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History and Mesopotamian Inventions who Change the World

mesopotamian inventions

Mesopotamian Inventions - Information about Mesopotamian Inventions. Mesopotamia is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Location of Mesopotamia was in the area located between two rivers Tigris and Euphrates. The second upstream the river comes from the highlands of mountainous Asia Minor flows to the southeast in parallel combine the open expanse. Just less than two hundred miles, the two rivers closer together. The area through which the two rivers were generally fertile. Because the area is an area in the form of ground water resulting precipitated from the Tigris and Euphrates.

This has caused people around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and prosperous life. Fertility and prosperity that make envy of other nations who lived on the banks of the river valley. Arose invasions from outside who want to compete for irrigation water and good soil. Nation achieves decent civilization was the first time in the valley of the Euphrates and Tigris named himself the Sumerians. The natives there conquered become a slave who later marries anyway. The Sumerians dating from the desert and mountains beyond Mesopotamia.

They certainly initially are farmers who live as nomads. Similarly come over there Semites and then mixed with the Sumerians. Before getting to the valley of the Euphrates and Tigris Semites are already familiar with the basics of political and economic life of agriculture.

Mesopotamian history begins with the growth of a civilization, which is believed to be the oldest center of civilization in the world, by the Sumerians. The Sumerians build some famous ancient city, namely Ur, Ereck, Kish, etc. The presence of an imperialistic character of other nations who also inhabit Mesopotamia, Akkadian nation, led by Sargon the Great, apparently doing a political conquest, but not the cultural conquest. Even in matters of cultural Sumer and Akkad acculturated, so the leadership era is often called Sumer-Akkad Vol. Sumer interference can not be dismissed, when pressed by the Gutti Akkad, Sumer nation was the one who supports Akkad, so that they can still be in power in the "land between two rivers" is.

Following Mesopotamian Inventions

1. The discovery of the first wheel in Mesopotamia

mesopotamian inventions

The discovery of the first wheel that is found to be used as a porter wheels. Wheels were first discovered around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia.

Although the first wheel has been first in Mesopotamia called "Ljubljana Marshes Wheel" found in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The wheel was not only used for transportation purposes only. It is used widely in terms of irrigation, pottery, and milling.

2. Discovery of the First Train

mesopotamian inventions

When the man learned to tame horses, bulls and other animals that are useful to them. Because the train was not a sudden discovery. The train is the first personal transport concept. It has been used for years as a key technology for the war.

Train first appeared around 3200 BC in Mesopotamia. Trains also used as a means of transport luxury for the royal family and other wealthy people.

3. The discovery of an ancient sailboat

mesopotamian inventions

Sailboat first created and used for transportation on the River and had to be controlled by humans. Sailboat created with a bad design, but it could eventually help people trade.

Sailboat originally used to cross the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for fishing and to explore other areas.

4. The discovery time

mesopotamian inventions

Did you know that time is found in Mesopotamia? Mesopotamia since the first developed the concept of time and divide units of time into 60 parts. Finally,  60 seconds as 1 minute and 1 hour 60 minutes.

5. astrology ancient Mesopotamia

mesopotamian inventions

Astrologers have always observed the instantaneous location of the planet and advise people with the social or political position is high. astronomical mythology, such as the concept of the constellation Capricorn, Leo, and Sagittarius, it was left to the Greeks by the Sumerians and Babylonians and still in use today.

The constellation is also used in everyday activities. They are widely used to mark the harvest or sowing crops. They also mapped the movement of the sky, the sun, stars, and the moon, and to predict sky events, such as eclipses.


mesopotamian inventions

When civilization began to grow, people have also started to trade goods. Surely they need a system that is accurate to calculate the goods they buy and sell.

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History and Mesopotamian Inventions who Change the World


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