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DIVISIVE ~ ness ~ My response to a meme...

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"Unless it suits me and I desperately need to rescue some of kind of legacy from the ash heap of my administration..."

My response...

The largest problem we are facing as a Nation, certainly at least from within, may very well be these divisive issues today purposely being exploited by greedy media moguls to split our wonderful constituents into warring factions too God Damn stupid to do what is best for this Country as we disintegrate from the inside out, as Rome did fall so we do for nearly exactly identical reasons.

By not going through Congress to bring more power to the executive branch (alleging an illegal use of executive power where the Congress was legally supposed to be involved and an act was called executive that really was not suppose to be) vs. exercising an absolute power as President and declaring a specific executive order as so authorized are vastly two entirely different animals all together.

Why do we allow the twisting of issues by the mass media alongside this type of pure ignorance?

When we are in the middle of a civil war that may start real soon and we only quickly edge closer towards, remember these fucking bullshit distractions that split family and friends exactly as they were designed to do so that a nation can be conquered. I typically make few comments upon any of this nonsense because I then feel responsible for the lies being perpetrated.

We are upon the most dangerous cusp America has ever faced and I certainly do not say that lightly,... mark my words !

While we play these games at home North Korea detonates nuclear bombs and Putin does as he pleases virtually unchecked, and shall I really go on??? Do I need to ???

It is time we invest in our own country with a massive new infrastructure building and upgrades and maintenance program! It is time we take some pride again in our country and build it together instead of tear it down while divided, or neglect it as we spend far to much time with this familial like in-fighting! Change laws so we can have small business compete with big business, create tax shelters to promote MASSIVE investment, demolish all urban slums and ghettos with no more excuses across the entire country, design a civil service (like/similar to old C.C.C. under Roosevelt) so all Americans can serve their country and anyone that wants a job or needs one can serve their country with great pride and support a family. We should increase the size of our military both here and abroad as pulling out and downsizing have been miserable failures that have actually created instability. We need to stay home and kick ass only in short term actions and defend our country at its borders even more diligently.

I am more deeply of the thought that the real fight started in colleges and institutions across this land some 35-45 years ago as we have radical teachings against our very own constitution and bill of rights and that we far too often accept this fucking bullshit and become ever more desensitized to illegal acts against our own citizens !!! TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT !!!

We have a moral obligation as citizens to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic! Are we really doing that ? I believe for a fact that there are terrorist training camps and I wrote and studied all about Operation Jade Helm and its real intent and purpose is to find and delete any and all terrorist cells or individuals and disrupt any possible operations. Stay vigilant, as most Americans are clueless to what the hell real terrorism truly is.

I come from a long line of military life with a father and brother that are both West Pointers and I know what they think and I due not mince words however I speak for myself and stand up for what I believe and stay open minded to other possibilities as I study, learn, stay prepared, and plan on defending this country in any way she calls for me to do so, so that the prosperity that over 200+ years that my family has enjoyed may be able to be passed further along for countless generations where we shall let no one single entity of any type infringe upon these rights so afforded ti ALL citizens in good standing.

The problems are so far removed from being presidential, so please do not fall for all of this total bullshit!!!

Facts are facts and those with money have far too much in such a way that they are totally polarizing the entire system by exploitation off weaknesses we are too weak to even defend against in most ways today. I bet you know the KOCH name!

I hate Trump, voted for Obama 2x, and I am a Republican that feels disenfranchised, and as a proud American I exercise my right to vote keeping in mind recent parties failures and also that we must shift this paradigm! Call me crazy, however this Obama administration will go down in history as one of the most influential presidencies since Reagen's and in great and fantastic ways.

The political conversations have been well started, are wide open, and lively, and I look to see Trump continue down that path, as he will say what is on his mind without any candy coating like all the pussies we have had for decades now !!!

More then likely I will vote for Trump, and I know for certain he will blast our economy right to the top in ZERO time ! He is a doer and not a talker or a man that waits around, and if he offends you, buy some fucking Kleenex and some tampons!

I remember, at 48 today, the late 70's and early 80's and then what happened as Reagen stepped into office (I attended his inauguration just as I did Obama's first) and restored this country in quick order. We absolutely must get a handle on spending however and be careful to watch for the pitfalls of that time as we bring our country back up to the leading forefront of all fields and raise the bar higher and higher with no more cop-out excuses.

Thugs at home and abroad should all receive a quick and permanent dismissal from our planet and be thunked fast with no delay from now on out!

I think Trump will be that man who is our President for the upcoming 8 years and he will be 69, as was Reagen when he started his 8 years of service.

I pray we do not undo the great progress we have made under this administration and I pray we all grow up, stop name calling like a bunch of little bitches, grow up on an international stage and stop acting like the teenage country we should all be ashamed of, shut up and put our work or boxing gloves on, smarten up and kick some ass in every single respect there is in which to do so.

