjoy yourself in the section know as.........

Aero Acrobat

Now lets see whats next? Ah yes thats it. Its the answer to the prayers of my male readers week in week out. Don't worry lads, the wifes downstairs watching Emmerdale or Eastenders while you feast your eyes on yet another of.........

Now lets all put out hands up who thought Star Trek was only for geeks? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 9, right enough of you to make your point I see. Well I myself count in those geeks, and I know a Hot Chick when I see one, and let me tell you, why do you think so many geeks watch the show, well it wasn’t to see the Spock ears, it was to catch a glimpse of Hot Babes like our latest Hot Chick entry, Jolene Blalock.

Jolene was born on 5th March, 1975 in San Diego, California, and is an actress best known for playing Sub-Commander T‘Pol, a Vulcan, that’s the ones with the big ears, although big norks is optional!, in Star Trek:Enterprise. Prior to Enterprise, her highest profile role was playing Medea in a 2000 adaptation of Jason And The Argonauts. A popular model, Blalock has appeared on the cover of many men's lifestyle magazines and was twice featured in Maxim's Girls of Maxim gallery.

Blalock's 30th birthday, coincided with the filming of her final scenes as T'Pol. During the spring of 2005, she was quoted in an interview and at her Pasadena convention appearance as calling the Enterprise finale episode appalling, although the reasons for this opinion were not initially reported. In a later interview, Blalock expanded upon this by saying that she was upset that the final episode focuses more upon characters from The Next Generation than Enterprise. Although why she thought that was more likely to be the fact she wasn’t allowed to get on the screen looking like this.

As she has found becoming a Trek actor means having to make appearances at Trek Conventions, filled with the weird and wonderful, such as grown men and women dressed as Klingon’s. A self-confessed Trekkie herself, and big fan of The Original Series, she was openly critical of Enterprise during its third and fourth seasons. She has stated that she felt that the show was creatively lacking, and that the show's producers were out of touch with Trek fans, although she called the fourth season a distinct improvement over what came before. Having said that I’m sure if she appeared like in this next picture, then the ratings would have been even higher.From what I can tell Jolene is a very animated and lively woman. Her obvious delight in discussing a subject is shown from her friendly eyes, beautiful smile, carefree attitude, and her great pair of norks! She is someone that is truly fascinating to listen to, as she has a very sexy voice, and her stunning good looks make her very pleasing to the eye! She is a talented actress, who manages to capture the imagination of her audience, especially the men!

She has led a pretty lively life away from the Trek world as well. Apart from being a model, and being referred too as an Angelina Jolie lookalike, no bad thing there then, she has had her run ins with the law! She was arrested with her then boyfriend Ed Norton in 2001, after being caught in two separate traffic incidents by West Hollywood Police. Apparently the pair were on a bit of a drinking binge when they were caught driving the wrong way up a highway, sounds like more than a couple of shandy’s! Amazingly the pair soon split after that.

Her strange sounding name is actually Scottish/Irish in origin, and actually means Black Lock. Her interest in lock’s and all things water related led to her becoming a keen surfer from childhood, and she is never as happy as she is when she is waxing her board off, stripping down to her skimpy’s and heading off to get all wet, as you can see in this picture!

I know what your thinking, no surfboard. Well did you really want to see a surfboard, no I didn’t think so! She is still wet though! Jolene is a skilled artist, and not just at getting her kit off. Her preferred medium is crayon, and with any luck she may end up sending in some work for Ronnie to assess for his Bull Plop section! She is fluent in several languages, including French, Japanese, Italian and Welsh, although she has yet to find a use for Welsh.

Apart from her love of surfing, Jolene is also a keen Tennis player, an Ice Skater, a Snowboarder and she is also fully trained in several Martial Arts including Kickboxing, Thai Boxing and Jujitsu, although she still hasn’t found any use in knowing Welsh! She also is a keen photographer, and here is one of her favourite pictures that she took of herself. As you can see the aperture for the picture is stunning.Ah another fine bit of strumpet to feast your eyes upon. Lets get back to the rest of the blog now, as I need to get finished so I can get back to watching the repeats of Enterprise on Virgin 1!

Well its time again now for this weeks Celebrity Star Wars. Now as you know may celebrities would of loved to of been part of the franchise that had made names for all the stars of the film, but how this one was overlooked was a mystery. A faithful servant, just like the other fur ball in the films, and lets face it this one would of at least been able to fetch a ball all bring you your slippers every now and again! Of course I am talking about the super star canine Lassie.

And as Lassie once famously said about the fact that he was overlooked for a part in the film “Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof. Woof Bow Woof Boww Woww Wow Snarl Woof Woof WOOF WOOF woof!”

