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Why does FaceBook (and other entities still in cahoots) feel a need to copy every single Keystroke before enter is ever even pressed ??? I know this is happening and rarely ever get an answer when I post this accusation or even any real comments of concern, so...I am thought of as a nut, which I have proven time and time again to be far from the truth, or...I am right and folks do not care, or... I am wrong and folks do not care.

I will name these keystroke data thieving programs "ShApps" for "Shadow Apps", and this is a name I have logically derived as is quite obvious and this is the first place you will have ever seen this in print. I cannot wait for my next in depth discussion with the young and the old guys that have so much knowledge about this very topic itself, I can actually be quite an excellent listener and observer but often "play" the jerk or the distracted as most think I am aloof when in reality I know all that surrounds me through more then one channel or person as I rarely travel alone in one way or another.

This keystroke thieveing happens while using every single application, program, app, etc. ... call them whatever the hell you want or they program you to say...

What do you think about a record of every single key tap, mistake, edit, etc. all being recorded before you ever hit enter? Does this sound like a fair way to treat the masses in the U.S.A. ( I speak of the citizens here at home as my main concern first and foremost)  ???

What cracks me up more so is that anyone really believes in any type of valid encryption anymore... we are being taken for like a bunch of damn fools !!! There may be encryption somewhere along the way, but as I am tapping and can see a consistent interval of refresh which makes my system lag which it never did before and you add into that the operating systems and devices not becoming obsolete but being virtually discarded and enabled for the "new internet" (huge lol) well, its all total bullshit. I like covert operations...I really appreciate them in both law enforcement and the military and always have and they are indeed needed, but the idea of being covert is to NOT BE DETECTABLE...and this is all so obvious to me it is absurd !!! Utterly absurd.

I suggested all of this once before and I was 100% correct and wrote of all of this well before Snowden  made his now famous revelations. I had am agency call my home in 2010 after I sent them enough programming language to absolutely logjam the servers as it was not realized at the time that I was working on several beta testing browsers still under development that the address line was left wide open as a command line straight into the servers...hilarious !!! I hit enter and sent all of this massive amounts of programming language signed with my name, address, D.O.B., S.S.N., and phone #, and within less then 56 minutes I received a phone call that actually showed up on caller I.D. and was definitely legitimate. The message was very clearly received.

For a recent and stunning example...go look at this link I published ! Look at any other blog entry AI have and you will see the are all uniform as that is how I have the settings in blogger. So WTF happened here and where is all of my information I spent hours gathering and writing and studying and researching ??? It is obvious after San Bernadino's attacks that I was 100% correct !!! ... and the timing of my page being damaged is quite amazing  too !!! I have no other pages that look anything like this !!!

No where else have I read anything like what I wrote which was that this was a military exercise so hat we will be prepared for what is coming which is known terrorist activity and organization here at home in the Unites States. This is what I studied. This is what I earned a degree in. I think I have the voice to state these things obvious to myself that needs to be shared with others.

Here is the real answer... under the guise of terrorism or anything else the media labels it all as they are manipulated too, even though they manipulate the sheeple so well, these idiotic morons cannot even control the flow of the very information they report anymore... they can be shut off or shut down in an instant if it serves a purpose... anyway, the data being collected is more valuable then gold or oil !!! It is worth...


...and the government and companies that are becoming more and more closely aligned through real and shell corporations are raking in all of this cash in a polarizing fashion as the majority of the population suffers, and the slaves at the top make a buck to shut the fuck up!

As a capitalistic society I have no idea how any of us accept any of this total BS !!! As a democratic society (supposedly as that has certainly been bastardized for years) the same goes as stated. What has to happen to catch these slick bastards and shut this immoral and illegal activity down?

If I have to sound absolutely insane so that others can wake up well then so be it.

This is cyber warfare at its top echelon and of course all governments are going to try to steal away the advantage at any cost... it is how you stay on top or take over other nation states...right ??? All major mega corporations work hard every day to try to secure this data for themselves. It is absolutely no secret at all !!!

$$$ 8 TRILLION  (OCT 14)

"Corporate holdings of data and other “intangible assets,” such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, could be worth more than $8 trillion, according to Leonard Nakamura, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. That’s roughly equivalent to the gross domestic product of Germany, France and Italy combined."

Our combined activities and intangibles are priceless !!! We get raped by our own governments and even companies we do business with ourselves as all of them try to steal a slice of this massive pie we all this if you are still with me and start fucking thinking for yourself once again.

When will we get back to a society where valuation has a concrete measure behind it and is not made up of these intangible pyramid like schemes where failure is always the ultimate end game for the unlucky one holding the bag of dicks ! ... I mean tricks.


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