I see ZERO other leaders for this day and age and I cannot believe that this opportunist is going to waltz into the White House, but who can stop him really ??? REALLY ??? Hilary is a complete disgrace, sociopathic liar and I would rather almost anything then suffer through her demolishing our country ! We would get stomped out like ants !!! It is easy to dislike Trump, however he seems to walk with ethics always in hand, is fair and honest, acts quickly when needed, develops proven teams of great achievers, and tolerates ZERO BS !!! That is what a leader needs to do!!!

Who else is going to defend us always while building our country both greater and stronger which benefits the rich and the poor ??? Who else is truly capable right now at this specific moment in time?

I think you better get the investment portfolio ready and start the long term planning to be rich because this may very well be the greatest time in history for science and advancement in technological revolutions as well as the most productive time ever for the artists too, and the artists will be getting paid like never before as well, as you can read about these thoughts in a multitude of places by today's most prolific visionaries, as I myself suggest.

In 2010 I was published by the US Dept. of Energy for my thoughts as I will simply quote below.

This is short and simple and sweet and it is my original thought precisely that we indeed follow today and I think need to maintain as well as other criteria I have outlined within to a degree. I hope we stick to these things that are built on foundations of decent principles that are solid and very promising for the entire world. The next three paragraphs below are from the time mentioned above and are from a time very shortly after specific energy saving measures were taken at my own home as my home was very strategically winterized.


This to me is exactly the essence of what the " GREEN MOVEMENT" is all about. First, reducing our own personal carbon footprint by efficiently consuming less natural resources through the use of modern and more efficient technology. Using this more modern technology creates a new work force with a fresh clean perspective, thus creating more jobs in many ways from manufacturing the new products (often made of recyclables), teaching the new philosophy and techniques to students in the trade on their way to earning their licenses, and thusly creating new jobs as we push the envelope to gain the upper hand on treating Mother Earth more properly and respectfully. Once this cycle has started we can continue down a path of better design by engineers making even more efficient products that not long were even deemed possible or at the very least, not feasible. Each change in technology has the ability to further revolutionize this new "Green Industry" thus propelling the industry along.

This is what I consider a new philosophy that has been evolving in the last few recent years very rapidly especially and mostly due to our recent and/or current recession and the fears faced by the rise in fuel prices (in particular petroleum products). These are valuable lessons we are learning and this is something we can demonstrate and share with the rest of the world as we pave the way into a new green future, but it takes fine programs like these. (winterization programs and others)

As an early nation we were strictly in an "Agricultural Era", as all we had was raw land. Once we became efficient as a nation and were able to sustain life at home in the U.S.A. with the food we grew and other raw materials we farmed and with the wealth we started to amass as a nation while trading at home and especially abroad with other nations, we began to transition into an "Industrial Age". After labor prices rose here for many reasons, we often outsourced labor to other nations, as it was often less expensive to manufacture in those nations and then ship it abroad and/or back home for trade. We were the industrial giant of the world. After amassing even greater wealth and becoming one of, if not the most, wealthiest nations in the world and with our labor prices rising ever sharper, we made the transition into the "Service Age". We as a nation are beyond that now as an era and are, I believe, at the beginning of the wild frontier of the "Green Era". We now have the ability to pave the way for the world and with the world as we are upon the threshold of this new golden age. The basic philosophy of this program simply illustrates how it helps so many from the less fortunate as myself, to the blue collar workers all the way up to the white collar professionals. This is a simple and beautiful system that should be emulated often during this transition that is currently effecting all industries and market places. We, in the great state of Maryland in particular, should be proud that we are on the cutting edge of the new "Green Era" as we are swiftly becoming the leaders setting the stage for others to follow. We in Maryland utilize wind, hydro, and solar energy and are doing so more and more often every year. We, as a nation, must maintain this path of growth and efficiency in order to move forward and build our new worldwide economy while setting an example for other countries.



Source sited below quote:

"President Obama has issued 184 orders so far in his presidency. His predecessor, President George W. Bush, issued 291 orders over eight years, while President Bill Clinton had 364 executive orders during his two terms in office."

Is that what we should really be focusing on ???

I am starting to take a new lead towards a party I may design and define as the "Flexible Party", where we can change with the times, support only what is first and foremost in line with the law of the land and nothing else, and also not be chastised for indeed changing, evolving, when it was understood old ideas and ways did not work... for example, siting a politicians past votes which they may not agree with today. I want see logic and rationale the rule of the day over money and greed. Politicians and citizens alike have to start realizing that they are getting in divisively and often purposely juxtaposed against another so that often the least decent proposition can be victorious.

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DIVISIVE ~ ness ~ My response to a meme...


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