Now after all that I do fancy a little drinky poo’s, so lets head off down to the bar and visit…..

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Recipe

1 shot tequilla
½ measure grenadine
3 ½ measures of Orange Juice
Stir the tequila and orange juice with ice cubes in a shaker or jug and strain into a tall tumbler.
Add ice cubes then slowly pour in the grenadine.
Allow the settle, but stir once before drinking.

Right lets have a dabble at this one then. Cor blimey it’s a stonker! Hmm the flavour is so fruity and it really hit’s the spot. I wonder what it will taste like if a switch it to one measure of orange and three shots of Tequilla, can’t do any harm I suppose!
Schoodiing hell schtone the crowch thatch got a kick of a donkey on schteroids. Oi come over ere an ave a little drinky with me missus. Your lovely you are you shexy fing you, eh I know a shong about that er Do do do do do Do do do do do do I belive in mischicles wot ish wong you shexyi fing yoyu. What do youi mean take me and off your arrssse. Stop it thershe no need to call for the law misssus. I’m shorry occifer, but the old bg happears to be mistaken about the whole inssdecent, She haapperssh to be finkin I have handled her arris in some fashion, but I con assiure you fvat I would not touch said arriss wiv a pole used to push a barge over pole type thingy. Yesh of course I’ll leave this estiblasmont without fussing a make!

Enough of the drunken shenanigans for this week and lets move swiftly onto this weeks musical interlude. As usual you will get a great Live Track from one of the best live acts in the World today. Then of course it’s the Karaoke Classics section, with five great songs for you this week. And to round off is the Alternative Music History.

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

Hyde Park, London 2006

Well it was always going to happen, five songs, and to be fair it wasn’t that quiet in the pub this week. Still to make up for the lack of singers, I managed to get five in, and we all had one of the biggest laugh’s of the year so far. Of course I was not responsible for that in any way, shape or form! Well it’s not my fault everyone thinks George And Zippy impressions are funny is it, anyway side splitting laughter is good for you, even when it hurts. But as for the singing, like I said I managed five songs this week, well four and a duet! So the songs I have for you this week are 1. Hysteria by Def Leppard 2. Spirit Of Radio by Rush 3. Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones 4. Kids by Robbie Williams feat Kylie Minogue and 5. These Are The Days Of Our Lives by Queen.

Hysteria by Def Leppard

Highest UK Chart Position: No 26 December 1987

A real treat to start off with this week. One of the great British Rock Bands, and a track taken from one of the best British Rock Albums ever. A few weeks ago I brought you Animal as one of the Classic Tracks, and that was probably the best know song off the album, but being a bit of a romantic at heart, I do like the ballads, and this one is one of the best Rock Ballads that has ever been recorded in my opinion. By the release of the Hysteria album, the band had developed a distinctive sound featuring heavy drums and effects-laden guitar sounds, overlaid with a multi-layered wall of husky, harmonised vocals. Def Leppard is one of only five rock bands with two original albums selling over 10 million copies each in the U.S. The others are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Van Halen.
As I have already given you a bit of a report on the album, I thought I’d give you an insight into lead singer Joe Elliott, who’s distinctive vocals have made Def Leppard one of the most popular bands in the world. Elliott auditioned for Def Leppard , who were then known as Atomic Mass, singing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven. He missed the octave change in the song but the band was so impressed with his looks and enthusiasm that they took him anyway. During Def Leppard's early days Elliott worked in a bread factory where while sweeping up he would pretend to be AC/DC’s frontman Bon Scott. In addition to singing, Joe plays guitar, bass, piano and drums, and can be seen with Kiss style make-up playing drums in the band's music video to the song Rocket.
As a songwriter, Elliott has drawn from his eclectic tastes in music as sources of inspiration. He also often comments that the lyrics to Def Leppard's music are not personal and they are meant to be easily accessible to the listener.
Elliott has worked with several side projects through his career. Among them, he has worked in numerous tributes to other artists like Freddie Mercury, Alice Cooper, Mick Ronson, Ian Hunter, and David Bowie. He had the honour of opening the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992 by joining the remaining members of Queen and Slash to perform Tie Your Mother Down. He also has guested on several projects like Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood's solo album Slide On This.

Spirit Of Radio by Rush

Highest UK Chart Position: No 13 March 1980

Now a bit of inspiration from last weeks Live Is Best. Spirit of Radio is a song first released in 1980 by popular Canadian rock band Rush on their album Permanent Waves. The song's name was inspired by Toronto radio station CFNY's catchphrase. The song was significant in the growing popularity of the band. The band had grazed the UK Top 40 two years earlier, but when issued as a single in March 1980, Spirit of Radio became their breakthrough hit at the time, and soon raced to No 13 in the chart. The final lines of the song, For the words of the profits Were written on the studio walls. Concert Hall, are an allusion to the famous lines from the Simon And Garfunkel classic The Sound Of Silence. Also the lyric a question of your honesty... yeah, your honesty, where the second part is sung in a slightly lower voice, is a tongue-in-cheek jab at Billy Joel and his 1978 hit Honesty.
The album also proved to be the breakthrough for the band in the UK as well. It shifted Rush's style of music dramatically via the introduction of reggae and new wave. Although a hard rock style was still evident, more and more synthesizers were introduced. Moreover, due to the limited airplay Rush's previous extended-length songs received, Permanent Waves included shorter, more radio-friendly songs such as Spirit Of Radio.
The song also provides a good illustration of what lead singer and drummer Neil Peart means by the guitar and drums having to interact, just as much as the traditional rock rhythm section. Many of the recurring gestures of Spirit of Radio display a raw, backbeat energy that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of early-1980s, post-punk music. However, Rush consistently combines this energy with its unique hybrid of progressive rock and hard rock and with its ongoing penchant for virtuosity.
Rush immediately strove to explore certain things about Spirit of Radio in nearly all of its subsequent music. For example, from 1981 to 2002 the band’s new songs averaged only about five minutes in duration, and it also continued to make space for virtuosic elements, retained a certain amount of non-standard time signatures, used recurring gestures and sections, lyrically addressed relatively serious topics, incorporated music technology, and acknowledged other types of music. By comparison,in the early 1980s the pop-oriented music of former progressive rock bands such as Yes and Genesis only occasionally suggested progressive rock. By comparison, Rush retained its prog rock status for several decades and thus continued to denote progressive rock for many fans and musician fans and also to provide a context for them to explore additional progressive oriented and musically rock music, including progressive heavy metal.

Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones

Highest UK Chart Position: No 2 1971

At last, Another Stones song this year! Its been weeks since I sang one, and it felt great to warble along to the greatest band in the world again. Brown Sugar is the opening track and first single from The Stones 1971 album Sticky Fingers. Though credited, like most Stones compositions, to Mick Jagger and the legend Keith Richards, the song was primarily the work of Jagger, who wrote it sometime during the filming of Ned Kelly in 1969. Originally recorded over a three day period in the USA during December 1969, the song was not released until over a year later due to legal wranglings with the band's former label, though the Stones debuted the number live during the infamous concert at Altamont, where a riot broke out due to Hells Angels being hired as security at the event.
In the film Gimme Shelter, an alternate mix of the song is played back to Jagger and Richards while they relax in a hotel in New York. This version differs from that on record by the inclusion of a rhythmic variation on the familiar introduction for two out of every four bars for that part.
The song, with its prominent blues-rock riffs, dual horn and guitar instrumental break, and danceable rock rhythms, is representative of the Stones' definitive mid-period and the tough, bluesy hard-rock most often associated with the group. However, its lyrical subject matter has often been a point of interest and controversy. Described by rock critic Robert Christgau as a rocker so compelling that it discourages exegesis, Brown Sugar's popularity indeed often overshadowed its scandalous lyrics, which were essentially a pastiche of a number of taboo subjects, including interracial, slave rapend less distinctly, sadomasochism, lost virginity, and drug use. Brown Sugar was eventually released in May 1971 as the first single from the album, becoming a number-one hit in the US and a number two hit in the UK and has since become a classic radio staple track. While the US single only featured Bitch on the B-side, the UK single featured that track plus a live rendition of Chuck Berry's Let It Rock, recorded at Leeds University during the 1971 tour of the UK. Brown Sugar song was performed steadily during the Stones' 1970 European, occupying a prominent spot near the end of the set, even though audiences were unfamiliar with it. It eventually opened the famed 1972 US shows and has been a Stones concert stalwart since.

Kids by Robbie Williams feat Kylie Minogue

Highest UK Chart Position: No 2 Oct 2000

A cracking duet now, sang tonight with one of the better singers in the pub Joanne, whose special feature far outweigh any problems she may have singing when she is not blathered! Kids was the second single on Sing When Your Winning, Robbie’s fourth album.
Williams and then song writing partner Guy Chambers co-wrote the duet for Kylie Minogue to collaborate with the Robster. It is also a track on Kylie Minogue's Light Years album and the third single released from that album. A different version of this song with a spoken fadeout rap by Williams appeared on his album Sing When You're Winning.
The song became a smash hit in the United Kingdom, reaching number-two and selling over 200,000 copies being certified Silver by the BPI. The track also broke into the top twenty in several other countries including New Zealand and Australia, being certified Gold in the latter.
The lyrics, although penned by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers, refer back to the a previous hit of Kylies, Give Me Just A Little More time, where Kylie sings 'you're dancing with the chairman of the board'.
Robbie and Kylie have only performed the song together on a few occasions. The most well known being at the 2000 MTV Europe Awards, they have also performed it on Top Of The Pops twice and at one of Robbie's concerts in Manchester in 2001.
Both artists perform the song regularly when touring, one of their backing singers usually tends to sing it along with them. On Kylie's recent tour, U2 frontman Bono took Robbie's place and performed it with her. Kylie's sister Dannii has also joined her to perform the song on a couple of shows in Kylie's Showgirl tour.

Days Of Our Lives by Queen

Highest UK Chart Position: No 1 December 1991

Before we get on with this one let me just say that I am privileged to be able to sing any songs by Queen, mainly due to the influence that the legendary Freddie Mercury has had on my life. His charismatic style was his forte, and his showmanship and stage presence is something we should all as performers aspire to be like. There was only one Freddie, and there will never be another. Queen are one of the few bands that I really fear singing, as I would hate to not give Freddie’s vocals the justice they deserve.
The song is the eighth track on the album Innuendo, and was credited to the group as a whole, even though it was mainly written by drummer Roger Taylor.
The accompanying video was the last to feature Freddie Mercury, as he was in the final stages of a battle with the AIDS virus. Although Roger Taylor seems to play the conga in the video, it was actually Dave Richards, the band's producer at the time, who recorded the conga percussion for the song. For the promotional video, Mercury, Taylor and John Deacon were present at the shoot, with additional footage of guitarist Brian May filmed some weeks later and edited into the footage, as he was out of the country on a radio promotional tour at the time of the principal film shoot. The video was shot in black and white to hide the full extent of Freddie's faltering condition. Colour production footage of the video later emerged, showing just how frail Freddie really looked, and justifying the band's decision to film in black and white out of respect for him.
The song was issued as a single in the US in September, 1991 and as double A-Side single in the UK in December, 1991, in the wake of Mercury's death, with the seminal Queen track Bohemian Rhapsody. The single debuted at Number 1 on the UK singles chart, and as a result the song was awarded a BRIT Awards for Best Single in 1992.
The song was played live in 1992 at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, sung by George Michael and Lisa Stansfield. This live version was later included in the 1993 Five Live, credited to George Michael with Queen & Lisa Stansfield, but mostly featuring George Michael live songs plus Dear Friends, a short track sung by Mercury, closing the EP.
The song was also used in 2007, at the Concert For Diana at the new Wembley Stadium, in London in honour of the late Princess Of Wales. At the end of the performances, a video montage of Diana as a child was presented and this song was playing in the background.

Well its time to see what would happen if history had taken a turn in a different way. Super star rock god Slash is well know for his wild antics with Axl Rose while in Gun’s & Rose’s, and his current wild ways with new band Velvet Revolver. He is also the star of the Guitar Hero III game, recording tracks especially for the game. But what if he had not moved to the States and stayed in Stoke On Trent, what if he had not made it as a rock god and maybe have taken another route to musical stardom. Well here’s what happens when you stay in Stoke, its Slash’s One Man Band, seen outside Woolworths in Hanley with that daft dancing man selling the Big Issue every bloody day of the week, get a real job you lazy arse!

And thats it for your music this week folks, so lets find out about the latest Hollywood Box Office hit thats not going to happen in.....

On the opening day of the 2000/01 season Sheffield Wednesday keeper Kevin Pressman carved himself a little niche in history by becoming the fastest red carded player in the history of the Football League. He was sent off playing against Wolves at Molineux for handling the ball outside the box after just thirteen seconds, I mean I’ve heard of an early bath but that’s just ridiculous!

And that is the one and only time you will see Chris Kamara and that barnet on this blog I can tell you. Ah well folks its almost time to wave bye bye to another week. It jas as always been great fun bringing all those lovely items to your attention this week, and I hope you have enjoyed all the fun. Speaking of fun I nearly forgot, but the answer to this weeks Every Picture Tells A Story was of course.....

See I told you it was easy! Bet you didn't get that one first time! Now no lying be honest you were stumped weren't you. Right its time to depart again, more fun and frolic's next week when we will do it all over again. Until next time my friends. Goodbye, and if I don't see you through the window I'll see you through the week.

Number Two: My name is Number Two and this is my Italian Assistant Alotta Fagina.
Austin Powers: Come again?
Alotta Fagina: Alotta Fagina
Austin Powers: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just not getting it, it sounds like you said your name was a lot of um... never mind!
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Thursday 27th March 2008


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